Jpop Fruits fashion: street style magazine modeling in Tokyo. Nakano Broadway neighborhood.

bunny ear hoodie, liz lisa dress, alice in wonderland outfit

Guess what — I’ll be in Asia again soon! Can you guess which city? It may not be where you expect… but I promise, there will be lots of cute, poppy street style reports.

I’m already getting into the spirit, as you can tell from the bunny ears. Here are more photos from my Adone Magazine cover shoot in Tokyo a few months ago.

pastel pink hair, pastel hairstyle

I had a great time posing in game centers and anime shops. This geeky neighborhood is Nakano Broadway (do you remember the monster-dancing video Yukiro and I made about it?)

liz lisa my melody dress, gyaru dress, 中野ブロードウェイ

Huge hugs for my Tokyo-based team: photographer Said Karlsson and Hair by Kukukachoo.

They were wonderful to work with; full of creative ideas and energy. The shoot went by fast because we were laughing the entire time! If you’re looking for a professional photographer and hairstylist in Tokyo, I hope you’ll give them a ring (they speak English and Japanese). Take a look at Said’s site to see more of his images and contact info.

shinto gates, torii, mandarake nakano

Are these Shinto torii gates? Nope, this is the entrance to Mandarake, the famous Nakano manga and toy store.

rabbit mural, rainbow graffiti japan

Near the subway tracks, there’s a long mural filled with cute colorful art, such as this bunny. Since I look a bit like Alice in Wonderland, I thought it would be appropriate to chase him.

pink hair extensions, pastel goth hairstyle

I love the pop-rainbow Fruits Magazine feeling of this district. Kukuachoo made these hair extension flowers entirely by hand!

japanese ramen shop, peace now shoes

My pirate creeper shoes and bunny-eared hoodie are by Peace Now, the Japanese alt-Goth brand that is sadly no more.

long white shearling coat, last tango in paris coat

We found a mysterious door, leading to a secret garden.

anime makeup, japanese doll eyes

What lies inside? I’ll never tell…

nakano streets, tokyo street signs

I can’t resist jumping shots. The street filled with signs made the perfect backdrop. When the sun begins to set, the “golden hour” for photography begins.

tokyo model, fruits fashion magazine

My outfit details:
White lace sleeveless dress: Liz Lisa, the gyaru brand
Black booties: Michael Kors
White long coat: Camden Market London.

glowing lanterns, japanese night photography

Me and my lantern. Nothing beats night-time photography in Japan.

bokeh, tokyo night photography

This long, white fuzzy coat is among my favorite wardrobe items. It reminds me of the iconic one worn in the film, Last Tango in Paris.

asian street signs, tokyo fashion snaps

My hair color and personal style are constantly changing… but there’s always some kawaii, underground and J-pop influence in there. You can see my evolution over the years in these photos.

japanese pop star fashion, makeup, hair color

More images from this photoshoot are posted here. What do you think of my pink hair? I only had it like this for a short while because the color washed out quickly..

And where in Asia do you think I will be next? Leave a comment with your best guess!

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