Women's Wear Daily article on Japanese Goth fashion, Valerie Steele of FIT Exhibit, Dark Shadows fashion shoot, Gothic models in NYC.

As Basil Farrow would say: “Wahh!” I’m in today’s Women’s Wear Daily – the fashion trade journal sometimes called “the bible of fashion” – quoted along FIT’s Valerie Steele and Japanese Goth author Tiffany Godoy!

Women's Wear Daily article, WWD Gothic Lolita magazine, La Carmina and Kokusyoku Sumire, fashion shoot with Goth models, hair, Sass and Bide candy dresses.

The cover story is about dark glamour on the runways, the influence of Goth on couture, and the “Japanese take” that has “refreshed it.” Below is the section that quotes me; you can read the entire article on WWD.

Fall ’09 Japanese Goth Trend: Good Mourning

Posted WEDNESDAY MAY 06, 2009
From WWD ISSUE 05/06/2009

“Western Goth responds to a lot of religious imagery and potentially controversial connotations,” explains Carmen Yuen, who’s made a career out of blogging about the Gothic Lolita culture on “Whereas in Japan, it’s just an aesthetic. It’s all visual, without the context.” She points to other examples of similarly co-opted looks: Japan’s popular rockabilly or American surf style. “Can you imagine?” remarks Yuen, who now goes by the name Carmina. “California-style board shorts — in Japan?” Even though the Gothic Lolita look isn’t exactly bum-rushing Western shores, it’s begun to filter over. The popular style guide “Gothic & Lolita Bible” — part fashion glossy, part McCall’s pattern book — just launched an English version last year. (Available at Barnes & Noble and Borders, spring 2009 is “The Wedding Issue.”) This August, the Japanese entertainment distributor VIZ Pictures is opening a multistory “J-Pop Center” in San Francisco, which will include a cinema, bookstore and Gothic Lolita shop. The sweet Lolita label Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, meanwhile, has announced plans to open up a store in that city as well. (There’s already one in Paris on 72 Avenue Ledru Rollin.) And Faoflex, an Italian eyewear company, is launching a line called Dandy’s Collection later this month, with one style dubbed Gothic Lolita.

Yuen herself is another example. The 24-year-old Vancouver native, with a BA from Columbia and a law degree from Yale, lives between New York and Tokyo, has a Goth cooking show on YouTube and just launched a capsule collection of Loli-Goth-style coats. Also in the pipeline: a collaboration with London Underground shoes and two book projects. “I go to Gothic club nights,” she adds, “and every single time, there are more and more people. It seems like things are only going to get bigger.” Come March 2010, GothLoli even goes Hollywood; Tim Burton is coming out with his own spin on “Alice in Wonderland.”

Women's Wear Daily article, WWD Gothic Lolita fashion, Jeremy Laing, Staerk, A la disposition designers, hot Goth girl models with parasol.

Some notes…

† The models are wearing designs by Jeremy Laing, Staerk, A la disposition, Sass + Bide, and others. No Japanese designers, sadly.

† The article mentions my upcoming collaboration with London Underground Shoes, a hot LA-based brand known for its Gothic, subculture-influenced designs. I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I’m working hard and can’t wait to tell you more… “wahhh!”

† The last bit in the article about people going Goth because of the sinking economy – ridiculous! The interviewer asked me the question, and my response was the same as Valerie’s.

What do you think of the article? Agree, disagree?

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