Josie Stevens of E! Married to Rock, J Valentine sexy monster & unicorn Halloween costumes.

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Hello, kitties! Are you ready for my Halloween costume extravaganza with designer Josie Stevens, star of E! Network’s “Married to Rock”?

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We’re wearing costumes from her Josie Loves J. Valentine line, which includes club clothes, rave wear and bikinis.

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Unicorn, monster, panda, teddy bear… these are some of the most imaginative outfits I’ve seen.

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Josie adores Japanese street style, nail art, and Hello Kitty. You can see these influences in her designs.

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Each is well-constructed with excellent materials (unlike most Halloween costumes), and comes with a number of pieces: gloves, hood, suit, leg warmers.

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We posed in my beloved West Hollywood boutique hotel, The Orlando. My room had plenty of space and light for touch-ups.

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All the photos are by Lisa Boyle, who is well-known for her edgy, eye-catching images.

josie stevens, reality tv show, reality tv star, unicorn costume, costume model

Bouncing around the Orlando hotel gym. Josie and I connected because of our mutual interests in cute J-pop culture and fashion.

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What better excuse to meet up and play?

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Ribbon lollipops on the leg covers, and a bendable monster tongue. You can add on a tutu skirt as I did.

orlando hotel west hollywood, the orlando, weho boutique hotel, hotel pool

We risked falling into the pool for this shot.

josie stevens model, josie stevens playboy, orlando hotel los angeles

Worth it!

josie stevens lips, e network married to rock, costume photoshoot

Josie’s lips are beyond this world.

josie stevens, josie loves j valentine, lisa boyle

I loved working with Lisa Boyle — she was full of energy and ideas, and had a great eye for pop photography.

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In addition to the J Valentine collection, Josie’s busy with modeling, makeup artistry, and a new line of PJs coming out soon with Jumpin Jammerz.

josie stevens and la carmina, monster photoshoot, monster costumes, unicorn mask

The hood is secured through the shoulders, so you can slide it down without losing it.

the churchill, west hollywood, weho, the orlando, churchill restarant

Costume change! On West Third Street, in front of new restaurant The Churchill.

ted stuffed bear, ted bear toy, naughty teddy bear

Lisa is doing a photo series with girls and a giant, naughty Ted bear (from the movie).

west hollywood shops, weho boutiques, peep show

“Ted, remove your eyes from the peep show!”

josie stevens, josie costumes j valentine, josie stevens halloween costumes

“Bad bear, he’s falling over drunk. What shall we do?”

los angeles taxi, alternative models

“Stick him into a taxi.” So funny how Josie convinced the driver to let us take the shot. And my disapproving face!

Josie Loves J. Valentine costumes, unicorn women's costumes, halloween designer outfits

To get in on the fun, peep at the Josie Loves J. Valentine costume collection. Purchasing info is on the site.

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Huge thanks to Lisa Boyle for the brilliant photos.

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Did you enjoy this shoot? Have you heard of Josie Stevens, or seen her TV show? What’s your favorite costume from her collection?

Also check out my adventure with Married to Rock’s Susan Holmes-McKagan in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan!


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    • yes I love those guys, it was a great experience.

  • I adooooore how adorable you are! Is it bad I want to see you wear stuff like this more often?

    • haha I am all about changing it up for fashion.. so yeah!

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  • lisa boyle I remember her she was one of my favorite models to to draw,I wanted to make a painting don’t remember if I did.
    Anyway great pictures you look great the makeup is different very nice.

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    I sooooo wanted the pink Unicorn costume!!!!! Next year or New year Heeheehee J Valentine costumes are amazeballs!!!!!! Which is your favourite?

    • I love the panda one too! Monster !!

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    Squeeeee I want to be a pink unicorn too! <3 So inspirational- this sort of stuff is what made me go to fashion school to learn how to create bright & wonderful things :)

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