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A cheesy trip to Gruyeres, Switzerland! Traveling by Swiss trains to see Medieval castles & culture.

fashion blogger poses legs

Ready for part 2 of my Gruyères, Switzerland journey? I’ll warn you, it gets a little cheesy…

Last fall, I went to La Gruyere to see the H R Giger bar and museum (the dark artist behind the Alien movies). As you can gleam from my emoji sweater, I’m a die-hard fan.

gruyere Fribourg suisse

However, there are many more reasons to check out Gruyeres. Located in Switzerland’s canton of Fribourg, it’s one of the most scenic destinations that photographer Joey Wong and I have ever seen.

(And it’s the birthplace of Gruyeres cheese, which happens to be my favorite!)

medieval architecture gruyeres switzerland

We were surprised at how much we enjoyed this little Swiss village, with pastoral landscapes and a Medieval castle.

swiss travel passes train journey

First, how do you get to Gruyere? Most travellers start in Geneva, the capital of Switzerland. From there, it’s about a two-hour journey by train.

Joey and I used First Class Swiss Travel Pass from Switzerland Tourism, for unlimited rides on any of the country’s trains. The system works like clockwork, with efficient timetables and connections. (No wonder the Swiss are known as master watch-makers.)

swiss cows pasture farmland

We stayed in a hotel in Geneva, and did a day-trip to Gruyeres (you can also stay in the village overnight, if you wish to spend more time here).

There are two railway routes you can take from Geneva central station: go to Romont and change at Bulle, or take the scenic ride to Montreux, and change at Montbovon.

lake geneva beach water

I’d opt for the Montreux itinerary. As you can see, the view out the window is spectacular! For most of the journey, you can see the crystal waters of Lac Léman (aka Lake Geneva), one of the largest in Western Europe.

swiss sheep grazing

Our jaws dropped at the scenes that passed by our train window: quaint churches with steeples, furry sheep grazing, green hilly landscapes.

gruyeres chapel church

When you arrive at Gruyeres Station, you must walk up a path to reach the village itself. Take your time to enjoy the sights along the way, including this cute chapel with a bell tower.

sheep farm switzerland

We said hello to these hungry sheep, with bells ringing from their collars.

la Gruyère tourism

“The hills are alive, with the Sound of Music!” This view of the Alps made me want to dance around like Maria Von Trapp.

gruyeres village square tourists

And then, we arrived at the village of Gruyeres: home to only about 2000 people. However, behind the charm lurks aliens… (as you can see in my article about the H. R. Giger museum and bar.)

gruyere cheese fondue restaurants

Gruyeres is in the French region of Switzerland, so most of the signs are in this language. Cheese is the main industry here, along with culture tourism — people come here from around the world, to soak up the old-time charm of this little town.

The town is named after the founder, Gruerius. He captured a crane and made it his symbolic animal (in French, the bird is called a “grue”).

St. Theodul catholic church gruyeres

No matter where you point the camera, La Gruyere is a stunner. We strolled by St. Theodul’s church (Église Saint-Théodule), which dates back to 1254. The Counts of Gruyeres are buried under the altar of St. Michael, in this Catholic church

alien emoji sweater aliens

However, this Goth was more interested in the Satanic underbelly of this town! (My alien emoji sweater hints at the occult world of HR Giger. See more styles below:)

gruyeres quaint village switzerland

La Gruyere is especially vibrant in the fall, when the leaves are fiery red.

gruyeres museums attractions

For those who love culture, there are several artistic attractions in the village, including a Tibetan art museum. 

goth sweaters alien shirt top

Fans of the Alien movie series make pilgrimages here, to behold the H. R. Giger museum. Gruyeres is home to the largest collection of his works.

château de Gruyères

We started at one of the main sights, the Castle of Gruyères. This fortress from the Middle Ages now holds a museum, art exhibitions, and theatrical showings.

labyrinth maze gruyeres castle

Gruyères Castle was built in the late 13th century, with a distinctive Savoy square layout. With a labyrinth and garden beneath the Alps… this is a picture straight out of a fairy tale.

gruyeres mountains, moleson, dent de broc

Many travel to this region to hike in the nearby mountains. Moléson-sur-Gruyères and Dent de Broc are ranges in the Frebourg pre-Alps, overlooking the lake of Gruyère.

gruyeres swiss castle chateau

History and culture-lovers flock to Switzerland to see the famous Medieval castles. (We also visited Chillon castle at Montreux, which you can see here.)

lucifer baphomet devil art europe

This sculpture, located at the entrance of Chateau de Gruyères, caught my eye. It’s called “Le Bouclier de Mars”, and appears to be an ancient carving. However, in fact, it was created by Patrick Woodruffe in 1993.

gruyere patrick woodruffe Le Bouclier de Mars

Leave it to me to find the devil, wherever I go! (There was also a “heaven” circular panel next to this one.)

alien outfitters clothing fashion

Woodruffe’s work is based on his 1979 illustration, The Vicious Circle (1979). It depicts war as a closed circle of destruction and futility.

medieval weird sculptures art horror

If you look at the imagery up close, you’ll notice alien sci-fi motifs — not unlike Giger’s visions.

patrick woodroffe fantasy science-fiction art jabberwocky

The castle was hosting an exhibition of Patrick Woodruffe’s fantasy art. His works are surreal and unsettling; this one is a riff on Jabberwocky from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

gruyeres city walls fortress

Gruyeres was once completely surrounded by protective stone walls. Parts of this Medieval battlement still stand.

gruyeres mountain ranges

No matter where you walk, you’ll come across spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

gruyeres castle walls gates

It’s about to “get cheesy”… Around lunch-time, the entire village smells of delicious fromage! Diners come from afar to feast on Gruyere’s iconic product, especially in the form of fondue.

most scenic beautiful place switzerland

This Swiss cheese is as fresh as it gets. You can even spot the cows that provide the milk, in the nearby fields.

chalet gruyere cheese fondue restaurant

After a long afternoon, we sat down for an immensely satisfying meal at Chalet Restaurant. (Above is an image from their website, since the space was packed with people and it was difficult to get clear shots.)

Joey and I devoured the fondue (melted cheese in a communal pot, eaten by dipping bread, pickles and other crudites into the hot liquid). We also tried raclette for the first time (semi-hard cheese heated on a special device at the table, and scraped off), and the local herbal liqueur “Grande Gruyère”. We ended with a decadent dessert: double cream and raspberries.

switzerland sunset pink skies

My Swiss cheese feast at Chalet was one of the most memorable meals I’ve had in Europe. We literally were in a food coma after, and dozed off on the train ride back! Fortunately, we woke up in time to make our connections back to Geneve, and capture this psychedelic sunset.

swiss travel fashion blogger

Merci La Gruyère Tourisme and Switzerland Tourism for welcoming us to this adorable Alpine town! If only I had room in my suitcase, to bring back a big hunk of Swiss cheese.

PS: For a look at the sci-fi side of Gruyeres, check out my article about the H R Giger alien museum and bar here.

PPS: If you’re coveting an extraterrestrial sweater like mine, click the image below!


HR Giger Museum & Bar in Gruyeres, Switzerland: Goth sci-fi travel guide! Alien movie art, Necronomicon paintings.

hr giger museum entrance sign

Star Beast achievement unlocked. I made it to the HR Giger Museum and Bar in Switzerland! 

While in Europe last fall, I made a weekend detour to Gruyères to see the museum dedicated to one of my favorite artists: H.R. Giger. I’m sure you’ll recognize his surrealist concept art for Alien, Species, Poltergeist 2, the never-made Dune, and other sci-fi horror films.

If you share my fascination with Giger’s biomechanical visions, then this travel story will make you want to drop everything and fly to Switzerland. Read on for a tour of the Giger museum and bar, including exclusive photos of his rare artwork inside the chateau!

cybergoth goth dancer fashion

This unassuming Swiss castle houses a motherload of dark biomechanical creatures. Open since 1998, the museum contains some of Giger’s most famous works, as well as rare early pieces and erotic art. We’re grateful to La Gruyère Tourism for the warm welcome and help with journalist access to the museum.

Outfit Details: It seemed appropriate to dress cybergoth for the occasion. My outfit is 100% Cyberdog: I layered their semi-sheer bodycon dress, alien “yogalien” tank top, and black mesh hooded long sleeved top. Cyberdog’s futuristic sci-fi fashion is sold online, as well as in their giant Camden Market store.

museum bar h.r. giger gruyeres

Giger museum access / How to get here: Photographer Joey Wong and I came from London, and it only took us 1.5 hours to fly to Geneva. We then traveled from Geneva to Gruyeres by train, using the First Class Swiss Travel Pass from Switzerland Tourism. This gave us unfettered access to the country’s trains, buses and boats; it turned out to be a beautiful journey through the countryside, which I’ll show you in an upcoming post.

Musee HR Giger address: Château St. Germain, Rue du Château 2, 1663 Greyerz, canton Fribourg, Switzerland. Gruyeres is a small town with only about 2000 inhabitants, so the museum is easy to find.

giger birth machine Gebärmaschine

The cosmic horror begins outside the museum, which is flanked by several ominous sculptures. The front entrance has a metal adaptation of his painting Gebärmaschine (“Birth Machine”) from 1967. Giger created this work as a commentary on population growth.

hr giger statues museum switzerland

The “birth machine” depicts goggled babies holding guns, sitting on bullets inside a larger pistol. Giger meant to convey that the babies would be shot out, but in fact, only their heads would be (the decapitated bodies would remain in the bullet casing). Somehow, that seems more fitting for this master of sci-fi terror!

On the left, the front staircase has the coolest handrail ever — a twisting alien spinal cord. 

visiting hr giger art museum

Starting with the exterior, the museum evokes a feeling of dark, otherworldly mystery that is quintessentially HR Giger.

(My silver futuristic hair clip is Hair DesignAccess by Sylvain Le Hen.)

hr giger biomechanical sculptures

These extraterrestrial figures convey Giger’s signature aesthetic, which he called “biomechanical.” The term describes his surrealistic approach, which fuses organic elements with the mechanical. Part human and part machine — melded together in a beautiful yet uneasy alien hybrid. 

giger alien sculpture

Giger’s forms tend to resemble human bodies, but with a deadly twist. It’s surprisingly powerful to stumble across these cosmic creatures in Gruyeres, an otherwise quaint Swiss village.

goth cyberdog cyber dress shoes

Science fiction, double feature. My magenta to purple ombre hair is by Chad Evans in Vancouver, BC.

My black leather Gothic shoes with silver buckles are similar to these boots; click below for more options.

travel guide gruyeres giger musee

This elegant building is Château St. Germain, which dates back to 1663. HR Giger visited Gruyeres several times, and had an exhibition in the village. He fell in love with the scenic region, and bought this Swiss castle in 1997.

hr giger museum outside statues

Since there was massive demand, Giger turned St Germain Castle into a museum with architect Roger Cottier. In 1998, the H.R. Giger Museum first opened its doors. It remains the permanent home to most of his key works, as well as the largest collection of his furniture, paintings and sculptures from over the years.

hr giger alien film concept art

Visitors aren’t allowed to take photographs inside, but we were lucky to have media access. Read on for exclusive images of Giger’s works within the museum. But first…

hr giger bar exterior design

… let’s head next door to the The Museum HR Giger Bar, which opened in Gruyeres in 2003! 

My dress and collar are by Cyberdog. Silver radiator bracelet by Alex Streeter.

giger bar spine shell chairs

Step inside, and your jaw will drop — it’s like entering another universe! H.R. Giger designed the bar in a way that preserves the 400 year old Gothic architecture. He heightens the cavernous effect with dramatic skeletal arches that sweep over the ceiling. 

Beneath these bony vaults are high-backed shell-like chairs. They were originally designed as a Harkonnen throne for the Dune film that never got made. (Keep reading to see another variant of the seats inside the museum).

spine roof arches giger bar

I love how Giger turned the Medieval cathedral-like space into a bio-mechanical vision of the future. What an incredible feeling to curl up in one of these spinal chairs at the circular windows, and feel like you’ve been swallowed up by an intergalactic beast.

giger bar tables windows interior

Tip: the Giger bar is extremely popular with tourists, so try to avoid lunch time and other peak hours. You may have to wait a while to get a seat at your preferred table. Above are photos from their website to give you a sense of the space and custom furniture; it was difficult to capture with all the visitors around.

h.r. giger bar seats restaurant cafe

The Gruyeres Giger bar is actually the fourth one ever built. Only one other location remains open: the H.R. Giger Bar in Chur, Switzerland (his place of birth), established 1992. The Chur interior has a similar backbone design, but it’s not as impressive as the bar beside the museum, which is the most famous one.

hr giger bar gruyeres interior skeleton

There was also a Giger Bar inside Peter Gatien’s legendary Limelight club in NYC, the site of many decadent Gothic and Club Kid parties. Sadly, when it closed in the 1990s, the bar did as well.

The earliest HR Giger bar was built in the late 1980s, in Japan! It was located in Shirokanedai, the Minato district of Tokyo. However, Giger grew dissatisfied with the Japanese builders and strict codes (for example, they couldn’t realize his idea of having private booths that doubled as individual elevators, moving up and down the bar). He ended his involvement with the Tokyo Giger bar, and it closed soon after.

bar hr giger menu alien coffee drinks

As you can see from the menu board, Bar HR Giger serves drinks and small snacks, including themed items. You can sip a Giger mojito, or dare to order the mysterious “Dark Shadow.” My Gothic preference is the HR Giger Absinthe, whcih I tried in Osaka, Japan.

The most visually interesting dish is the Alien Coffee, which comes on a wooden tray with little meringues, and honey herb liqueur.

cybergoth gothic fashion blogger

Ready to head inside Chateau St. Germain, and take a tour of the Giger Museum? Let’s do it.

chateau st germain gruyeres

Just beware… xenomorphs lurk in the ceiling corners, waiting to attack you!

So, who is this twisted genius behind these creations? Hans-Rudolf (HR) Giger was born in 1940 in Chur, an Alpine city in the eastern part of Switzerland east. He moved to Zurich to study architecture and industrial design, and became known for illustrations and paintings that fuse humans and machine.

hr giger facehugger alien art

H.R. Giger is best known as the concept artist behind Ridley Scott’s “Alien” movie, which came out in 1979 and revolutionized science fiction horror films.

Above is his visualization of the “face hugger,” the portion of the Alien’s life cycle where it attaches to your face, and implants larvae through your mouth. When the babies mature, they burst through the human host’s chest in a bloody explosion — and continue to mature and stalk more prey.

hr giger necronomicon satan devil baphomet

H. R. Giger was making terrifying imagery well before he joined the Alien movie. In 1977, he published a compendium of his art in a tome called the Necronomicon (much like HP Lovecraft’s collection of horror stories). During pre-production, director Ridley Scott got hold of the book, and immediately hired Giger to create the visuals for Alien.

The Gruyeres museum contains Spell IV, the gigantic work that graces the cover of Giger’s Necronomicon. It’s a painting of Baphomet the Sabbatic Goat, with Satanic pentagrams and serpents in his signature color palate.

alien movie ridley scott art design

Alien’s impact earned the Swiss artist an Academy Award in 1980, for Best Achievement in Visual Effects. The Oscar statue is on display if you look closely, beneath one of the ancient staircases in the museum.

Ridley Scott liked Giger’s 1976 painting “Necronom IV,” which shows a being with an elongated skull, steel-like ribcage and pointed teeth. He asked Giger to create the alien based on the design…

Xenomorph alien set props horror

… and so, Giger gave birth to Xenomorph XX121! (The name refers to the alien species, and translates to “strange form” in Greek).

The museum has several xenomorphs of various sizes, ready to pounce on you. The largest one stands tall inside this glass display case (but if you recall the Prometheus birth scene, that wouldn’t even hold a newborn alien for long…)

If you’ve seen the Alien series, you’ll know to watch out for the segmented blade-tipped tails, burning acidic blood — and double-jawed set of teeth that extend out to pierce your flesh!

li ii giger painting woman

As you walk through the museum and take in the wall-to-ceiling art, you’ll realize that Giger has an entire pantheon of dark creatures. Above is Li II, inspired by his lover at the time, actress Li Tobler. She tore up the original Li painting because she thought it made her look ugly!

giger rare art prints museum

The HR Giger Museum is larger than you’d expect from the outside. Since it’s located in a 17th century castle, there are unexpected stairwells, rooms and hallways to navigate.

I enjoyed seeing Giger’s earliest works, from the 1960s: biomechanical otherworldly forms in  acrylic and India ink on paper on wood. He truly was ahead of his time.

hr giger alien xenomorph sculpture

These busts made me think of the Alien movie tagline: “In space no one can hear you scream.”

adult erotica art hr giger

One section of the museum is adults only, and hidden behind a black curtain. Inside, the room is illuminated in red light and lined with his raciest works. Many of these sketches and sculptures have graphic imagery and Satanic overtones.

weird alien statues giger

These cyborg fantasies were particularly shocking to conservatives of his time. Looking at his works today, it’s amazing to realize how much Giger has inspired everything from cyberpunk to tech design.

Harkonnen Capo Chair hr giger Jodorowsky's dune

One of the largest rooms contains black Harkonnen Capo chairs around a table with biomechanical legs. This was one of Giger’s designs for Alejandro Jodorowsky, who was set to direct a movie adaptation of Dune, Frank Herbert’s influential sci-fi novel (and one of my personal favorites). Unfortunately, the 1976 film never got past pre-production and eventually was passed on to director David Lynch, who did not use Giger’s conceptualizations.

hr giger prints book

Where did Giger’s demonic imagination come from? Partly from night terrors. The Swiss artist kept a sketchbook next to his bed, and would jot down these visions.

hr giger satanism occult pentagram

Giger (pictured above) was known to incorporate Satanic and occult imagery into his work. He even released a Baphomet Tarot card deck. 

alien movie cosplay ripley

I channeled Ellen Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) and got into a close encounter with a Xenomorph… maybe too close. On the left, Giger’s concept art for Species, the 1995 movie starring Natasha Henstridge.

hr giger artwork sculptures surrealist

Giger had always worked with various media, but started focusing on sculptures in the mid-1990s. He’s even designed album covers and computer games over the years, always with haunting hybrids of human and machinery.

species film sci-fi design

It was a treat to see Giger’s lesser-known works, including mirrors and light fixtures… and even giant wristwatches.

hr giger self portrait

On the top level, there were these two portraits of the artist. HR Giger worked up to the end of his life in 2014, when he died from injuries after a fall on the stairs.

switzerland weird strange bizarre art

The top floor of the museum houses Giger’s personal art collection. There are works by Salvador Dali, mixed in with creepy totems picked up during his travels.

The H.R. Giger Museum Gallery also exhibits rotating works by contemporary artists, who share his love of fantasy and surrealism.

gruyeres switzerland cheateau view

Don’t forget to look out the top floor window, for this gorgeous view of Gruyeres. No wonder Giger stayed in Switzerland and built his museum here, even though he could have lived anywhere.

xenomorph head alien

As you leave, check out the Giger gift shop. It sells books, prints, cups, absinthe… or how about a giant alien head?

visiting giger museum tickets admission

Mind blown after stepping into the dystopian world of Giger. It’s amazing to have so many of his seminal works in one beautiful village.

hr giger bar chur switzerland

In the words of Alien director Ridley Scott: “At its essence, Giger’s art digs down into our psyches and touches our very deepest primal instincts and fears. His art stands in a category of its own.”

hr giger bar tokyo japan

I hope you’ll have the chance to make the journey to Gruyeres, and take photos with his deadly star beasts!

giger museum floor carvings aliens

For visiting info, here’s the website for the H.R. Giger Bar. Don’t forget to allow a lot of time in Gruyeres, as there may be a lineup. You can always hang out outside, and take photos with the alien-sculpted floor!

museum hr giger exterior entrance

And here is more info on the Museum HR Giger website, including opening hours, admission rates, tickets and more.

surrealist surreal giger art

I leave you with a line by HP Lovecraft, from his horror story “Pickman’s Model,” as I feel it captures Giger’s power.

He’s an artist who “knows the actual anatomy of the terrible or the physiology of fear — the exact sort of lines and proportions that connect up with latent instincts or hereditary memories of fright, and the proper color contrasts and lighting effects to stir the dormant sense of strangeness.”

japanese giger bar alien

Are you also a fan of HR Giger’s oeuvre? Would you want to visit his Swiss bar and museum? Coming up, I’ll show you more from Gruyeres, including the chateau and cheese.

If you enjoyed this in-depth post, I hope you’ll take a minute to share it on Facebook and social media. I appreciate it, and am excited to bring more travel stories like this to you!


Dance with the Dead: synthwave band tour review! Auxiliary Magazine cover model, Switzerland Chillon castle.

auxiliary magazine cover goth style icon

Now that I’m back from Europe, it’s time for one of those “catch up” posts… featuring a magazine cover, winter outfit ideas, and a synthwave show! 

First, I’m honored to be on the cover of Auxiliary Magazine. Thank you to the brilliant team that made this “pink hair and panning for gold” look come to life. It’s fun to play around with dramatic styles for magazine modeling. (Photography by Patrick Parenteau, makeup by Jennifer Little, hair by Stephanie Hoy.)

Auxiliary Magazine’s Fall 2017 issue is available here now, in both print and digital publications. There’s a full editorial and interview with me inside, as well as plenty of alternative music, fashion and lifestyle stories that I think you’ll find inspiring.

sorel after hours no tongue boots

Now, let’s chat about what to wear in winter. I have a few new cold-weather clothes that I’m excited about.

Knee-high leather boots are perfect for the season, as they give any outfit a bit of edge. I’m going to live in my new lace-up boots by Sorel Footwear (this style comes in both redwood and black.)

Sorel’s After Hours No-Tongue tall boots are made from supple yet waterproof leather. There’s a cute wedge heel that is comfortable for walking, and the sole has a strong tread.

(My silver geometric barrettes are Hair DesignAccess by Sylvain Le Hen, designer of luxury and avantgarde hair accessories.)

sorel winter tall leather boots

I’m wearing these dark red boots from Sorel Footwear’s latest collection. They have “no tongue” down the middle for a peek-a-boo effect; I like to emphasize the cut-outs with fishnets or patterned / colored stockings.

Sorel’s shoes are stylish and modern, yet made to withstand winter conditions. I’m a fan of the romantic lacing all the way up the front, for a ballerina or corset effect. (There’s also a zipper on the side, so you can easily slip the boots on or off without unlacing them.)

The designer also makes an After Hours ankle boot, and a tall black boots style. Click below for more styles:

sorel footwear luxury red knee boots

I’m a fan of Sorel, as they deliver both form and function — I walked through rainy streets and danced all night in these shoes! My After Hours tall boots come in both redwood and black here.

I paired them with a Joy Division skirt, black fishnets, and a sweatshirt by Akade Wear (many more photos further down).

dance with dead gost north america tour

I wore this outfit to see Dance with the Dead, one of my favorite retrowave / synthwave artists. They’re currently on tour in North American with GosT (another fav, who sadly didn’t make it to the Vancouver concert).

The show at The Venue began with two impressive opening acts. My friends and I found ourselves moving to the synthy melodies of Oceanside85, and DJ Black Ultra / Amduscia. 

dance with the dead live concert

Headliners Dance with the Dead (DWTD) are known for incorporating spooky visuals in their shows. The background lit up with a slightly creepy clip of four women singing Mr Sandman (The Chordettes, from 1958).

Then, Justin Pointer and Tony Kim strutted on-stage and launched into deadly guitar riffs — accompanied by projections of ghouls with flickering eyes!

dance with the dead band performing

Dance with the Dead is synth-wave with a retro-horror bent. Think head-banging metal meets dance melodies, wrapped in the electronics of the 1980s… If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, then you’ll instantly recognize the sound of “outrun.”

The band performs with high energy, switching between guitars and synthesizers. The audience jumped around with DWTD, and even formed a moshpit in the front-center.

retrowave synthwave concerts tour

Dance with the Dead thrilled us with upbeat tracks from their albums, “Near Dark” and “The Shape.” The set list included remixed versions of “Andromeda” and “Invader,” and a cover of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.”

I put together a few video clips from the show, so you can see and hear the group for yourself.

outrun retro wave dance with dead gost show

Between songs, DWTD broadcast clips from old movies that influenced their sound and vision. I spotted Bride of Frankenstein, Psycho, Legend, and 1980s sci-fi and horror films.

As I mentioned in my Perturbator show review, synthwave has gotten me excited about concerts again. The “future-80s” sound is fresh, and the acts are spectacular live. Can’t wait to see more of these bands soon.

silver puffer jacket coat

Here’s a second version of this “winter outfit of the day,” which I wore in Switzerland. This time, I paired my rocket-ship sweatshirt with leggings (both are by Akade Wear, a label inspired by synthwave — hence the pink-blue 80s vibe.) My black Goth beanie / skullcap is by Long Clothing.

I’m all about metallics right now, and love the look of a silver puffer jacket. I got mine in Romania (it’s by Cato, and not available outside the country) — but you can shop similar puffers below.

chillon castle chateau montreux switzerland

After my press trip with Experience Bucharest, photographer Joey Wong and I took a weekend jaunt to Switzerland. We flew to Geneva, then traveled by train on a First Class Swiss Travel Pass from Switzerland Tourism.

These passes let you take unlimited trains, buses and boats throughout the country, so we were keen to see as much as we could. We traveled about 1.5 hours to the fairy-tale Château de Chillon, located on an island in Lake Geneva between Montreux and Villeneuve.

cyberdog mini rave light up backpack

I need to wear sunglasses (by Balenciaga) to look at my bag… because it lights up with LED rainbow patterns! 

This rave-tastic backpack is by Cyberdog, the futuristic clubwear brand that I recently visited in London.

iridescent holographic backpack bag

Cyberdog’s mini backpack features several light-up modes (you can display various colors and patterns at the click of a button inside). This little satchel is perfect for clubbing and festivals, and charges up with a USB cable. The backpack comes in three semi-sheer colors; I have the iridescent holographic one. 

I posted an Instagram video of my Cyberdog backpack, and it went viral with over 550,000 views… talk about the future of fashion!

silver winter puff coat jacket

The backpack was ideal for a day-trip to Chillon Castle. We took the train from Geneva to Montreux, and then hopped on a bus for a quick ride to the chateau.

From the pier, you can take in the beauty of the Alps, the mountain range that crosses through Switzerland.

synthwave retrowave outfit clothes

Europe is famous for its fairytale castles, and Chateau de Chillon is one of the most lovely. With our Swiss Travel Passes, we had access to hundreds of museums and historical sites — meaning we could walk straight in and explore.

So shiny, so chrome. I love the space-age look of a metallic puffer jacket! I’ve rounded up my favorite silver coats below; click the thumbnails to learn more.

chateeau de chillon, montreux swiss castle

Chateau de Chillon is an ancient fortress, with the first written record dating back to the year 1005. In the 16th century, the Savoy rulers used the castle to house prisoners. The dungeon inspired Lord Byron to write his famous poem, “The Prisoner of Chillon.”

synth outrun fashion akade wear

Chillon Castle consists of 25 buildings and three courtyards, protected by two circular walls. If you’re a history buff, it’s well worth coming here for a day (and also enjoying Montreux, the nearby resort town.)

Switzerland fashion blogger outfit

Mary Shelley was inspired to write “Frankenstein” during her stay at Chillon castle — so there’s a Goth horror side to it too!

Can’t get enough of the Swiss mountain landscapes, and Lake Geneva’s clear waters.

synthwave vaporwave top shirt spaceship

Close-up on my 1980s-style spaceship Horizon top by Akade Wear, and my silver winter jacket.

montreux switzerland lake geneva tourism

What do you think of my synthwave / retrowave inspired winter clothing? I hope these outfits give you some ideas for ways to stay warm while rocking a retro-future aesthetic.

hotel n'vy geneva room

Back to Geneva, and time to chill out at Hotel N’vY. Part of the Manotel group, N’vY is in a convenient central location (a quick walk from Geneva Station, which is only a seven min ride from the airport).

I always gravitate towards art / design boutique hotels, as they are local-run and have a quirky personality. You won’t find an inspiring room like this one in a standard chain brand.

geneva 4 star boutique hotel balcony

Hotel N’vY hosted us in a special suite on the top floor, which required a private elevator with a key-card to access. We had a huge balcony with a view of the rooftops, and could even see the top triangle of the Jet D’Eau (Geneva’s high-spouting fountain).

boutique art design hotel geneva

The hotel staff spoiled us with gifts of Swiss chocolates and Sephora spa products. I made myself at home, cozying up with my laptop and fiddling with the Philips Hue color wheel (which changes the mood lighting).

heart shape lights long exposure

The rooftop terrace gave us a chance to play around with long-exposure photography. I created a heart shape using my light-up Cyberdog backpack! 

geneva cool hip hotels nvy

Hotel N’vY’s name is a play on “envy,” since your friends will be jealous once they see photos of this hip hotel. The lobby’s decor is a tribute to music with portraits of Jimi Hendrix and The Doors, and a wall of electric guitars.

music themed hotel geneva switzerland

Walking around, you feel as if you’re in a pop-art exhibition. The sculptures add to the trendy, bold design of the bar and lounge area.

hotel n'vy design geneve suisse

Ouch, that cactus-chair looks like it hurts! Hotel N’vY is a great fit for millennial and design-loving travelers.

manotel switzerland geneva hotels

My futuristic outfit matched David Cintract’s “Pop Libre” mannequins: women in helmets and heavy makeup, holding glowing synth-sticks.

hotel n'vy restaurant trilby menu

Time for dinner at the hotel’s Restaurant Trilbynamed after the fedora hat worn by many artists. I began with the limited-edition fall cocktail, a bowl of warm spices like cinnamon and cloves.

To start, we ate up every bite of the salmon tartar with mango, and scallops and leeks ravioli. The European fine-dining menu included steaks and sole meuniere, paired with outstanding French wines. We finished up with chocolate fondant and pear chocolate tart, two superbly made desserts.

Jet d'Eau giant geneva fountain

We walked off the meal with a stroll around Lake Geneva. It’s impossible to miss the Jet d’Eau. First installed in 1886, the fountain launches 500 liters of water per second, to the height of 140 meters (460 feet).

geneva historic fountains

Geneva is filled with stately fountains and classic architecture. We enjoyed strolling through this park on the way to St Pierre Cathedral.

club fashion burning man backpack light up

I leave you with a final glowing shot of my Cyberdog backpack. Merci Hotel N’vY for the arty, cozy, trendy stay in the heart of Genève.

How about you; what do you have in your winter wardrobe? Don’t forget to take a minute to watch my footage from the Dance with the Dead concert, and the Cyberdog video that went viral.