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Singapore Famous Cocktails & Molecular Restaurants! Tippling Club, Raffles Hotel Long Bar.

sunrise singapore landscape, marina bay sands waterfront

Ah, there’s no skyline like Singapore. I’m still catching up on posts from my recent trip to Asia (I was in Tokyo to filming with Travel Channel TV, and also Bali and Singapore). But things are about to heat up some more… as I’m now heading to three new countries on two continents.

Morocco, Portugal and Spain — here we come!

fashion bloggers marrakesh morocco outfit

I’m excited to share that I will be in Spain, Portugal and Morocco with my filmmaking partners, Borderless Media! (Above is a photo from Israel’s Jaffa market.)

Spain Tourism is sending us over to capture stories of cool culture. I went to Barcelona years ago, but never Granada and other parts of this gorgeous country. We’re also partnering with Eurail again and riding their trains around Spain, and to Porto and Lisbon. Finally, we’re heading south to Fez, Marrakesh and Ouarzazate with Plan-It-Fez tours, to support women-run businesses and get immersed in Moroccan culture.

We’re excited to hear your travel suggestions for all these cities. Please let us know in the comments or on Facebook, and check out my daily updates on Instagram and Snapchat (@lacarmina.)

merlion park, fountain statue

But for now, back to the pink skies of Singapore. Some travelers make the effort to wake before dawn, in order to shoot photos in the first light. However, I’m not a morning person, and never managed to make this happen. The only reason I was able to capture these sunrise images for you… is because I took an overnight flight to Singapore, and landed around 5:30am!

blacklane limousines, airport transfers

When you step out at the airport after a red-eye, disheveled and jet-lagged, the last thing you want to do is struggle with transportation. 

I was invited to try out Blacklane Limousines, and booked a driver to pick me up and take me to my hotel. I was impressed by the seamlessness of the process, from the online reservation to the meet-up. Blacklane texts you to let you know your driver is on the way and gives you his cell number, so I never had to stress about a missed connection. Each time, the driver was waiting at our exact meeting point, holding a sign that said “La Carmina.”

blacklane private car driver ervice

Blacklane’s service is a splurge but worth it. It’s a relief to have a calm, direct car ride after a long flight, especially if you have to travel a long distance to your hotel (such as from Narita to Shinjuku, which can take two hours in traffic.)

merlion mouth, water fountain

Blacklane’s drivers are a class act. My Singapore driver offered to stop by Merlion Park on the way to my hotel, so I could take these images of the famous fountain. He also gave me a bunch of local travel tips.

The mythical Merlion is the symbol of Singapore. The fish body symbolizes the city’s humble origins as a fishing village. The lion head refers to its original name, Singapura, which means ‘lion city’ in Malay.

singapore flyer ferris wheel, flower building

Across the bay, I spotted the unmistakable Singapore Flyer Ferris wheel, and the ArtScience museum shaped like a lotus flower. Marina Bay Sands hotel stands to the right (I’ll take you inside, in an upcoming article.)

When I was a child, my family and I never went to Singapore (even though it’s a short flight from Hong Kong) because it wasn’t considered a “must-see” destination. All this has changed, and tourism has boomed in the past years. Believe it or not, the Ferris wheel, MBS hotel, Gardens by the Bay and ArtScience museum opened only in the 2000s! Yet they’ve completely altered the cityscape, and are now as iconic as the Merlion fountain (which was established in 1972 by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew).

singapore buildings cityscape

My driver stopped at a different look-out point so that I could see the Merlion from across the water, surrounded by skyscrapers. Crazy to realize that none of these buildings existed a few decades ago.

(All photos are taken with my beloved Sony A7 / Alpha 7 mirrorless camera. Available here; it’s a must for travellers.)

naumi liora hotel chinatown

However, Singapore is not just about high-tech architecture. The government puts careful attention into preserving historic, colonial homes and ethnic neighborhoods.

My friends at Naumi Hotel also invited me to stay at Naumi Liora, their boutique hotel that is dedicated to this mission. (Address: 55 Keong Saik Rd)

singapore potato head club, chinatown building

My hotel is in Chinatown / Tanjong Pagar, a hip area for restaurants and bars. The entire street consists of heritage buildings with charming shutters. (This is the view across the road.)

naumi liora room, lobby

Naumi Liora turned a 1920s Chinese townhouse into a 79-room boutique hotel that maintains the original Peranakan elements. Double-leaf doors, French style windows and lattice patterns give character to the lobby and rooms.

naumi liora boutique hotel singapore

However, the comforts of the modern world abound! Air conditioning, modern amenities — even free ice cream, lattes and snacks in the lobby. No wonder Naumi Liora is a hit among 20-something travellers.

bin 38, tippling club entrance

We were steps away from one of the city’s coolest and best-rated restaurants: Tippling Club (Address: 38 Tanjong Pagar Road). Look for the sign Bin 38, which refers to their new test kitchen and private dining space.

My white cut-out dress is from Chaser the Brand. The bunny-ears Japanese headband is from WeGo Tokyo.

tippling club bar

Tippling Club’s interior is modern eye candy, and hints at the fun-house meal awaiting you. The hanging bottles over the bar are both for form and function.

hanging bottles bar, bartenders

The cocktail menu looks like a map, with drinks sitting on a continuum: sweet, sour, fruity, dry. I loved the Occiton, created for  “Diageo World Class 2015,” which puts together gin, pineapple vermouth, thyme, basil.

tippling club cocktails

Tipping Club is famous for its cocktails, which come with a cheeky presentation. I ordered the bubble tea with melon and mangosteen infused gin — and it had a dome of giant bubbles on top, made with a fish tank air pump! The Panda’s Escape (left) creatively combined rum and coconut water with Southeast Asian pandan, with two panda cookies on top.

bottles chanderlier, modern lights

Tippling Room wins my award for “coolest lights.” The upper level is a private dining space, which lets diners sample new creations straight from the test kitchen. Many of these experimental dishes later become part of the main menu.

tippling club upstairs private dining room

Each creation is paired with wine from Penfolds’ celebrated Bin series. I’d love to have a party with my foodie friends here.

chef ryan clift, open kitchen

Downstairs, British born chef Ryan Clift works his molecular magic right in front of you. We sat at the open kitchen counter, and tasted over a dozen small bites.

singapore molecular gastronomy restaurant

As you can see from the photos, Chef Clift’s amuse bouches are playful and aims to defy expectations. He began with bite-size twists on bar snacks, anointed with flavors squeezed from droppers. I bet you’ve never had a white truffle cracker that looks like Styrofoam, and is served on the material itself!

Tippling Club is often described as molecular gastronomy, but it goes beyond that. Take the Singaporean curry (top right) with puffed rice and curry coconut foam. Although made with molecular twists, it captured the flavors of this traditional local dish.

singapore best restaurants

Same goes for their roasted monkfish with green curry and lime tofu. (Photos by Ken Yuen)

tippling club menu, food

Don’t miss out on their signature charred red pepper with a soy wasabi dipping sauce (right), and mango and togarashi sorbet white chocolate Meteorite for dessert (left).

fun molecular desserts creative

Chef Clift gets especially whimsical with his desserts. There are cheesecake pills served in a prescription bottle, and a rainbow Fizz Bomb packet that bursts on your tongue like Pop Rocks candy. On the right: a beetroot and blackberry sorbet sandwich came impaled on a moving metal rod, which I had to catch in my mouth. 

The word “memorable” gets tossed around a lot, but it truly applies to Tippling Club. A must-try if you’re in Singapore.

raffles hotel colonial architecture

I couldn’t leave without checking out the legendary Raffles Hotel and drinking a Singapore Sling. Established in 1887 and named after Singapore founder Stamford Raffles, the hotel maintains a feeling of colonial-era grandeur. (Address: 1 Beach Road)

My dress is from Alice’s Pig. and I got the cat-ear sunglasses at Parco Shibuya in Tokyo.

raffles singapore famous hotel lobby

Outside, anyone can wander through the courtyard gardens — you’ll feel like a member of the old gentry, on the way to a decadent ball. Raffles now has a row of high-end shops outside.

Inside, only guests of the hotel are allowed. I was invited to peruse the lobby and tea rooms, and it felt like The Grand Budapest Hotel come to life.

raffles hotel indian doorman costume

I couldn’t resist taking a photo with the doorman in a colonial Raj military-style uniform.

We were invited to visit the revamped Long Bar, which is now being more geared to locals.

long bar singapore, raffles

The staircase shows the hotel’s rich history over the years. Ah, to be a flapper in Singapore!

Inside, the architecture retains the old-time feeling, with a 1920s  spiral staircase.

singapore luxurious 5 star hotels

The Long Bar’s row of rattan fans is a throwback to the days before air-conditioning. This is probably the only place in Singapore where littering is encouraged. Every table has a bag of peanuts, and it’s tradition for customers to throw the shells onto the ground. 

(But what if you have a peanut or nut allergy? Then you can wave around this “no nuts or I’ll die” sign, which Naomi made to help out travellers! Just print out a copy of this helpful peanut allergy poster.)


Raffles is the birthplace of the Singapore Sling, a pink cocktail made by Ngiam Tong Boon in 1915. In these olden times, it was considered uncouth for women to drink alcohol. The bartender skirted these rules with a girly-looking mix that still packed a punch (ingredients include cherry liqueur, pineapple juice, Cointreau).

The Long Bar is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Sling with mixology classes and other events, making this is a good year to visit.

ferris wheel singapore flyer

I leave you with a few more glowing photos of the Singapore Flyer…

singapore marina view, buildings

.. and skyscrapers over the water.

merlion statue fountain, half fish lion

Doesn’t Singapore have a fascinating history? I’m glad I finally got a chance to travel here.

PS: Please let me know your suggestions for Spain, Morocco and Portugal — and add my Instagram and Snapchat (@lacarmina) for previews of this trip!

Steampunk boots & Wave Gotik Treffen 2015! Victorian Village fashion, upcoming Goth museum exhibit.

white cut out dress, fashion blogger

As much as I travel, I can’t be everywhere at once. This year, I sadly wasn’t able to make it to Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig (the biggest Gothic festival in the world).

Thankfully, my friend Jen was at WGT with her camera, and put together a special report for us! Read on for her German Goth stories, including images of the Victorian Village, flamboyant fashion, and industrial bands.

steampunk boots, heels

If I went to the festival, I would have worn these eye-catching steampunk shoes from Hades FootwearTheir Harajuku boots are my current favorites — such a striking design, with a metal heel and vintage-looking buckles. You can get these exact boots here.

 My dress is by Chaser the Brand. Here’s the link to purchase this exact dress (which comes in a few colors) and a longer maxi version.
– The black wide-brim hat is from Lack of Color Aus.

Shop my outfit below:

steampunk victorian brown boots

I’m a huge fan of Hades Footwear, a California-based shoe company that specializes in alternative, Goth, Victorian and steampunk styles. They make unique designs like studded stilettos or thigh high boots — you won’t find these in regular stores!

hades footwear, goth alternative shoes

If you’re a metal rocker type, you might like their Motorhead chain boots. Retro ladies would enjoy Hades’ steampunk ankle boots

(Click the photos below to browse more Hades Footwear styles.)

cute goth girl, deathrock

Now, let’s hand the keyboard over to my friend Jen (pictured above left, with her favorite corset maker Ludwig Lilienthal). Enjoy her diary of Wave Gotik Treffen 2015 with photos by Seventh Sin, the event photography company that she co-owns.

At the end, Jen invites you to submit photos and memories of Wave Gotik Treffen for a museum exhibition. I hope you’ll consider taking part in this historical project.

victorian village, wave gotik treffen

Jen writes: We skipped the traditional Friday afternoon picnic at Clara Zetkin Park in favor of checking out a new Friday afternoon event, Viona’s Victorian Village, held at the stunning Arena am Panometer. The Village features not only a grassy area to picnic, but also vendors, DJs and concerts.

german gothic lolitas, lolita meetup

Lolita style is no longer as prevalent in Germany as it was a few years back, but the girls who do it go all out.

metal steampunk art sculpture

We saw metal artist Pawel Athanasios Lickas working live at the Village.

victorian picnic, wave gothic treffen

There was a vague dress code to encourage to guests to participate rather than merely goth-stalking, but as you can see from the crowd photos, everyone who made an effort no matter what their personal style, was welcome.

steampunk lady hat, parasol

This made for a lovely atmosphere where we were able to relax and find old friends among the crowd, and have conversations without being trampled by overzealous onlookers.

african goths, black goths

The left photo shows Courtney of Atropos Threads and a friend from Paris, in front of Courtney’s stand at the Victorian Village.

long gothic wigs, ruff collar

Diverse examples of the decadent personal style seen at Wave Gotik Treffen — from feathered collars to braided wigs.

wave gotik treffen costume contest

The smiling participants and winners of the costume contest.

wgt agra black market

One of the best places to meet with friends and look around for new trends is the Agra, the main venue of WGT where the campground, market, and largest concerts are held. The “Black Market” is a huge hall where people can buy dark fashion and accessories.

goth fetish fashion masks

Schnitt Muskel‘s macabre fetish and cyber inspired cuts and misappropriated materials seemed like a stark contrast to puderblonde‘s fashion and accessories in steampunk, gothic, shabby chic style. Nonetheless, the two small designers were working their booths together at the market.

gothic costume headpieces

I admired Benito Alesio’s stunning work for The Original Atelier

horror figurines, monsters

… and these spooky-hawaii figurines from Pandemonium Crafts.

antler horn headdress, fantasy hats

Romantic jewelry and headdresses from Nox Aurum, decorated with antler horns and lace fans.

goth black and white cat

As much fun as these events were, the main draw of the weekend was the 224 concerts and many dance nights on the official program. Our cat Hugin did his best to hide the schedule and keep us home, but in the end, he decided that having so many guests to fuss over him and fluttery black clothing to play with was actually pretty awesome.

harmjoy goth band

This year we focused on meeting up with friends and catching smaller, less known acts. We saw Dan and Olaf of Harmjoy make their WGT debut (above)…

last dominion lost, wave gotik treffen performers

…and the long lived, but still underrated industrial projects Gerechtigkeits Liga and Last Dominion Lost (above photo by Flamisol).

evi vine, goth female band

An atmospheric image of Evi Vine performing onstage, also by Flamisol.

first goth festival germany

Did you know that next year will be the 25th Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig? WGT has grown from its humble beginning with 6 bands and one venue, to an event that brings in over 20,000 visitors and offers events all over the city. WGT has had its growing pains, but remains true to its ideal as a meeting point for goth subculture.

(These “classic Goth” photos by Armin Kober were taken at the first Wave-Gotik-Treffen in 1992!)

1990s goths, 90s goth hair

I’m thrilled to be working with the City History Museum of Leipzig to present the story of WGT and the goth movement in Germany, in an exhibition that will open next spring. If you’ve been to WGT we would be very interested to hear your stories and see your photos and videos.

goth history, 80s gothic fashion

We’re also looking for “objects” to display: such as clothing or shoes that you wore, signed albums or posters from bands you met at WGT, or handmade memorabilia. We’re also looking for people willing to be interviewed about their WGT experiences and featured as part of the exhibit, so please drop me a line if you’re interested.

(La Carmina’s note: I hope you’ll consider taking part in this Goth museum exhibit, and will do my best to see it next year!)

travel magazine cover, flyme360

Last but certainly not least, I’m honored to reveal… I’m on the cover of FlyMe360° Travel & Lifestyle Magazine! 

This new magazine is the brainchild of three friends and frequent travellers, who felt they could improve on the current travel publications in the market. FlyMe360° emphasizes personal, genuine travel stories that connect with all types of readers. The inaugural issue is an entertaining mix of first-person accounts, gadget reviews, photography tips, finance and health articles, and more. travel journalist writer articles

FlyMe360° puts a special focus on travels in Asia. I contributed a story about my experiences last year in Cebu, Philippines.  Above is a peek at the pages.

I encourage you to subscribe to FlyMe360 for free! You’ll get access to all of the first twelve issues (including my article), and perks such as prizes. The magazine invites you to contribute your own travel stories too — you can find out more and contact them through their site 

(And if you’re still thinking about my Hades steampunk boots — here’s where you can find these shoes.)

The Ritz-Carlton Bali hotel, Nusa Dua: Indonesian culture meets luxury. Infinity pool villas, beaches!

futuristic space ship church

Bali is one of those places that you have to research carefully, if you want to “do it right.” I know people who went to the most touristy areas, and were dismayed by the trash-covered beaches and frat party atmosphere.

I was determined to avoid this scene, and dive into the heart of Balinese culture — I had heard so much about the island’s warmhearted people and unique spirituality. Thanks to the Ritz-Carlton Bali, I was able to experience all this magic and more.

ritz-carlton bali wedding chapel

The Ritz-Carlton Nusa Dua is not your typical resort. Rather than closing you off from the outside, the Ritz encourages you to fully experience local life. They offer guests a variety of immersive activities: cooking classes, market tours, art making, temple journeys.

I’ll show you all these adventures in my Bali series. For the first post, let’s hop into my spaceship and see where I stayed! (This futuristic alien pod is actually the Ritz’s wedding chapel).

sky villa, ritz carlton bali

As I mentioned, location is everything if you’re coming to Bali. I recommend avoiding Kuta and Seminyak, which are packed with tourists and disruptive vendors. Ubud is the cultural center, and I loved making a day trip here. However, Ubud’s city center is a massive traffic jam, and you’ll see Polo clothing shops and Starbucks next to temples. It’s not exactly an “untouched, peaceful beach” oasis.

The Ritz-Carlton Bali is in Nusa Dua, on the south tip of the island. The island’s highest-rated resorts are all here, and for good reason: you wake up to the sounds of the ocean, and a paradise view like this. (Address: Jl. Raya Nusa Dua Selatan Lot #3, Sawangan, Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali)

infinity swimming pool bali

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better home base. Ritz Nusa Dua is less than an hour from Jimbaran fishing village and Uluwatu temple, and it’s easy to take a a day trip north to Ubud. Between these cultural explorations, I thoroughly enjoyed soaking in my private infinity swimming pool! 

bali indonesia pink sunset

From my Sky Villa pool, I saw the sunset over the Indian ocean. (Seeing the “spaceship” always puts a smile on my face.)

travel instagram, influencer instagrammer

Ritz-Carlton has luxurious cliff and ocean-front villas, in addition to their regular suites. You can find details of their various accommodations here.

ocean resort bali

The moment I stepped into the open lobby, I felt calm. An ocean breeze cooled the air, and a girl brought me a refreshing lemongrass drink. She did the hotel check-in in while I lounged on the couch, taking in the 180-degree view from my cliff top perch. 

Saron Balinese xylophone, gamelan players

With my tastebuds satisfied, I listened to the pleasant, live sounds of the Saron. This Balinese xylophone forms the backbone of the Gamelan, or traditional Indonesian orchestra. (Later, I’ll take you to a performance.)

bali dancer sculptures

My eyes took in traditional art, like these wooden sculpted figures.

bali white flower plumeria

And a basin gave off the fragrance of white and yellow plumerias, an Indonesian flower used in offerings and wellness treatments.

ritz carlton nusa dua

The Ritz-Carlton Bali is a brand new property, which officially opened earlier this year. The architects did a great job at integrating the structures with the raw landscape.

bali 5 star hotels, resorts

My friends and I loved riding the glass elevator to the beach level, and seeing decor inspired by Balinese art.

ritz-carlton bali indonesia resort

The design was inspired by a famous Indonesian water temple, and the layered terraces of rice fields.

rice paddies water temple bali

Such a joy to experience the Ritz with my friends Cohica Travel, who took these photos. (They’re passionate about responsible and sustainable travel, and currently chronicling their trip around the world on their site.)

family kids resort bali

The hospitality here is among the best I’ve experienced. Whenever I walked around, staff greeted me by name, and made efforts to make my stay even more special. (Above: inside the Ritz Kids villa.)

ritz-carlton swimming pool

The staff was great at anticipating needs, such as handing towels to guests getting out of the pool, and asking if they needed a buggy ride back.

The main swimming pool and lounge are pretty fantastic…

travel blogger infinity pool

… but I have to say, I loved having my own personal infinity pool, located high up in my Sky Villa!

bali honeymoon villa patio

On this private balcony, I could disco to my heart’s delight. (My hat is available here.)

bali hotel private beach

Remember that I mentioned that Kuta (and other tourist districts) has crowded and disappointing beaches?

In stark contrast, the Ritz-Carlton gives you the Balinese beach that you’d see in movies

indonesia best beaches, untouched

… untouched and uninhabited.

bali travel, beaches

The private, white sand beach is only steps away from your hotel room.

footprint in sand, ocean foam

I dipped my feet into the ocean foam, and left messages in the sand.

hamsa tshirt, hand symbol

The Ritz-Carlton Bali equips all guests with sunhats, robes, and beach bags (I’m carrying mine, and got to bring it home with me.)

My t-shirt is from Chaser the Brand, and features the Hamsa palm symbol. For Hindus and Buddhists, this symbolizes the interplay of the five chakras and elements.

balinese spa, massage

All these energies are brought into balance, at the Ritz Bali spa.

indonesian perfumes, spa oils

The wellness treatments are rooted in ancient Balinese practices. My friend and I enjoyed an hour long, full body massage with oils made from local plants and flowers.

ritz-carlton bali spa treatments

In August, the full Ritz-Carlton Spa will be launched, for an even larger selection of tranquility treatments.

bali 5 star top hotel

As I mentioned, The Ritz-Carlton encourages guests to learn about Balinese culture, and take trips to different parts of the island.

However, between these excursions, I have to admit that I quite enjoyed relaxing in my living room…

ritz carlton nusa dua villa bedroom

… sleeping in this giant king bed,

girl in giant bathtub

… soaking in my marble bathtub,

private pool hotel room bali

… and taking in this spectacular view.

bali tshirt, sanskrit hamsa

Bali was the perfect destination for wearing my Sanskrit Hamsa top from Chaser, a fashion line inspired by music and travel.

nasi goreng, soto babat

I was excited to eat Indonesian food, and Ritz Bali’s six restaurants did not disappoint. At breakfast, we had a huge spread of international food including local specialties like nasi goreng (fried rice) and mie goreng (fried noodles).

We loved the fresh fusion sushi at their Japanese restaurant Raku, and took part in a cooking class at their Indonesian restaurant Bejana. (I’ll do an entire post about this adventure next.)

romantic in room dining, indonesia

The staff treated me to an in-room champagne breakfast, delivered right to my Sky Villa.

lobster caviar omelet, champagne breakfast

Nothing like lobster and caviar omelet, pancakes, mimosas and fresh tropical fruit to start the day.

bali romantic dining on beach

One evening, we went down to the Beach Grill for just-caught seafood. The restaurant had set up the oceanfront gazebo for a romantic dinner, right by the waters.

strawberry millefeuille dessert

I received a bouquet of red roses as I sat down. A memorable meal of tuna, Wagyu, and strawberry millefeuille dessert. 

space alien white church

The spaceship chapel looks particularly cool at night! Grateful to my friends Cohica Travel for the photography and good company.

female travel instagram, blogger

I hope this story conveys the healing, spiritual, cultural side of Bali, and helps you plan a trip to the island.

ocean waves beach bali

Thank you to the Ritz-Carlton Bali for the lovely experience. It was everything I had hoped for.

plumeria southeast asia white yellow flower

Are you fascinated with Balinese culture, as I am? Would you want to make a trip here?


Indie Travels in Singapore! Youth malls, Haji Lane, Naumi hotel, Burnt Ends restaurant.

naumi hotel infinity pool, rooftop

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you’ll know that I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Singapore!

The city is known for having big malls, indoor attractions, and nothing too gritty. But is there an indie, alternative side to Singapore? 

Let’s see what I found out. It may surprise you. (And in case you’re wondering, my hat is from here.)

naumi hotel singapore

Singapore is packed with big-name accommodations, but when I researched them, most felt rather hollow. I wanted a more artistic, authentic experience — and found this at Naumi Hotel(Address: 41 Seah Street, Singapore.)

Naumi is an award-winning boutique hotel that puts you in a playful, art-filled atmosphere. “Naumi” refers to a fairy-like spirit who lives in these halls, adding a special energy to your stay.

boutique art hotels, singapore

These chic touches include holographic paintings in the hallways, and fun messages on the walls like “Dance with Me.”

The 73 rooms are spacious and have a modern, Asian-influenced design. Naumi knows how to make her guests happy… all of the room snacks and alcohol are free, and there’s a cocktail hour every afternoon!

1960s decor, bulldog sculpture

Several of the rooms have theme designs. My favorite was the Andy Warhol suite, which looked like a funky New York penthouse.

andy warhol theme hotel room

That day, my “Age of Aquarius” outfit was a proper match for the Factory Girl decor!

What I wore:
– Montana black hat from Lack of Color Australia
– Round hippie sunglasses by John Lennon
– Zodiac top from Pretty Attitude (they also sent me the Goth Pentagram swimsuit that you loved so much.)

Shop my 1960s style below:


mod furniture, singapore art hotels

Despite the Mod Sixties vibe — how cool is the soup bowl bathtub! — Naumi is equipped with today’s technology. I had an Apple TV and fast Wifi, and even the option to rent a video game console.

singapore famous infinity pool, bar

The rooftop is not to be missed: there’s a bar and infinity pool! I had the space to myself, and a grand view of the Singapore Flyer Ferris wheel.

Trust me — this infinity pool is better than the famous one at Marina Bay Sands, which is overrun with children.

street art singapore

Looks like the resident fairy left some street art for me to find! I loved the playful attitude of this hotel. The location is also ideal — right next to Raffles, and 20 minutes from Changi International Airport.

Shout out to the friendly staff, for making my stay at Naumi Hotel a pleasure. In an upcoming post, I’ll show you their Naumi Liora branch in Chinatown as well.

haji lane, singapore

I was within walking distance of Haji Lane, a narrow street lined with psychedelic murals, hipster cafes and vintage shops. Young locals come here to chill with friends, and look for handmade items that you won’t find in the big malls.

hippie shops, haji boutiques

My 1960s look of the day went well with the Haji Lane hippie atmosphere. “Going Om” is about right.

bali nail arts, om buddhist nails

Even my Hindu / Buddhist / Sanskrit nail art fit the theme. These gel nails are by Glam Nail Studio, award winning Japanese artists in Vancouver.

arab street singapore architecture

This road is located near Arab Street, and you’ll see shisha bars amidst the colorful storefronts. Singapore’s ethnic neighborhoods are worth visiting; I’ll later show you Little India, Chinatown and more.

selfie coffee shop

Photographer Ken Yuen and I wandered by a cafe called Selfie Coffee, which prints your portrait on a latte. We had never seen this type of store before, and simply had to give it a try.

selfie portrait printed latte

The staff handed me an iPhone, and I took a self-snap. Then, with a secret process that they wouldn’t let us witness, the barista printed my edible selfie in color, on top of an iced coffee drink.

Pretty neat, isn’t it? Although it felt zombie-ish to drink my brains from a straw…

vintage dresses haji lane

Haji Lane is a longer street than you may expect. I popped into the cute artisan and vintage boutiques, run by local designers.

black white cat sleeping

A lot of Singapore feels hectic and high-tech, but Haji Lane has the opposite vibe — as epitomized by this lazy cat.

scottish fold cat toys

Inside this craft and home goods store, I found Scottish Fold cats in tea-cups.

singapore haji lane murals, walls

I encourage you to support local, indie designers by shopping on Haji Lane! Bring your camera, as you’ll want to take snapshots of the bright walls and murals.

scape youth mall singapore

Since we were a short taxi ride from Orchard Road, we went to check out this famous shopping area. I confess I’m not interested in 95% of Orchard Road’s malls, which sell international brands that you can find anywhere in the world (like Nike and Zara.)

However,  *SCAPE Youth Mall takes a different approach. This building is run by a non-profit organisation whose mission is to support young talent and leadership. (Address: 2 Orchard Link, Singapore)

singapore orchard road malls

*SCAPE is the site of various community programs that nurture burgeoning dancers, filmmakers, musicians and other artists.

We saw a group of teenagers working together on choreography. On another floor, a team was making posters with empowerment messages like “dream it, live it”.

kendama asian yoyo, eyeball toys

In addition to workshop studios, *SCAPE has shops and restaurants for hanging out. An entire floor held youth recreation centers — something I’ve never seen elsewhere in Asia. Teens are welcome to drop in for film screenings, play pool and video games, and practice Kendama (a cup and ball catcher toy, above).

keepers singapore designers collective

Nestled by the big malls is Keepers Singapore Design Collective, which sells fashion made only by local and independent designers. The store carries small-batch treats too, like nougat and popsicles. (Address: 230 Orchard Rd, at Orchard Green and Cairnhill Road)

singapore independent fashion, clothing stores

At Keepers, you’ll find designs such as silk blue dresses with asymmetrical collars, and clockwork statement necklaces.

This Collective also lets shoppers get to know Singapore artisans with talks, exhibitions and other creative showcases.

cute singapore kawaii shops

I poked my head into a few more Orchard Road malls, just to see what they were like. I wasn’t impressed by the big-box shopping selection, but saw some fun optical illusion art and cute displays.

singapore line friends shop

And… we discovered that there is a new Singapore Line Friends store!

brown and cony line statues

I have a soft spot for this bear character, especially when he does this morose “finger tips together” signature pose. Remember when we went to the Line Friends Harajuku shop, and I hugged a giant Brown?

burnt ends restaurant singapore

We ended this spectacular day with dinner at Burnt Ends, a modern barbeque restaurant that is lauded as one of the best dining experiences in Singapore. The charred-looking exterior hints at what is in store for me.

singapore bar, zodiac tank top

We sat down at a long counter top table, which looks right into the open kitchen. Australian Chef Dave Pynt prepared a selection of plates right in front of us. My mouth watered as I watched him smoke up ingredients in custom built ovens and on elevation grills.

What I wore:

singapore chinatown cool top restaurants

Burnt Ends’ menu changes daily and uses only the freshest ingredients, including wines from family-run wineries.  I recommend that you let the chef prepare whatever he feels is best.

Chef Pynt started us off with a smoked quail egg topped with caviar, a tasty burst in our mouths. His specialties are, of course, the proteins: slow roasted, baked, and coal-grilled to primal perfection. 

singapore Barbeque, burnt ends

The photos above aren’t exactly “Instagram-friendly” — but they were some of the best dishes we had in Singapore. The top shows a charred marshmallow on a stick. I’d return just for another bite of the juicy sesame chicken at the bottom.

Burnt Ends has mastered the fine balance of charred exteriors and moist interiors. One of their specialties is a Onglet hangar steak, with bone marrow infused bread on the side.

mint chocolate deconstructed dessert

We ended with a palate-cleansing mint chocolate dessert, and flamed creme brulee. Out of all the meals we ate in Singapore, we’re most looking forward to coming back to Burnt Ends again.

Did my travel stories give you a different perspective of Singapore? If you’ve been here, what did you enjoy most about your visit?