Candy pink streaked hair: Harajuku Cute hairstyle! Dolce & Gabbana floral frames, Sunglasses Shop.

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As winter fades, there’s a spring in my step. My lighthearted mood is matched by my new hair color: candy pink streaks!

pastel goth, Dolce and Gabbana 6064 Sunglasses, D&G sunglasses

This season, I’m gravitating to lighter colors and romantic styling.

White cat-eye shades: Dolce and Gabbana 6064 sunglasses, a gift from Sunglasses Shop
Dark purple scalloped coat: Anya Hindmarch (she makes an incredible Marie Antoinette purse!)
White lace dress: Liz Lisa (here are pics of the Hong Kong boutique. My dress is similar to this one by Dolce & Gabbana.)

candy pink hair, scene queen hairstyles, emo hair, pastel goth hair

I’ve dyed my hair all colors of the rainbow, except Barbie pink. To get this effect, my genius stylist (Isolde Semple) layered red-purple-pink shades of Joico K-Pak Color Intensity.

barbie hair, pink barbie hairstyle, pink hair color, long purple coat

She was inspired by Valentine’s Day hues. I love the light to intense gradient; I’m not a fan of a single, all-over color.

Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses, white designer sunglasses, pastel goth fashion

We joked that I can still call this my natural color… the black underneath, at least!

floral sunglasses, long pink hair, goth fashion blogger, joico k-pak color intensity

I wanted a pair of white frames for some time, and fell for these Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses. The big cat-eye is flattering, and I like the floral detail on the side.

john fluevog shoes, fluevog heels, goth shoes, Lily Darling heels, polka dot tights

My shoes are older John Fluevogs, similar to the current Lily Darling heels.

white liz lisa dress, gyaru fashion, goth kawaii, japanese goth cute

Shh. I think I’m going to wear more outfits like this.

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I refuse to be put in a category, even if it’s a positive one like Goth, or Harajuku style. For better or for worse, I won’t stop mixing styles and experimenting (as you saw in my recent Art Deco Miami posts).

long pink hair, goth hairstyles, japanese hair color, harajuku hair, joico hair dye

Spring style tips? It’s a cliche, but timeless pieces are very much worth the investment. I got this coat and shoes about 7 years ago, and still wear them today. I’m sure it will be the same for my new designer sunglasses.

harajuku hairstyle, japanese goth hair, pastel goth style

And I always advise getting your hair dyed professionally, especially if bleach is involved… too many people have ruined their hair by trying to DIY.

flipping hair, hair in motion, alternative fashion blog, anya hindmarch fashion

But overall, have fun. Play with fashion. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

anya hindmarch coat, scalloped coat, cute girly coat, gothic lolita coats

How has your personal style evolved over the years? What hair colors and outfits have you dabbled in? You can see images of me throughout the years (and my various hairstyles) in this Photo Gallery.

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  • Valerie

    wow! That’s a great “Candy-Pink”! Glad u luve the K-PAK Intensities!

  • Candy

    I loved that you called it Candy-Pink!!

  • Ramona

    sooooo かわいい!(^∇^)

  • Hikk


  • Sara

    Utterly unique in every way.

  • ALLA


  • Grant Allen


  • Beverly

    Rock on maybe my favorite color on you

  • Fatal rain

    Lovin it

  • Ines

    Veryyyy beautiful

  • Marilee

    One of my faves! Rock it girl!

  • Kage

    looks very good on you and the coat is great!

  • Jodi


  • Melissa

    Freaking awesome! I love it you look great

  • Nella


  • Carolin Southern

    Getting it dyed professionally does usually end up with a better result, but a lot of people simply can’t afford it. Getting my hair dyed professionally around where I live is upwards of £70, doing it myself costs me time and, depending on the type of dye from around £5 upwards. Of course, fancier designs with more colours and bleaching and stuff are more expensive. Anyway, the cost difference is HUGE and for a lot of people DIY is the only way they’re going to get dyed hair. It’s really important to read the instructions carefully and follow them, though. Leaving bleach and dye on too long can be really disastrous, and things like allergy tests are essential – for example, I’m allergic to most black and dark permanent hair-dyes, and will come out in nasty sore raised red bits all over my head if I try and use them.

    • I totally understand what you are saying. Some of my friends go to beginner stylists or styling schools (like Toni and Guy academy), where you can get it done by a pro (or student learning pro hair) for half the price – so there is a middle option. I personally recommend investing in this, rather than spending the $100 on other fashion – but that’s just my two cents :)

  • Petal

    Basil, have you ever dyed your fur? I wonder what you would look like with a beetroots juice organic dye job?

  • Frank

    amazing amazing

  • Rita

    epic hair

  • Silvia

    Your hair looks great!!! Have fun in Tokyo and don’t forget to take a lot of pictures for us!! Hugs!

  • Petra

    Wah sugoi! :D

  • tasnim

    aw NO WAY, you really suit every single shade out there! this pink is such a cute colour, love it!

  • miscastdice

    It looks awesome!!!!

  • Jon

    You are the look and LOVE the hair colours..Izzy is pretty great isn’t she? Love to you and HAVE FUN THERE! XOXOJ P

  • Brooke

    How I envy you, I want to go to Tokyo soooo badly. I hope you have a great time as always, take lots of pictures and your hair is amazing by the way

  • toriana


  • Estefania

    cute hair and nice dress ( ^ヮ^)/ ♥

  • Michael

    Not really a fan of pink, but you still look beautiful as ever!

  • That’s a really cute combination. I really love how the hair color came out. Oh, to be able to get away with that at work…

    • Yeahh… there are the Hypercolor dip dyes if you want temporary streaks!

      • I remember your article on that. I’ll have to look into it. It’s nice to know it’ll take that well to darker hair.

  • Ariska

    i love your new hair, you´re so cute

  • Tanja

    Aww..the hair is really beautiful..i Love pink! I would love to have a job where i can have such hair…

  • Dave

    That looks like the same exact jacket I purchased for my wife years ago from the Antique Boutique in NYC.

  • Claire

    Amazing hair love the pink hair

  • Dominic

    Pink waterfall. Nice!

  • Serafina

    Great look for you!

    • Thank you!! Hope you are enjoying the Hypercolor!!

  • PL

    sexy :-)

  • I like your new hair~ It’s too cute! :3

  • Mizumi

    awwww :3 cute ^w^

  • Vivienne

    Your hair looks flawless all the time, even with all the dyeing! :P

  • I never thought you’d do pink ;) But it looks lovely on you :)

    I’ve had many colour combo’s over the years, starting with blonde and bright red and then from 2003 the more alternative colours such as blue, purple, green, orange, & even fluoro yellow recently (but only my shaved side bit!) At the moment I have more of my natural dark hair than I’ve had in years…I think it’s good every few years to take a break and let the bleach grow out. As for fashion I”ve tried…don’t get me started!

  • April

    Do you know if anyone sells hypercolor hair dyes like the ones used in color changing clothes?