Cute animal cakes, Japanese patterned tights & Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu makeup: Shinjuku Studio Alta.

cute face cakes, bunny cake, puppy decorated cake

Kawaii bento-making isn’t as popular as it was a few years ago, but cute decorated food is still all over Tokyo. What else is currently trending in Japan?

In this post, I re-visit Shinjuku Studio Alta, the gyaru-alternative shopping complex near the station’s East Exit. Keep reading for neon-haired Japanese shop girls!

cat face cakes, cutest cake ever, kawaii japanese cakes

Let’s start with cute cakes. These bunny, cat, puppy and teddy bear pastries are sold inside the Swimmer shop, in the basement of Alta. While Swimmer has a few locations, I believe this is the only one with kawaii baked goods. (Compare these images to the Swimmer Studio Alta photos I took in 2011.)

kawaii apron, cute tokyo aprons, lolita

For those who enjoy cooking, these cherry and chocolate print aprons are a nice gift.

japanese stationery, pastel pens, fairy kei

Swimmer is all about pastel, animal-faced pens and accessories for the home.

japan pattern tights, disney stockings, cute print leggings

One of the biggest trends in Tokyo right now: patterned or tattoo tights. The prints are colorful and intricate; Disney even got into the action.

japanese contact lens, gyaru eye makeup, gyaru eyes

Pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is everywhere, and her color contact lenses are big sellers.

liz lisa, mori dress, gyaru clothing

Liz Lisa remains a favorite brand for girly types. (More photos of this brand in my Yokohama Vivre store pics.)

cat print skirt, kitty purse

Cats will never go out of style. Not while Hello Kitty’s in charge.

ghost hair clip, spooky accessories, bear sneakers

Scary meets cutesy in many of the accessories.

tokyo fashion snap, japanese punk girl hair, fernopaa

I always stop by Fernoppa. The shop girl is very friendly and her rock-Goth coordinates are impeccable. (See her outfit photo from 2011 here.)

studded slippers, punk rock accessories, collars

Lady Gaga might go gaga at the studded bras, chokers, and giant leopard print bows.

algonquins studio alta, shinjuku goth punk stores

Algonquins hasn’t changed much, but it’s not a bad thing. They’ve got their punky Gothic look down.

big cross necklaces, studio alta shinjuku

Quite a few stores sold large cross necklaces, and items with pentagram symbols.

colorful japanese hoodies, japan streetwear, asia street style

Electro neon. The 1980s are alive.

lmfao shirt, urban fashion

One of the upper floors sells costumes and fabulous accessories. For some reason, the mannequins were dressed like LFMAO.

lmfao cosplay, halloween costumes

Impressive wigs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have hair like on the right?

japanese girl in face mask, spring fashion tokyo

For more photos of Shinjuku Studio Alta, take a look at my previous shopping trip. Address: 3-24-3 Shinjuku.

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