My Thailand Luxury Travel Video! Bangkok pop culture at boutique hotel, Sofitel So.

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I loved getting to know the glam side of Bangkok, thanks to the Tourism Authority of Thailand. There’s so much more to this city than backpackers, banana pancakes… and dare I mention ladyboys?

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See for yourself, in the latest episode of my Business Insider travel video series. Watch it here — isn’t Bangkok’s pop culture fascinating?

Photos and video by me and Seby. Our Thai adventure included disco clubs, skeleton corsets, and an amusing encounter on the way to Siam mall!

lolita fashion lookbook

We also visited two sweet designers, who are making Lolita and Japanese-style clothing (here’s a full post about ChuChu). Wonderful to see how the subculture is thriving in unexpected places.

absinthe drip, glass cups

I couldn’t have stayed in a more beautiful hotel, the Sofitel So. They even served absinthe in the lobby.

fashion club lounge

VIP members get access to the club lounge, which is stocked with food, cocktails and fashion.

christian lacroix couture paintings

Christian Lacroix designed the interior. His colorful couture is unmistakable.

le petit prince chocolates, little prince

The ground floor contained a Bonnet chocolate shop. I spotted Little Prince sweets, and Parisian shoes and handbags.

earth theme room, cool hotel design

Sofitel So BKK is inspired by the five elements. I stayed in this funky Earth-themed suite.

air element theme room, cloud art

The other themes are Water, Wood, Fire, and Air — represented by modern cloud art.

freestanding modern bathtub

The entire hotel had glorious views of Lumpini Park. This is a far cry from the Khao San Road hostels…

deer antlers sculpture

Stark art is everywhere. I saw a child climbing on this white deer statue.

bangkok modern art store

I spy Ted the Bear in the gift shop.

thai writing, carvings

The lobby’s design mixes traditional and modern.

purple haired girl

Also check out the romantic photoshoot I did inside the Sofitel So Bangkok. (My hair is now blue; these are older photos).)

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Please take a minute to watch my Bangkok travel video, and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

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Did this series change your impressions of Thailand? What is the loveliest hotel you’ve ever slept in?

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    I love BKK. Shopping is awesome there, great prices and quality stuff,,, everything from originals to super fakes.

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    I’m glad to know that you like Thailand. I suggest to visit south of thailand, you will love it. there are many beautiful beach.

    • XOXO I hope to come back very soon!!! Seby just was in Phuket.

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