Colorful skull murals & street art in Phoenix, Arizona. Windsor, Lux coffee, Barrio Cafe.

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Ghostly kisses from Arizona! I enjoy “coolhunting” for alt culture in unexpected places, and AZ didn’t disappoint. There’s streetwise art here, and a hip cafe scene. Enjoy this photo diary from my Southwestern adventures.

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The day began with lunch at Windsor, a bright and airy restaurant/bar in North Central Phoenix.

Phoenix, Arizona restaurants, Windsor downtown phoenix, Lux coffee, Barrio cafe, phoenix hipster cafes

Still smiling over the No 99 cocktail (rum, aperol, fresh grapefruit, rhubarb bitters), and mixed grain salad (with black quinoa, house-smoked salmon).

miffy clothing, miffy bunny fashion line, rabbit scarf, scallop shorts

Bunny top and scarf: Miffy fashion line from Hong Kong
Scalloped shorts: Hello Kitty KiLaRa collaboration, from Hong Kong
Shoes: Yosuke, from Marui One Shinjuku
Eyeballs purse: Izzue, Hong Kong
Sunglasses: gifted by Lumete

lux coffee, phoenix best cafe, phoenix hipster cafes, coffee shops, arizona best restaurants

After, I went for coffee at the nearby Lux. The espresso’s strong, and the lattes are art.

Phoenix, miffy clothing, japanese street fashion, tokyo street style, miffy scarf, scallop shorts

Anime-pop paintings on the wall, mish-mash vintage furniture, and electro music make Lux a fun place to hang out.

Phoenix, Arizona press trip, travel bloggers, hipster restaurants, travel blogger photo diary, day of dead murals, lalo and breeze

Next, I drove to 16th Street (I recommend renting a car, as Phoenix is wide-spread). The front looks like a regular strip of road. But in the rear, there’s an explosion of colorful walls, like this skull-face by Lalo Cota and Breeze.

barrio cafe, barrio mexican restaurant, mexican cafe Phoenix, Arizona travel, phoenix best restaurants,

The murals envelop Barrio, the much-loved Mexican cafe of Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza. I didn’t have time for a meal, but it’s on my list for next time.

Phoenix murals, Arizona Latino Arts & Cultural Center, Arizona travel, hipster restaurants, miffy shirt, scallop shorts

Ghosts of the Southwest.

day of the dead mural, Arizona Latino Arts & Cultural Center, Phoenix murals,  arizona best restaurants, miffy scarf, scallop shorts

The Day of the Dead motifs reminded me of my trip to Mazatlan, Mexico.

barrio cafe, barrio mexican restaurant, mexican cafe Phoenix, Arizona murals, hispanic art, phoenix street art

Arizona’s wonderful at supporting community arts. The nearby Latino Arts & Cultural Center has free admission.

gennaro Garcia, calle 16, Bienvenidos A Arizona, dose Phoenix mural, Arizona art, young artists hispanic, southwest murals

I leave you with “Bienvenidos a Arizona” by Gennaro Garcia and DOSE, part of the Calle 16 project on 16th Street.

Phoenix, Arizona travel, lalo cota murals, colorful painted murals, barrio cafe, mexican artists

Do you like my Miffy outfit? Did you expect Phoenix to have magnificent murals like these?

Let me know what you think of my Arizona travel coverage. Coming up: print-making, monster theme restaurants, and Sedona aliens!


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