Miami Art Deco Weekend! 1920s art & architecture walking tours, South Beach Florida. Pitsart scarf, Peace Love World.

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Earlier this month, I let out my inner flapper at Miami’s Art Deco Weekend! Florida’s tourism board sent me to South Beach to cover the distinctive architecture, culture and fashion of the 1920s and 1930s.

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Every January, 300,000 people gather on Ocean Drive to celebrate all things Deco. Activities include retro runway shows, speeches, walking tours and a costume gala.

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Art scarf: gifted by Pitsart (100% silk, artistic scarves made in Como, Italy)
White fringe top: gifted by Peace Love World, a free-spirited Miami fashion brand
Pencil skirt and shoes: older items from my wardrobe

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I was hosted by the gorgeous Betsy Hotel. This Miami boutique stood out for its warm service — I’ve never felt so much at home in a hotel. I already miss the reading room, egg white omelets, and jungle-like outdoor pool.

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The beach is across from The Betsy, and the Art Deco Welcome Center is a 5-minute walk away.

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I couldn’t stop taking pictures of (and with) Deco design. I love my Pitsart scarf; the patterns are playful and full of color, and you can wear them in endless creative ways. Stay tuned for more scarves, and check out Pitsart on Facebook.

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I love the light fabric and fringe of my Peace Love World shirt.

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Rather than replicating a flapper costume, I wanted my outfit to be a modern tribute to Deco daysera. How do you think I did?

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Art Deco Weekend has three days of activities, centered on Ocean Drive and the surrounding Historic District. Many events are free, making it a great outing for students and families.

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There were walking tours for every type of interest: Latino, LGBT, Deco nights, Gangster cocktails, MiMo (Miami Modernism). Each holds about 10 people and lasts 2 hours. I particularly enjoyed the Gay and Lesbian guided tour, which discussed key figures and buildings in South Beach — such as the Carlyle Hotel, where “The Birdcage” was filmed!

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Nothing beats learning about architecture in person. Closeup on the Congress Hotel’s ziggurats and frozen fountain detailing.

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No visit to Ocean Drive is complete without stopping by Versace’s gilded mansion. (RIP Gianni…)

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Wearing sunglasses gifted by Bonlook. Love the vintage flair of their eyewear, which is incredibly affordable for the quality.

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Pirates would appreciate the Hotel Victor’s nautical design inspiration, as seen in the portholes.

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For a Roaring Twenties fanatic like myself, it’s unbelievable to experience the antique design.

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The Welcome Center had a display of Art Deco and MiMo furniture that you could buy.

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Such as this angry-faced clock. (My fingerwaves hairstyle is by Isolde Semple.)

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Also a must: stopping by the Wolfsonian-FIU museum, a treasure trove of works from 1885 to 1945.

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Cheers to the Miami Design Preservation League for keeping Art Deco alive. Coming up: Bettie Page fashion show, Miami fashion bloggers meetup, and VIP gala. Add my Facebook page so you won’t miss the fun!

Are you a fan of 1920-30s fashion and culture? What’s your impression of Art Deco Weekend and South Beach? Do you like this style on me?


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