Blogger (Japan, travel, fashion, subcultures).
Travel TV host & arranger (Food Network, Discovery, Nat Geo).
Author (Random House, Penguin).
Journalist (CNN, Huffington Post, Business Insider). 

“Adorable, in a somewhat bizarre way.” - The New Yorker

(La Carmina has) “beauty, grace, intelligence and can speak with authority on many subjects.”
“If you don’t subscribe to this woman’s Facebook, blog, and Twitter feeds you are really missing out, kids.”

- Andrew Zimmern (TV host, Bizarre Foods)

harajuku hairstyle, jpop makeup

Watch La Carmina's TV hosting reel: Travel Channel, National Geographic, Food Network, Discovery, CNN, NHK and more.

Press coverage
includes Travel + Leisure, Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Cosmopolitan, The New Yorker, Washington Post, Vogue, The Guardian, various magazine covers (see below).

Sponsored travel & press trips include Dubai, Cape Town, Thailand, Israel, Jordan, Maldives, Maui, Macau, Miami, Mexico, Montreal, Japan, Hong Kong, Prague, Germany, Budapest, Croatia.

Speeches and appearances include: Hong Kong Social Media Week, New York fashion week, Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference, Luisaviaroma Firenze4Ever (for top style bloggers), Mediabistro Social Curation Summit, PRSA Travel & Tourism Conference, Guest of Honor at numerous anime conventions (Las Vegas Animegacon, California Ani-Jam, etc).

Travel & press trip partners include: international tourism bureaus (Bangkok, Israel, Japan etc). Hotels and apartment rental companies (Roomorama, Fairmont, Kimpton, Sofitel). Transport services (Eurail), fashion brands (Nanette Lepore) and many more.

Contact La Carmina for TV / personal appearance inquiries, sponsorships, advertising and other collaborations.

La Carmina, lacarmina blog, top fashion bloggers, best fashion blogs, gothic model

BIOGRAPHY: La Carmina is a prominent Japan & alternative fashion/art/travel/cultures blogger, international TV host, author of 3 books (Penguin USA and Random House), coolhunter, and journalist for Business Insider, CNN Travel, and AOL / Huffington Post.

TV HOST: La Carmina has appeared on NBC "The Today Show" and CBS "The Doctors", and co-hosted the Japan episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern for Travel Channel, which airs in 75 countries. NHK Japan filmed 2 documentaries about her work, including "Kawaii TV." Recent presenting and arranging credits include Food Network "World's Weirdest Restaurants", Discovery Channel & Science "Oddities," Fuel TV, National Geographic "Taboo", Pro Sieben Germany, Dutch Pepsi, Sony Australia, Pro Sieben Germany, Canal Plus France, Norway TV, CNN, Mexico Tourism Board and more. (View her presenting reels below and here.)

TRAVEL SHOW:  La Carmina and her professional film team shoot episodes for her ongoing series, about youth culture, underground fashion and trends around the world. Episodes include Budapest, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Israel, Portland. Her travel videos air on AOL / Huffington Post Travel and Business Insider, where they reach an huge travel audience (500,000+ views each).

COOLHUNTER & PRODUCTION ARRANGER: She runs a trend consulting / TV hosting and arranging company: La Carmina & The Pirates. The crew specializes in Cool Japan, cosplay, Goth, fashion, music, art and youth subcultures. (See television resume and hire the Pirates.)

BLOGGER & JOURNALIST: Her popular blog has been featured in major publications (The New Yorker, Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, LA Times). She is a travel and pop culture journalist for Business Insider, CNN, Huffington Post & AOL Travel, and has her own column in the Chinese in-flight magazine, Hong Kong Express Airways. La Carmina has a large, passionate online following, and was twice invited to Luisaviaroma's Italy event for the world's top fashion bloggers. She was a guest at NY Fashion Week, where she sat front row. Speeches include IFB conference, Hong Kong Social Media Week, Mediabistro social curation summit, PRSA Travel and Tourism Conference.

AUTHOR: Her 3 books include Cute Yummy Time (about decorating food to look adorable - Penguin USA) and Crazy, Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo (maid cafes, cat cafes, vampire and ninja restaurants - Random House).

EDUCATION: Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, La Carmina is a summa cum laude graduate of Columbia University and Yale Law School.

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AUTHOR (illustrator & photographer) - I wrote three books about Japanese pop culture and food, for major publishers. These include:

(Perigee/Penguin USA, Oct 09) is a “kawaii” (think Hello Kitty) cookbook that brings the recent trend of personified bento boxes to an American palate. It features four-color photos and my adorable anime drawings. Major US cities book tour; appeared on The Today Show.

(Mark Batty/Random House, Sept 09) is an eye-popping visual tour of Tokyo's kitschiest theme restaurants. This hardcover is packed with my color photography.

I'm represented by NYC literary agency Levine Greenberg, home to Chuck Klosterman and The Onion.

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- I'm a featured writer for AOL (America Online) and Huffington Post (Travel, Arts, Weird News). My work is posted and promoted on the front pages, and social networks.
- I write a column for every issue of UO, the in-flight magazine of Hong Kong Express Airways, reaching a huge audience of Chinese travelers.
- I am a contributor for CNN Travel / CNNGo, an Asia lifestyle/travel website launched by CNN. Read all my articles about Asia pop culture here.
- I'm a travel journalist for Business Insider, specializing in videos and slideshows of worldwide trends. Each of my travel video episodes gets hundreds of thousads of views. Eg: my Dubai coverage got 500,000 views.
- As a professional blogger, TV / video host and journalist, I'm flown worldwide for international press trips and shoots. View my travel guides and resume.

travel journalist, write for huffington post, business insider, cnn travel.

My professional filmmakers and I shoot a travel video series internationally, which I host, arrange and script. Episode locations include Bratislava, Berlin, Leipzig, Cape Town, Miami, Montreal, Maldives, Dubai, Hong Kong and Maui. These blogs, videos, slideshows and articles are published on Huffington Post and Business Insider - our videos reach 500,00+ views.


Sample travel episode: Maldives video, featuring a 5-star resort. 


I do all the writing and web/graphic design for my top-ranked alternative / Japanese fashion, travel & pop culture blog, which has been featured in The New Yorker, Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, New York Times and other major publications. (See Press section for more.) I was one of the world's top fashion bloggers to be flown to LuisaViaRoma's event in Italy, in 2011 and 2012. Worldwide press trips have included Macau, NY Fashion Week, Europe, Florida, Israel, Jordan, Hawaii and Mexico.


LA CARMINA = Travel, culture, Japan TV hosting reel
My television appearances include CNN, Bizarre Foods on Travel Channel, NHK, NRK Norway, Dutch Pepsi, NBC Today Show.
I run a Japanese alt / trend consulting business: La Carmina & The Pirates. Services include translating, connecting, production arranging & hosting for TV crews, especially in Tokyo, Portland, Vancouver, Hong Kong.

Details and how to hire us: http://www.lacarmina.com/pirates

la carmina, tv host, travel tv hosting, tv presenting, lacarmina, gyaru hair, maid cafes, bob blumer

La Carmina appears as an expert guide to bizarre cafes and Japanese culture on Food Network TV show "World's Weirdest Restaurants." She and Naomi Rubin were the Tokyo fixers (translators, location scouts, local production coordinators) for all 14 Japan episodes.

See the Food Network video clips below and here. More photos from the shoot here.

local news eyewitness report, interview witness tv

La Carmina starred in the Vancouver episode of hit German TV show, Joko vs Klaas (Circus HalliGalli, broadcast in late 2013 on Pro Sieben). The Pirates fully came up with the concept for the episode and arranged it. La Carmina is Joko's travel guide to British Columbia... but then forces him to get his lips sewn together, by a body modification artist! Watch the clip below and here.

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La Carmina was a guest on The Doctors! The hit CBS daytime TV show, which tackles medical and health topics, has 14 million viewers per week and airs in USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, Sweden and Finland.

She discusses bagel heads (Japan saline forehead inflation) with all four doctors and Roseanne Barr, presidential candidate and comedian. Watch the clip below and see more photos on her blog.

Her company arranged 4 TV shows about the Japan bagel-head or donut-head body modification, including National Geographic Taboo. Click for more on bagelheads & to work with us.

Her friend John, featured in National Geographic's Taboo episode (which the Pirates arranged) calls in as well. The Drs bagelhead episode is called "Health Dilemmas Caught on Tape" and aired Wednesday, October 24.

la carmina oddities tv, obscura, tv show host, guest, oddities, science channel, discovery tv

La Carmina guest-starred on the hit Discovery Channel / Science TV Show, Oddities. In Season 4, Episode 11 "The Mummy Returns," she visits Obscura Antiques and falls for a giant elk head that reminds her of home. View photos and clips on her blog, and below.

today show guest la carmina, food demo, cute bento boxes character bentos

LaCarmina was a guest on The Today Show to promote her book Cute Yummy Time (published by Penguin)

Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods Vancouver, Canada, tv host

She co-hosted the Tokyo episode of Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World, which airs on Travel Channel and in 75 countries (details here.) She and her Goth friends drink red slush out of a mannequin’s head and eat “Russian Roulette” takoyaki behind the bars a jail cell. See CNN coverage and blog posts about La Carmina's TV gig.

Video clip of La Carmina's segment on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (Travel Channel).

LA CARMINA & TOKYO SPOOKS ON TRAVEL CHANNEL TV PROMO, ANTHONY BOURDAIN NO RESERVATIONS! tv show travel, special documentary, paris episode bourdain, france traveling suggestions, JAPANESE PIRATE HAT, SKULL CROSSBONES BOTTLES. Pirate wine alcohol, japanese girl, kawaii cute, tv show travel, bourdain 100th episode anniversary, special no reservations show, japan episodes

La Carmina was featured in a promo spot for Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations 100th episode. It aired for a week on Travel Channel (Sept 2010). View it here.

FUEL TV, STRANGERS IN DANGER: JAPAN EPISODE. BMX CATFISH & ROOFTOP GET FOREHEAD SALINE INJECTIONS, DONUT HEADS. TOKYO strangers in danger, fuel tv, national geographic, discovery, friends and pro BMX’ers, Mike

Carmina appeared on Strangers in Danger, a travel challenge show airing on Fuel TV, Discovery and National Geographic. Her company fixed (location-scouted and arranged) the Japan episode, and she's on-screen as the subculture guide, next to BMX stars Rooftop and Catfish.

NHK KAWAII TV VIDEO CLIP: LA CARMINA, 東京カワイイ tv, BEST TOKYO GOTH CUTE FASHION STORES & CLUBS! CLOSET CHILD ADDRESS, SAGAMI-ONO. nhk kawaii television, closet child map, closet child secondhand store, used gothic lolita clothes, shopping map japan, new closet child location, JAPANESE GOTH INDUSTRIAL MUSIC DJS, BANDS, CLUB NIGHT: MIDNIGHT MESS. NHK TV DOCUMENTARY FILMING, GOTHIC LIFESTYLE. tv casting, filming in tokyo japan, shinjuku club marz, goth clubs, dark culture, ebm, techno party, rave, hard rock, metal, punk, subculture style, goth fashion, japanese style, cute japanese girls

La Carmina was the subject of a 30-minute episode of NHK Kawaii TV. The popular program, airing on Japan’s national broadcaster, covers cute Japanese fashion, trends and people.  (See photos from the TV shoot. Watch the video here.)

CNN travel tv show in tokyo, cnn INTERNATIONAL & CNNGO TV crew: TOKYO GOTH FASHION DESIGNER KENZO-A, TAKUYA ANGEL HARAJUKU SHOP, kenzo stigmata rituals gothic fashion show, la carmina, little cake lolita hat, agent lover, pretty lolita girls, japanese harajuku street style book

La Carmina was the guide to Harajuku fashion in CNNGo's Tokyo TV episode. She interviewed designer Kenzo-A for a story that aired a dozen times on CNN International.
More photos here; view clip below and here.

laforet harajuku outside department store, japanese kids v-fingers posing, TOKYO TRAVEL TV SHOOT HOSTING & ARRANGING: DUTCH PEPSI. SEGA GAME CENTER, HARAJUKU FASHION GUIDE, japan youth clothing fashion expert, street style, weird japan, crazy japanese activities, takeshita doori, television filming movie, netherlands, bo jeuken, watkijkjij videos netherlands, strange traveling

La Carmina was the fixer (local production coordinator) and subject of several web episodes for a Pepsi Netherlands campaign (shot in Tokyo, August 2010).
The first video is here and below.

TOQUE DE TOKYO, ANTOINE DE CAUNES JAPON DOCUMENTAIRE: CANAL PLUS. FRENCH TRAVEL TV SHOW, CO-HOSTED BY LA CARMINA. CANAL + DOCUMENTARY WITH Eurotrash host, peter stuart, tv programmes, tour à Tokyo, rapido television, japanese fashion style, pop culture, weird japan, tv show, documentaire, tv host, CUTE, SEXY JAPANESE GIRLS lolita dress. travel show host

TOQUE DE TOKYO, ANTOINE DE CAUNES JAPON DOCUMENTAIRE: CANAL PLUS. FRENCH TRAVEL TV SHOW, CO-HOSTED BY LA CARMINA. CANAL + DOCUMENTARY WITH Eurotrash host, peter stuart, tv programmes, tour à Tokyo, rapido television, japanese fashion style, pop culture, weird japan, tv show, documentaire, tv host, CUTE, SEXY JAPANESE GIRLS lolita dress. travel show host

Co-host of Canal Plus France 90 minute documentary about Tokyo subcultures, with the famous Antoine de Caunes of Eurotrash. (Aired November 2010; clips below and here). She spoke French in the program.

Cafe Bar Pray, akiba maid cafes, angel demons cosplay costumes, pretty japanese maids, japanese subcultures, otaku, akihabara, cute maids, meido, japan girls young sweet, best maid cafes tokyo japan, ari behn, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, ARI OG PER, tv show hosts male, PRINCE OF NORWAY. travel host tv, Ari og Per NRK, Per Heimly. Prince of Norway, NRK Programmer, famous Norwegians, travel tv show, european tv hosts, japanese pop culture, weird japan

Tokyo host of NRK Norway TV show, Ari og Per (clips below and here), about host boy culture and clubs. It starred the Prince of Norway, and won the Gullruten, the Norwegian Grammy award!

two tims travel show australia, sony tv, roam, la carmina maid outfit, cosplay

She was the on-camera guide to Tokyo pop culture and made arrangements for National Geographic / Sony Australia travel TV show, "Roam," hosted by the Two Tims.

Subject of NHK Japan 20-minute documentary "New York Wave" (for Japanese national TV station). La Carmina taught Harlem students how to make healthy, cute bentos.

La Carmina has a popular YouTube Partner channel with thousands of subscribers.
View her TV presenting reel here.

la carmina face

+ Columbia University, BA (summa cum laude/Phi Beta Kappa/Global Scholar, graduated in 3 years)
+ Yale Law School, JD


Music - Italo Disco, 80s Goth, synth, darkwave, Visual Kei (Japanese glam/hard rock).

Films - Japanese & Korean horror, Tim Burton films, The Pirates: Band of Misfits.

Fashion - Goth, Art Nouveau, Victorian, Rococo, Japanese Gothic Lolita (h. NAOTO, Black Peace Now, Algonquins). (See more favorite brands on my blog and view my clothing line.)

Art- Alphonse Mucha (Art Nouveau Absinthe)

Food - Anything that's cute! Read more about my book "Cute Yummy Time"

Hobbies - Coolhunting, underground youth travel (especially in Asia), nightcrawling at Goth/fetish parties, making YouTube videos with my spooky friends

Inspiration - My Scottish Fold cat Basil Farrow (visit his blog) and add us on Google Plus.

scottish fold bowtie, bow tie cat

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