Living Japanese anime doll? Circle contact lenses & false eyelashes for big, kawaii eyes. Eyecandy’s Lens: GEO, EOS.

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Notice anything different about me? Perhaps I’m more doll-like than usual?

The secret’s in the eyes: I’m wearing eyelashes and circle contact lenses (EOS Candy Magic King Size Brown.) How? Why? Keep reading for a dolly makeup tutorial and review!

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Recently, “living dolls” have been in the news (girls who make themselves look like anime characters — using makeup, Photoshop and possibly plastic surgery). For “kawaii eyes”, they wear circle contacts to make the iris look bigger.

I love to experiment with alternative looks, so I was excited when Eyecandy’s sent me Asian cosmetics and colored lenses.

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Believe it or not… this is the very first time I’ve worn specialty lenses! In the past, I never bothered because I have a high prescription.

However, these EOS lenses go up (or down) to -8. The brand’s been on the market for some time now, with excellent reviews, so why not give it a try? I’ve always envied my cat’s eyes, and this is a chance to match him.

How to get the big-eyed look:
1) Fill in your eyebrows with Jealousness Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil. I drew a high arch to open up the eyes.
2) With the same pencil, line your upper eyelids, and trace a line below and beyond the lower waterline for a bigger eye shape.
3) Apply white eyeshadow from the Jealousness Ultra Shimmering Duo to the inner corners of the eye, and under the brow as a highlight.
4) Apply brown from the same Duo palette to the crease of the lid, for depth and shadow.

5) Stick two layers of false eyelashes to the upper lid.
6) Finally, wash your hands well, and put on EOS Candy Magic Big Size Violet lenses.
Congrats, you’re a doll!

EOS Candy Magic Big Size Violet, living japanese doll, living dolls, circle contact lens, colored contacts

Jealousness is a Taiwanese cosmetics brand, and so far, I like their products. The eyeshadow goes on smoothly, and has a shimmery tone that lets you replicate looks seen on Jpop and Kpop stars.

I intensified my look with dark lipstick and another layer of false eyelashes, this time on the bottom lid. These large-diameter contacts are GEO Bambi Princess Mimi Sesame Grey.

Novelty contacts have come a lot way in recent years; they’re a lot more comfortable than in the past (although you probably only want to wear them for photoshoots or special occasions).

Please, take care of your eyes: keep your contacts clean, don’t wear them past the recommended time, and invest in good brands like the ones available through Eyecandy’s Lens.

eOS Candy Magic King Size Brown, living japanese doll, living dolls, circle contact lens, colored contacts

So, who wants to be a doll for a day? I invite you to browse the big selection of lenses and makeup at Eyecandy’s. Use the coupon code “LACARMINA” for a free surprise gift with your order.

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PS: Some of you thought I was wearing circle contacts in my Dark Beauty Magazine cover photo. Actually, it’s Photoshop!

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PPS: Thank you, Kayla Dempsey, for this watercolor of me. It’s inspired by my Leveled Magazine look (again, those are my real eyes).

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PPPS: Cheers to Contiki for asking me “10 Questions” about travel TV hosting and journalism. I hope my answer to “funniest travel story” makes you smile!

Have you tried color and circle contacts? What was your experience like, and which are your favorite brands?

  • MelissaR

    Hauntingly beautiful! I am definitely going to try these make-up tips the next time I go out!

    • ah you would ROCK a creepy J-doll look! With the wigs you have!

  • Elastica

    I love this! What a doll-face.

  • 99balloons

    ^.^ kawaii

  • Elizabeth

    Doll. I NEED to get these contacts! T_T

    • don’t forget to enter the code when you do!

  • Rico

    the BEST!

  • Wolfie


  • Nick

    Beautiful with or without differences! The expression of the cat makes me laugh! XDD *_*

  • Em▲nuele D’▲ncon▲

    really precious photos!!! Stunning look ;) congrats ♥.♥!

  • DR

    Looks like you are in a manga! Love it!

  • Nastya

    Love your doll eyes!!! And Kayla Dempsey’s painting too! xx

    • yes! send me your art and I’ll post it.

  • Susan

    cat’s got a big fat crooked paw like mine had – love him!!!

  • Ria

    you look cute with it! XD i really wanna try this! But, i’m little scared to use contact lenses..:) really enjoy reading ur blog.

    • I also was apprehensive but hey, why not give them a try? I had a good time! :)

  • CarolSwirl

    THANK YOU for this! I’ve been wanting to buy circle lenses for some time but wasn’t sure who to buy from (there are some scary stories of bad brands/fakes with bacteria!) Definitely going to buy a pair soon. I had two questions though:

    Your eyes seem to be a tad brighter than mine (although that might be photoshop in some of your modeling photos), but do the colors show well with brown eyes? Also I noticed you mentioned you put your make-up on before the contacts. I’ve always put my contacts in before my make-up. Is that just a personal preference thing or do you recommend it because its safer for the contacts?

    • Aww, my pleasure! Glad you liked this post, that makes me happy.

      I didn’t Photoshop my eyes; it’s the natural reflection of the light. I did change the color balance in some of the photos, like the first one, but didn’t touch the lighting or effects of the eyes. Also some are iPhone photos without any editing, to show the different effects. Eg:

      I have dark brown eyes, and the contacts show very well, so I’m sure you will have no problem. You can see the images of the contacts on the product page, and then compare them to how they look in my eyes.

      As for when to put in contacts: personally, I prefer to take my time doing makeup, then put contacts in at the last moment so my eyes aren’t irritated. I know Yukiro does the same (last minute). As long as you clean your hands well, it should be no problem either way.

      PS: don’t forget to enter the code for the free gift!!

      • I always put mine in at the last minute too – not least because I’m -2 prescription, and need the lenses for long distance – so wouldn’t be able to see close-up to do my make-up!

  • Ashley

    Love the eyes! Looks beautiful! :)

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    Wow!!!! Awesomeness!!!

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    For some reason it reminds me of A Clockwork Orange, I believe its the had and the focus on the eyes combination… I love it.

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    Look pretty : )

  • JuJu

    i tried them but alas, my right eye hates it and i get one twitchy red eye. not cute

  • Dave

    I did not kow you knew. What a small world.

  • Love both looks – very doll like indeed! Looks like you’ve got a few more colours to try out to – how about the blue ones sometime?

    • I actually wore all the 3 pairs they gave me…two are brownish, the last one purple-y. The lid color doesn’t match the color inside ahah, so there aren’t any blue ones…

  • victoria

    lol you look very pretty and yes you do look like an anime doll but if you were in a shop i would totally buy you. and basil looks impressed i think he likes the contacts

  • victoria

    btw you might wanna tell basil to keep his paws off the contacts becuase he was eyeing them up nicely. if they go missing he should be your first suspect.

  • you’re my favorite “living doll” la carmina… cause you’re not a fame seeking crackhead! that’s why i love you! ;3

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    Basil doesn’t need them: he already has beautiful cat eyes. :)

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    La Carmina love your dolly look with the big heart outfit!

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    Go Carmina!

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    yu’re amazing blogger and a big person… a hug!

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    I like this

  • Mika

    Nice! I just bought some circle lens from (the ones I’m wearing in my profile pic) but they didn’t have an option for prescription lenses so I’m super blind when I wear them!! xD; I’ll order from EyeCandy’s next time thanks for the review!

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  • Անաի

    Yes you do like an anime doll ! it’s so cool !!!

  • m

    These look so nice, but I have a cylinder in my lenses. Do circle lenses with cylinder exist??

    • I’m not sure what you mean by a cylinder?

      • m

        Hi sorry, i don’t know the exact English word for it, i looked it up and it’s about toric lenses for astigmatism. I wear contacts and one side is toric so the contact stays put :) I wonder if providers of circle lenses also have toric lenses. I would be so happy ^_^

  • I actually wear circle lenses about every other day. I like to wear them to school, but at work and home I wear normal ones. I’ve been seeing a lot of good reviews of this brand, so I might try them next. My last pair was ordered from and i love them! I was really happy because they had my prescription which is very high and they’re very comfortable. The only thing I worry is most models in stores have naturally brown eyes, but mine are blue so I wonder how the colors would look laying over mine…

    • Nice!! It’s great to hear about your experience.


    The design of these contact lenses is really beautiful. It has an outer circle, but it has small “spikes” turning inwards, so the circle blends and looks so natural.