Is this the cutest cat breed in the world? Adorable Scottish Fold kitten video & fan art.

scottish fold cat, paw stretch, neko punch

Are you ready for the weekend? Let’s get it rolling with a cute new video of my Scottish Fold cat, Basil Farrow.

See my fuzzy kitten scratching a pole, playing with a toy, squishing into a box… and hear him snoring loudly. Isn’t this the cutest cat breed on the planet?

funny cat photos, lying down fat cats

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scottish fold kitten lying on back

Since it’s hot out, Basil is always lying upside-down on his back.

grumpy scottish fold, angry cat face

Maybe he’s grumpy because I disturbed his sleep. There are more funny fold-eared cat photos on our Tumblr and Twitter.

kyary pamyu pamyu fan art, fashion blogger drawing

A big thank you to Milezuru for the fan art drawing. Love my Kyary Pamyu Pamyu hair, as seen in Montreal.

driftwood table, cellar design

And thank you to Business of Everything magazine for publishing my travel crew’s Maldives video.

thatch roof overwater villa, maldives hut

Here are a few bonus photos from Gili Lankanfushi resort. Confession: in the video, I wasn’t actually riding the bike; it was filmmaker Eric, who is much more coordinated.

maldives ocean, jetty, gili lankanfushi

A pirate jump for joy. The Maldives are Arr-mazing.

tropical wood bench, travel blogger

Please take a second to watch our video about our tropical adventure, if you haven’t already. Thanks for all your kind comments about our work.

hammock sunset, beach evening view

I will miss this view… But it’s onward, to Eastern Europe.

Will you be traveling anywhere in August? Did my cat’s antics make you smile?

  • Richard

    very very nice

    • lacarmina


  • Alice E

    Such a cute cat

  • dave

    Roly poly happy cat.

    • lacarmina


  • MelissaR

    Love this and love Basil!!!

  • Mediea

    nice cutee baby

  • Milezuru

    aww, your cat is as cute as always :’> Basil is posing like a boss (⌐■_■)
    thank u for including my art on your blog post! I can’t wait to see your travel
    adventures in Eastern Europe :)

    • lacarmina

      Yayy thank you!

  • MC

    You fluffy, squeezable, adorable, lovable, cute furrrrball x3 love you Basil *-*

  • zola

    good very nice video great friend ..bless

  • Meimei

    Omg is so cute *-*

    • lacarmina


      • lacarmina

        glad you liked it.

  • Hotaru

    Cute *^*

  • Leyla Virani

    you and basil are doing the same pose…. “check out this body” hehehe

    • lacarmina


  • Alabaster

    TIL cats can snore

    • lacarmina


  • Gloomu

    your cat is so big and cute!! >.<

  • Norx

    Basil wins!

  • Miko

    All hail before Basil Farrow. For he is cute and oh so fluffy!

  • SG


    • lacarmina


  • Juan

    Carmina bonita

  • Lori

    He’s on my calendar this month too.

    • lacarmina

      Mr July

  • Alyssa

    the more i watch him, the more crazy in love I am with him. His snores are so funny!

    • lacarmina


  • Penny

    yup, this guy is just the cutest!!

  • Dom

    your pics cheered me up Basil Farrow I was so sad today and it just made me smile to see you

    • lacarmina

      Awww hope all is better.

  • Themj

    sooooooooooooo cute!

  • Emiko


  • Gulnara

    you lucky eh i want too in Maldives

  • tv

    where can I get one?

  • D Minor

    2:09 ~adorable!

  • Vana