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Hong Kong Art Restaurants! Bibo, Sohofama, Chachawan, Miffy cake. The Art of Gothic book.

cats in space

If a single photo could sum up the awesomeness of Hong Kong, it would be this one: Cats in space! “Ground control to Major Tom-Cat…”

Hong Kong is known as a shopping and eating destination, but I always associate the city with modern art. There’s a wonderful annual art fair, and cute public installations such as the one above (see also the 100 Doraemons and Hello Kitty cafe).

bibo street art restaurant

Did you know that Hong Kong’s cool art scene extends even to restaurants? Let me take you on a tour of “edible art” in the city, from Basquiat murals to strawberry molecular desserts… and Miffy Cake!

jentle cat 阿讚貓

For my foray into “cats space travelling,” I wore a Shakuhachi Future Minimal dress from West LA Boutique. It’s become one of my go-to pieces: the spongy fabric and pleated skirt are comfortable, yet give you a polished look.

Purchase this dress here and my Ksubi Bellatrix sunglasses here (I’m wearing these glasses on my head, to mimic cat ears).

hong kong kawaii cute attractions

Filmmaker Melissa Rundle and I turned the robot-cat into a Scottish Fold, by covering its ears. This funny mural was by the entrance of Hung Hom station (the exhibit constantly changes, but is usually something cute). This character is Jentle-Cat, a Hong Kong mascot.

bibo restaurant kate moss art

Time to experience more art, this time combined with food. My friends and I went to Bibo, a new French restaurant that takes “the art of fine dining” quite literally.

zombie abraham lincoln

John Skeleton shares his impressions of this eccentric Sheung Wan restaurant.”Even if there wasn’t any food to rave about, it would still be well worth your time to check out this strangely eclectic mix of pop and street art, all seamlessly blended into an integrated experience that calls to mind Paris of the 1930s.”

roaring tiger mural

Every crevice of Bibo is decorated with modern masterpieces by artists I’m sure you’ve heard of: Keith Haring, Banksy, Takashi Murakami, Invader.

bibo french restaurant hong kong

Even though the works are so eclectic, the interior design feels cohesive.

coolest modern interior design restaurants

Each dining space was surrounded by different works. We had Space Invaders and an 8-bit princess next to us.

art restaurants, bibo

Within minutes of sitting down, we knew Bibo was a gem. Our waiter was fun to chat with, and the warm bread was so satisfying (served with red pepper spread) that we devoured two orders. The creative cocktails, with flavors like Asian 5-spice, were some of the best I’ve had in the city.

artistic food, fish with foam

John writes, “The gastronomic delights are just as fabulous as the décor. Using the finest ingredients and heavy on luxurious items like truffles and foie gras, the contemporary French menu is sure to please.”

absinthe hong kong, china

“Even better, for Goths and those with a passion for the Belle Époque, what is most likely the best selection of absinthe in Hong Kong is presented in the traditional style – mixed with ice-cold water slowly dripped from an elegant fountain over a sugar cube on a slotted spoon.

Highly recommended is Butterfly, a take on a U.S. pre-Prohibition recipe that uses mint and other herbs to put a unique spin on the classic Green Faerie.”

portrait Jean-Michel Basquiat

When we set up this photo, our waiter joked, “I don’t think Jean-Michel Basquiat wants to eat lobster tonight!” But we were delighted by this dish, as well as a Dover sole and Australian Wagyu filet mignon.

artistic dessert gold foil

Dessert was both tasty and a work of abstract art: spiced rum sponge cake with vanilla chantilly and strawberry sorbet. We devoured the baked-to-order chocolate and black currant soufflé so quickly that I wasn’t able to take a photo of it! Trust us, it’s a must-eat.

comic book art hong kong

Everything about Bibo works: the smartly-dressed staff, expertly prepared food, and cheeky decor.

sohofama chinese restaurant

On another evening, we ate at a new Chinese restaurant inside the art hub, PMQ.

John says, “If you’ve sampled the exquisite international delights of Hong Kong’s gourmet scene and are looking for something a little more local, SOHOFAMA offers a little slice of Chinese home cooking with a healthy philosophy of sustainable eating to back it up.”

pmq cantonese food

I confess that I usually am not fond of Chinese food. It tends to be heavy and often seasoned with monosodium glutamate, which makes me nauseous. What a relief to eat at Sohofama, where the chefs use “locally sourced, organic ingredients to create Cantonese comfort food without any MSG or excessive grease.”

chinese man motorcycle painting

True to this approach, the art mixes Chinese and modern, all with a clean and warm feeling. The interior design is by G.O.D., a local design collective.

toy gun chandelier pmq

Co-owner Edwin Chuang (who also invited us to his Pacific Cebu Resort) told us that the chandelier was an impromptu piece, made from colorful toy water guns. 

sohofama 元創方 G.O.D productions

Sohofama has its own organic herb garden, and uses these ingredients in its dishes. We tried mocktails made from fresh berries and mint.

siu long bao soup dumplings

John’s favorite “was the xiao long bao, well-balanced dumplings with a thin skin surrounding savory soup and meat without any unnecessary oil.” Also marvelous are the 24-hour drunken prawns, and a seared organic pork with garlic that tastes just like beef.

naked gurume sushi

Next, we returned to one of the most creative and delicious restaurants in all of Hong Kong: Naked Gurume Gyarari (グルメ画廊).

John raves, “Once again Justin Chan’s Japanese fusion tapas establishment came out the winner among all of the amazing places we visited this time around. ” Above is the “Sexy Naked” sushi — we had it the first time we visited, and couldn’t get it out of our minds.

hong kong fusion sushi restaurant

“Naked never fails to impress with its menu, from black truffle lotus root chips to a poached crow’s egg with big-eye tuna on a crispy wonton wrap.” On the right, Justin wowed us with tapas that combine sea urchin and an olive oil roe (made using molecular gastronomy).

central hong kong japanese dining

Like last time, each dish was a winner, and drew from the chef’s personal experiences. We adored this grilled hamachi collar with vegetables and mashed potatoes.

strawberry molecular dessert

Chef Justin ended with a flourish: a dessert plate full of strawberries in just about every form imaginable, including freeze-dried and sun-dried. “Friendly staff and an elegant, chic modern Asian atmosphere, its always good to get Naked in Hong Kong!”

chachawan thai restaurant hong kong

Ready to admire more food and art? “Hong Kong is known for having just about every variety of cuisine available from around the world, so the problem becomes how to figure out just which place to visit when you have a hankering for a specific culinary genre. If you’re in the mood for authentic Thai, Chachawan is the place to go,” says John.

chachawan menu, thailand squid

“Highlights of our meal included Khao Pad wok of fried rice with crab meat, egg, and spring onions, and the succulent Pla Phao Glua, a salt-encrusted whole sea bass stuffed with lemongrass, pandanus, and lime leaf, lovingly cooked over a fire and served with a chili dipping sauce, perfect for sharing with a group of friends!”

long gold thai nails

The atmosphere at Chachawan is just as inspired, with an intricate mural by Caratoes. Love the detailing on the golden claws.

miffy cake, arome bakery hong kong

Finally, we tried the cutest food of all… a Miffy cake! These confectioneries,  shaped like the Dutch characters Miffy and Melanie, are sold at Arome Bakery (which has many locations all over Hong Kong).

chocolate miffy melanie cake, arome

You can pre-order the adorable cake online, and pick it up from any branch. At one restaurant, the diners next to us brought out a Miffy cake! It was so sad when they cut off her ears.

miffy bunny cute face cake

To celebrate Eric’s birthday, we ordered him a chocolate mousse Melanie cake. The shape and face are 100% on point. You must be wondering, how did it taste?

See for yourself, in the funny video above. Things got pretty crazy when we cut the cake… “Miffehhhh!”

cats in outer space

I leave you with more cats in space. (My dress is from here and sunglasses here.) Thanks to all these establishments for the superb meals.

PS: Someone asked which camera I use for photography. From mid-2014 onward, images are taken with the Sony A7, a mirrorless DSLR camera. My travel videos are mostly filmed on a Canon 5D Mark II, which is what many fashion bloggers use to shoot outfit photos. Underwater footage is from a GoPro camera

art of gothic book by natasha scharf

PPS: Speaking of cats, Basil Farrow has sniffed out a favorite new book: The Art of Gothic, by Natasha Scharf! This full-color tome covers the many manifestations of Goth, from death rock to cyber to Lolita. My friends SiSen and Gothique Prince Ken (GPK) are featured…

art of gothic book by natasha scharf

… and I’m interviewed in the Japanese Goth section, along with a full-page photo. (Makeup by Jennifer Little of A Little Artistry, hair by Isolde Semple, styling/assisting by Tracy Cake). For a gorgeous, comprehensive and intelligent overview of Goth subculture, check out Natasha Scharf’s The Art of Gothic (available here).

hong kong cute cats sculptures

Coming up: I’ll announce my next two destinations, and unveil a new design! I hope the video made you smile. Would you want a Miffy cake for your next birthday?

Sailing, Snorkel & Seafood in Lapu-Lapu, Philippines! Unif rainbow kimono.

unif rainbow tie dye robe

I chalked up a lot of amazing travel memories this year, from the lost city of Petra to petting owls in Japan. However, one of my absolute favorite days of 2014 was the one I’m sharing with you now.

My team and I were in the Philippines to film a video about Pacific Cebu Resort (did you see my post about this gorgeous place?) We met the mayor of Lapu-Lapu — one of the biggest cities in Cebu — and she arranged for her tourism board to take us on an island-hopping beach excursion. 

ksubi bellatrix round sunglasses

I’m all smiles before we sail away for the day. I wore Ksubi Bellatrix sunglasses from West LA Boutique. Love the anime-Goth round shape of the glasses.

unif colorful kimono, coverup

There’s no better backdrop for this Unif rainbow tie-dye robe, also from West LA Boutique (check out their fabulous online store, which carries brands like these). It’s the perfect swimwear cover-up, with a fringe that moves in the wind. Unif also makes a rainbow tie-dye skirt and colorful sneakers.

philippines sailing, boating

We met our Lapu-Lapu guide, and hopped onto a boat. I walked the front plank like a pirate, and let the wind blast through my robe and hair.

unif fashion blogger

(The above 5 photos are by K of Bright Production in Hong Kong. The rest of the images are by Melissa Rundle and Eric Bergemann.)

unif dollskill clothing model

A Titanic moment, at the bow of the boat. How I love my Technicolor dream coat. 

caohagan island, cebu

About 30 minutes later, we docked at Caohagan Island. I couldn’t believe my eyes: white sand, pristine waters, and almost no-one else there.

Travelers tend to overlook Cebu as a beach destination, which is a mistake. It’s not expensive to stay in the Philippines, and you get a far more authentic experience than if you went to a place like Phuket, which is over-run with tourists.

mantis shrimp prawns

There aren’t any Starbucks on this island. You pick your seafood fresh from the local vendors, and they’ll cook it up for you.

What on Earth is this striped sea-creature?

big southeast asian shrimp

It’s a mantis shrimp, a lobster-like Southeast Asian crustacean. They move in a creepy-crawly way, as you can see in my Instagram video.

philippines shellfish

I find it thrilling when I come across local food that I can’t recognize. Not sure exactly what type of conch and clams these are, but I’m willing to try.

caohagan island seafood

Our Lapu-Lapu tourism rep took charge and ordered a selection of seafood for us to share.

filipino jewelry

While we waited for our meal to be cooked fresh, we browsed other stalls that sold handmade jewelry. The Philippines is an easy destination to visit because many locals speak English, and accept American dollars as currency. 

cebu boat, caohagan beach

Black Mustache meets Rainbow Brite. Filmmaker Melissa and I waded into the calm and warm shore.

skeleton swimsuit, goth swimwear

The waters are so shallow in Lapu-Lapu that you can walk between some of the islands during low tide! Here’s a shot of my skeleton-print swimsuit, similar to this ribcage one in black and white.

black heart shaped sunglasses

In the reflection of Melissa’s heart-shaped sunglasses (get them here), you can see the palm trees and beaches of Caohagan.

cebu vacation tour

Apparently, these Japanese men are in on the secret! Cebu is not far from Japan and Hong Kong, but still, not many people think of it when they plan a vacation.

philippines fish seafood

Time to chow down on seafood, lightly seasoned with Asian flavors. Crab, squid, fish, abalone, mantis shrimp, conch… I’ll let the photo above speak for itself.

cebu ocean beaches

After, to wash off, all you need to do is jump back into the ocean. Ah, the island life!

cebu village hut

Only a few hundred people live on this tropical isle, mostly working as fishermen and craftspeople. I enjoyed seeing how the residents of Caohagan lived.

filipino kids parade

It didn’t take long to walk across the barangay (or village). We ran into a lively parade of Filipino schoolchildren! 

philippine school children uniforms

They all waved and smiled at us. So sweet, these school uniforms.

asia jungle treehouse

Aren’t you tempted to climb this treehouse, camouflaged by leaves?

southeast asia smiling kids

These children insisted on posing for photos. I must have taken a dozen snaps of them.

island hopping cebu

Sad that we had to leave Caohagan, but there were more islands to explore. Since the waters were so shallow, we had to ride this little “jukung” in order to board the larger “banca,” or pump boat.

sailing in cebu, lapu lapu

By now, I’m sure you see why this Lapu Lapu adventure was one of my favorites this year.

tie dye hippie coat

Cebu’s weather is humid, and I was glad to cool off during the boat ride.

boat tour lapu lapu

We arrived at Nalusuan Island, a resort and marine sanctuary. Located in the Olango Reef, these waters are rich with sea life.

starfish seaweed ocean

Case in point: this is what the sea floor looked like, from the pier. How many starfish can you count? 

nalusuan island Resort and Marine Sanctuary

Sipping a fresh coconut in the Philippines, under waving palm trees. If this doesn’t convince you to come here, I don’t know what will.

nalusuan island cebu

Cebu has it all. Marine diversity, snorkel and scuba, white beaches, clear waters, an intriguing culture, flavorful local food… and at much lower prices than Bali or Bangkok. 

snorkel underwater camera go pro

As I mentioned before, I have some eye and skin sensitivities that make activities like snorkeling impossible. Melissa and I stayed on shore and threw fish food at Eric, and he filmed them splashing around.

snorkeling fish underwater

He used a Go Pro underwater camera to capture the experience of snorkeling. We’re excited to show you the fish in action, when we release our travel video.

philippines boat tour islands

Huge smiles for Lapu-Lapu — what a perfect day! None of this would have been possible without the sáv Hospitality team, which brought us to Pacific Cebu Resort.

How do you like my rainbow Gothic beachwear? Were you as surprised by Cebu as I was?


Le Meridien Taipei: modern art boutique hotel. Custom cat portrait paintings!

meng jin sky paintings, taiwan hotel

While in Taipei, I stayed at Le Meridien — a hotel that could easily be mistaken for a modern art museum. The focus is on Asian art with a sense of humor. Walking around, I encountered apologetic cavemen statues and grumpy fish.

custom cat painting

Speaking of fun art… If you want a custom portrait of your pet (like the one of Basil Farrow above) then make sure you read to the end of this post. Lots of cute cat photos await you!

le meridien taipei giraffe sculpture

Let’s start with a tour of Le Meridien. When you step into the lobby, you’ll see an immense statue of a giraffe with his head bowed. Made from stainless steel by Chinese artist Li Hui, the animal represents the hotel’s dedication to guests.

taiwan hotel luxury suite

Le Meridien belongs to the Starwood group, and opened not long ago (November 2010). Despite being an international name, the hotel has a boutique feel.

hotel view of taipei 101

The large suites are popular for special occasions, especially New Year’s Eve. Can’t beat this window view of Taipei 101.


The building is located in Taiwan’s downtown business district, Xinyi. The proximity makes it ideal for both work and play (since the best bars are also located here).

le meridien taipei hotel suite

At Le Meridien Taipei, art an essential part of the guest experience. The 160 rooms contain different works, putting art within reach of every traveler. This living room had X-ray photo of luggage above the sofa, by Nick Veassey.

ye Yongqing bird drawings

I was charmed by these seemingly child-like drawings by Ye Yongqing. Primitive, simple, yet profound.

taiwan boutique hotel

Anyone can come into the property and stroll through the public spaces. Contemporary art is everywhere, and you can take photos of (or with) it.

cao hui caveman statue

I got into a fight with this caveman, who tried to apologize.. but I wasn’t having any of it! (It’s by Cao Hui, one of my favorite Chinese contemporary artists. His remarkable works mix humor and morbidness.)

little prince shadow sculptures

Another favorite: these “The Little Prince” quotes by the elevators. The twisted wire is abstract, but it creates shadows that form words from the famous novel. (The hotel features international artists too; this is by Fred Eerdekens of Belgium.)

taipei 101 hotel

My blue hair matches the hue of Taipei 101, which used to be the tallest structure in the world. I’m wearing a white sheer caftan by Show Me Your Mumu, and a rainbow tie-dye top with a Gothic harness collar, by Gladnews Japan.

5 star taipei hotel downtown bathroom

Le Meridien Taipei is not just about design — it’s also a 5 star stay. Wouldn’t you like to soak in this freestanding bathtub?

le meridien taiwan swimming pool

Or in the swimming pool? I was tempted to jump in, outfit and all.

Hiroshi Ohashi fish art

I can’t help but smile when I see “Dream Fish” by Hiroshi Ohashi, a Japanese Buddhist carver inspired by fairy tales. Look close: those are dolls riding on his scales!

Le Méridien, Taipei buffet price

Le Meridien’s luxurious seafood buffet is one of the most popular in Taipei, with a current waiting list of three months! The price for a buffet meal is about $30 US, but that includes sushi and eclairs.

My Humble House chinese Restaurant

The PR team treated my photographers and me to lunch at My Humble House, the Cantonese restaurant found in the hotel.

They’re known as one of the best dim sum spots in the city. I could have eaten these truffle-and-veggie steamed dumplings all day.

cantonese restaurant taipei taiwan

The dishes are hearty favorites — spicy tofu, barbequed duck — with an upscale twist, like these flecks of gold.

quube le meridien cocktails

We also ate at Quube, a chic restaurant with tasty cocktails. The food ranges from Asian specials, like chicken fried rice…

italian lobster pasta

… to Italian pasta with lobster, and tomato and bocconcini salad.

tomato bocconcini salad

Quube’s dishes are perfect for sharing: there’s something for everyone. Images taken by Ken Yuen and noircorner.

le meridien taipei room interior

I leave you with these Meng Jin paintings. They reflect on how everything changes while you’re travelling, but the sky is the same — no matter where you are. Thank you to Le Meridien Taipei for this inspiring experience.

li hui steel giraffe bowing head

You can see more on Le Meridien Taiwan’s Facebook page. Also check out my post about their sister property, Humble House.

curious cat opening package

Speaking of animal art… a huge package from artist Bitsy Knox arrived for us. Basil Farrow couldn’t wait to look inside.

fat cat scratching

So he used his big, plush feet to try to open up the cardboard! He was right — the present was for him.

cat painted portraits

We uncovered… a custom painting of my Scottish Fold cat! Basil gives it a sideways-paw of approval.

custom pet paintings

Isn’t the resemblance uncanny? Basil’s round face, plush fur and short tail are perfectly rendered. Huge thanks to Bitsy Knox, a Canadian artist living and working in Berlin, for this adorable painting.

scottish fold cat art

Would you like a custom painting of your cat or dog? Just contact Bitsy Knox through her website, and send her a few photos. She’ll create a custom work that perfectly captures your pet’s look and personality. It would be the perfect Christmas gift, especially for animal lovers.

bitsy knox artist, cat painting

Check out more photos of Basil and his portrait on his cat blog. There’s also a new video of my Scottish Fold running obstacle courses. Yes, you can make cats exercise!

funny statue caveman i'm sorry

 Do you buy your pets presents? Did you enjoy the cheeky works of art in this post?

1600 Pandas exhibit at PMQ Hong Kong. Mongkok cute toys, clothing shops.

1600 panda bears, pmq hong kong

Hong Kong is quickly taking over Japan as the “land of the cute.” On a recent trip, I encountered 1600 panda bears, Pirate Miffy toys, and googly-eyed shoes.

Enjoy this kawaii tour of Hong Kong!

paper mache manda bears, World Wildlife Fund

Yukiro, John and I went to the 1600 Panda Bears exhibition at the art center, PMQ. Yes, you’re looking at over a thousand paper-mache bears!

1600 pandas tour

French artist Paulo Grangeon made these pandas, each with a different pose and expression. Some are babies, some are adults.

Every evening, when the doors close, the staff collects the bears and locks them up. The next day, they put them all back in place.

panda bear sculptures, Paulo Grangeon

There are only an estimated 1,600 pandas left, hence the number. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) commissioned this creative project, which uses eco-friendly materials and cuteness to share the message of wildlife conservation.

hong kong pmq 元創方 boutiques

The panda-monium (ha ha) took place at PMQ (元創方). Formerly a Police Married Quarters, this 19th century building is now an art space. It’s home to innovative restaurants and design boutiques, ranging from metalwork galleries to abstract knitwear. For this special event, a few of the cafes offered panda-themed food.

police married quarters crepes, cafe

The 1600 Pandas tour has moved on to other countries, but you can always see public art at PMQ Hong Kong. Check their website for free upcoming “happenings,” like drawing workshops. I’ll also take you inside the artist studios, in an upcoming article.

miffy bunny stuffed toys

Every major Hong Kong neighborhood has a kawaii attraction or two… or ten. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been visiting Wonderland in Hung Hom.

cute rilakkuma toys, hong kong

Rilakkuma, Domo, Hello Kitty, Totoro… this gift store has it all, in the form of stuffed toys, figurines, stationery, and other collectibles. Wonderland is a wonderful spot for children: girls love to try on Sailor Moon backpacks, while boys enjoy the robots, anime and action figures.

pirate miffy, kawaii

You’ll find glass cases stuffed with plush toys, including obscure variations like a Pirate Miffy. (As you know, she’s my favorite mascot. There’s something about that minimal design and inscrutable X-mouth that reels me in.)

cat stationery, henry cats friends

Prices are excellent — I got a “Henry Cat and Friends” Scottish Fold notebook for about $5 US, and you can’t find this brand anywhere (not even in Japan). Come to Wonderland to pick up souvenirs, and all your friends will thank you.

hong kong graphic tshirt

Since I’ve been to Hong Kong dozens of times, I never go to tourist attractions like Temple Street or the Flower Market. Instead, I head straight to Izzue to shop til I drop.

izzue hong kong

This big-eyed kawaii brand is Hyoma. Funny enough, you can’t find it in Japan. I’ve only seen it carried in the larger Izzue branches, such as the one in Mongkok.

it store mongkok

Izzue and I.T are known for graphic print streetwear with a cute twist, like these cat-faced shirts.

hong kong streetwear, hyoma

Bright poppy colors and kawaii faces are Hyoma’s signature.

mongkok sneakers street

Some of the items are too over-the-top for me, but I love seeing them on the shelves. I’m not sure who would rock these French fry sneakers.

hong kong hip hop clothes

Is “Musium” an unfortunate typo? Or is this an edgy label? In Hong Kong, you never know.

cute kawaii platform shoes

I love shopping in Hong Kong because the prices are low (considering the great quality), and there is no tax. These galaxy-print platform shoes with eyes are only $72 US! I’d expect them to be listed for well over $100 elsewhere.

bathing ape hong kong shop

To reduce the price even more, visit an I.T Izzue outlet. I’m standing in front of the one in Citygate Outlet Mall, Tung Chung.

Inside, I found cute clothes from past seasons for more than 50% off. These included Ghostbusters collaboration shirts from Chocoolate! (And no, that’s not a typo).

hk express, hong kong express airways

I was there to visit the Hong Kong Express Airways team (I write for each issue of their magazine). It so happens that I’m wearing a Hyoma outfit, from the latest collection. The top says “Cream Skull” and the pink dress has crosses all over it.

causeway bay street signs

Where else can you find kawaii makeup and gifts? Causeway Bay, the district known for its Japanese department stores and youth hangouts.

I’m a big fan of the cosmetics chain store, SaSa. You can see the pink sign above, and all over HK.

hello kitty makeup

Sasa carries “only in Asia” makeup, like Hello Kitty Graffiti palettes.

japanese eyeliner, mascara

Japanese brands are better-priced in Hong Kong than in Tokyo, so stock up on eyeliner pens and other necessities.

heroine make cosmetics

You can always find “Heroine Make” princess makeup, gyaru false eyelashes, color contacts, and more.

chinese asian lipstick

How adorable are these bunny-shaped lipsticks? I think the yellow one is making an angry face because he has no color.

giordano hello kitty tshirts

Hello Kitty is perhaps more visible here than in Japan. She and Dear Daniel star in the Giordano “Play 4 Keeps” World Cup soccer collaboration.

brown line friends 7-eleven

Korea’s Line Friends are also growing in popularity. These figures are sold in 7-Eleven. Out of the Line characters, Brown is my favorite. Expressionless animals for the win.

spider goth shop hong kong

On the spooky-cute side, Spider remains my favorite Hong Kong Gothic & Lolita shop.

red corset lolita dress

Spider’s designs are always evolving. This time, I saw corset laced designs with a carnival feel. Everything is extremely well priced considering the high quality — the lace accessories are only a few dollars each.

chinese goths, china gothic

Always a pleasure to see designer Natalie. If you’re looking for Hong Kong Goth clubs, parties, events and stores, check out the HK Gothic Society Facebook page.

mongkok women street shops

Yukiro enjoyed browsing the stalls of Women Street, which sell fans, cheongsams, iPhone cases and other souvenirs. The vendors treated him like a rock star, and insisted on taking his photo!

owl shaped backpacks

We saw backpacks shaped like owls, and others studded with spikes.

hong kong subway mtr doors

Hong Kong’s MTR (metro) system is efficient, which makes it easy to visit the main districts. Spend a day shopping in Causeway Bay, Central and Mongkok, and you can’t go wrong. Just look out for these two trouble-makers!

Check out more of my Hong Kong shopping articles, for additional store recommendations. Who is your favorite kawaii mascot? I’m rooting for Miffy all the way.