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New York City’s Most Instagrammable Places! One World Observatory, SuperReal immersive art, Yotel NYC robot hotel.

one world observatory wtc world trade center view

The Pet Shop Boys knew what they were talking about when they sang: “New York City boy… You’ll never have a bored day!”

I’ve spent so much time in NYC over the years (including living there for a few) that going back feels like a homecoming. There are always innovative new exhibitions, and landmarks I never got around to checking out.

Read on for my 2021 guide to New York’s art and travel attractions, including the most Instagrammable spots in the city. Such as One World Observatory (I’ll never grow bored of this view from the deck)…

a tim burton film dress goth tank top fantasy immersive exhibit

… and the trippy SuperReal immersive projections at Cipriani 25 Broadway. (I flew to NYC in late July to report on culture in the city. As you can see, I kept as safe as possible, staying away from crowds and masking indoors.)

yotel new york city hotel robot luggage machine ny

And leave it to me to find Mr. Roboto. Read on for a peek inside my stay at Yotel New York, a sci-fi space hotel with a luggage “Yobot” robot!

one world trade center skyscraper highrise

Let’s take it from the top: I went to the southern end of Manhattan to ascend One World Trade Center. Also known as the Freedom Tower, the skyscraper soars up from the former site of the World Trade Towers, and stands next to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

One WTC was designed by architect David Childs, and completed in 2013. It is currently the tallest building in the United States and the Western Hemisphere, and the sixth tallest in the world.

Roberto Cavalli snake sunglasses RC 1047 CHIANCIANO serpent eyewear

Photographer Joey Wong and I were keen to take in the sky-high views from One World Observatory, located on the top levels of the skyscraper.

(It was bright up there, so I wore these exact Roberto Cavalli snake sunglasses. They’re the RC 1047 Chianciano oversize frames, with gold serpents on the sides!)

One WTC nyc tallest building in the United States

Travel these days requires a fair amount of planning, as many attractions require advance bookings and have limited time slots. Tickets to One WTC Observatory are available online, with various options including skip-the-line VIP passes. 

Address and directions: While the building address is 285 Fulton Street, note that the doors to the Observatory are on West Street between Fulton and Vesey Streets. Once inside, go down the escalator to find the entrance.

new york fashion blogger viewpoints panoramas outfit instagrammable locations

From the enormous windows of One World Observatory, New York City looks miniscule. I was reminded of the Jigsaw disco song “Sky High” — as they sang, “We could have touched the sky.”

The tower has a three-story observation deck, located on floors 100–102.

One World Observatory - The Highest Point in NYC elevator video

Visitors ride the SkyPod elevators, which climb up 102 stories in only 47 seconds, reaching top speeds of 36.5 km per hour! (And there was no ear-popping or discomfort.) During the swift ride, we saw video footage of the transformation of New York City from unsettled land to a metropolis of skyscrapers.

360 degree view top of One World Trade Center

When you step out of the elevator, you’re greeted by a visual show that ends with a rising curtain, revealing the magnificent views from One WTC.

Then, you’re free to wander around the circular observatory, and take in views from several floors. Here’s one of my favorite perspectives: you can see Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and 8 Spruce Street (the rectangular tower in the center). Formely known as the Beekman Tower, this iconic 76-story skyscraper was designed by architect Frank Gehry.

top best instagram spots nyc new york city influencers

And can you recognize the tiny figure, outside these picture windows? That’s the Statue of Liberty, raising her green torch over Liberty Island.

one wtf Freedom Tower views observatory tickets entry

Architecture buffs like myself will enjoy peering out the glass, and spotting famous NYC buildings. In the center, you might recognize the 1913 Woolworth Building, which towers 60 stories above downtown Manhattan. It was financed by millionaire Frank Woolworth, and designed by Cass Gilbert.

new york instagrammable places photogenic spots instagrammer

New York City has other observation points and decks, including the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, and The Edge at Hudson Yards. One World has by far the highest viewpoint, providing plenty of opportunities for Instagram-friendly photos like this.

best viewpoints observatories nyc view from top rock

Every ticket option to One World gives you access to these stunning 360° views. However, the VIP pass has benefits including access to the priority lane for security, elevator, and exit. You’ll also get a Flexible Arrival time, so there’s no stress about making a specific timeslot.

roberto cavalli serpent snake gold sunglasses bulgari bvlgari serpenti glasses

One World’s observation deck is indoors, which was a relief on a hot summer’s day.

nyc view wtc one world trade center height

One of NYC’s most bizarre buildings is the “Jenga tower” on the far left. (The apartment high-rise is actually called 56 Leonard Street in Tribeca.)

one world observatory tickets price discount

Visit One World Observatory for these bird’s-eye views over the Big Apple. More info and tickets on their website.

 World Trade Center complex freedom tower exterior outside

You can also find One WTC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (And don’t miss out on the nearby September 11 museum and memorial pools, as well as the subway station designed by Santiago Calatrava.)

The SuperReal Experience cipriani broadway nyc

Now, for something new in New York. I dove into a dream world of moving projections at The SuperReal Experience, a 45-minute experience that pays tribute to the city.

japanese asian girl wearing facemask mask masked japan style goth gothic

These immersive digital shows are an exciting new way to experience art (I’ve seen a few worldwide, including Teamlabs Tokyo and Imagine Van Gogh Vancouver). The lighting and visual effects are constantly changing, creating new moods for photography.

Cipriani 25 Broadwa architecture italian neo-renaissance dome

SuperReal is located at Cipriani 25 Broadway, inside the former Cunard Building. The event space has decadent Italian neo-renaissance domes and arches, which provide a framework for the projection mapping.

Cipriani super real immersive experience art

Look up, and all around you — including the floor. SuperReal uses every inch as a canvas for digital effects.

nyc cipriani video light projections art installation

One corner of SuperReal has a bar. Lie down on one of the beanbag chairs, and sip on a drink. If you’re feeling playful, you can bounce the white balloons around the venue.

super real new york immersive digital art exhibition

Music and sound effects accompany the visuals. The vibe constantly changes with each “dream,” from psychedelic 90s to dark thunder and lightning.

japanese teamlab nyc tour digital projection art girl influencer

I wore “A Tim Burton Film” dress from Forest Ink — appropriate, for this fantastical atmosphere!

cipriani 25 broadway events rent event space nyc

The projection mapping encompasses the entire 12,000 square foot grand hall of Cipriani 25 Broadway.

influencer instagram museums nyc creators new york city

I loved how SuperReal highlighted the building’s majestic architecture, creating virtual realms that blur the lines between reality and illusion.

cipriani broadway 25 light show neon

The original art is accompanied by 360 degrees surround sound. My favorite part: when they blasted Sylvester’s disco hit, “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real).”

tim burton girl outfit dress gothic grunge creators influencers models

Amazing how the high-tech moving visuals exactly match the interior details.

trippy nyc art exhibits events 2021

From Art Deco to decadent flowers, the mood keeps on shifting.

superreal immersive visual art show reviews

Head to the historic 25 Broadway in NY’s Financial District, to see these superb visuals in motion. You can book a time-slot ticket to The SuperReal Experience here.

yotel nyc midtown logo sign outside exterior

Finally, a “Yo” to the aliens… I had a blast staying at Yotel New York, a hotel inspired by outerspace! (I hope there’s a press trip to space in my future.)

Yotel NY has a convenient mid-town Manhattan location (not far from 42nd Street Port Authority), and the spaceship design is prime for photo-taking.

yotel new york city hallway rooms review space hotel

Yotel has a sleek modern design, and the rooms are affordable. The NY hotel has 713 “cabins,” and the hallways made me feel like I was a passenger on a rocket to Mars. (Wearing Sleevey Wonders under sleeves as a top.)

yotel new york art sculpture deer lobby reviews

I didn’t run into any aliens at Yotel — unless you count the two grinning, horned “deer” statues in the lobby!

computer check in space futuristic hotel yotel new york city

Everything at Yotel has a high-tech design. Guests check themselves in at the computer kiosks; it’s a simple process that only takes two minutes, and includes creating your own room key.

yobot yotel luggage storage robot robotic arm

Instead of a “lobby boy,” Yotel has a giant white robot to carry and store your luggage! The Yobot’s arm can handle 500 pounds, and maneuver hundreds of suitcases a day.

yotel ny robot butler yobot space hotels

Using the touch screen computer, you can have the Yobot store your bags in an assigned locker. All you need is the receipt with a bar code to get them back.

yotel vengo machine vending machine

Even the vending machines have a futuristic edge. This Vengo dispenser is the size of a picture frame, yet contains items like toiletries and headphones. You can purchase them from the touch-screen with cashless payment.

ny pod hotel space cabins yotel rooms retractable bed

Yotel NYC’s rooms are ingeniously designed like space-cabins to save space. The shelving is built-in, and the flat bed retracts into a sofa with the push of a button!

yotel new york location mid-town manhattan hotels

The Yotel room pods are designed for maximum compactness, yet you have everything you need for an enjoyable stay — including views of Midtown from the window.

futuristic modern space themed hotel yotel ny cabin spaceship room

There’s even a neon lighting option, to get you in the mood for an intergalactic disco party! Such a fun stay, at Yotel NYC. 

long birds kimono japanese vintage jacket coat

I leave you with some NYC subway outfit photos. Wearing a vintage Japanese kimono jacket / coverup from Burcu’s Angels Vancouver.

new york subway outfit fashion instagrammer instagram influencer

Tim Burton dress from Forest Ink. Anastasia liquid lipstick has been my go-to, as the lip stain stays on when you’re wearing a mask.

top rock grunge edgy fashion blogger, style instagram

Do you have any favorite Instagrammable spots in New York City? (I’ve been living in these Roberto Cavalli snake sunglasses.)

More from NYC to come, including reviews of museums and art shows. And you can enjoy my previous New York travel stories here!


Our TV show Satanic Show + Tell premieres Aug 1, on The Satanic Temple TV! First guest: Evan Michelson of Oddities.

the satanic temple television program Satanic Show + Tell host

As summer 2021 heats up, I have a fiery announcement… I have a web television show coming out August 1, on The Satanic Temple TV

“Satanic Show + Tell” was created by me and my co-host Dr. John Skutlin, and produced by William Morrison (of Ogre / Skinny Puppy, and executive producer of TSTTV).

♥ If you’re keen to see our show, please support by sharing this article — we really appreciate it! ♥

satanic tv hosts la carmina dr john skutlin tsttv

In each episode of “Satanic Show + Tell,” John and I interview notable guests about their rare Satanic objects. We hold in-depth discussions about their most delightfully devilish possessions, from Devilman guitars to pentagram jewelry.

evan michelson oddities discovery science tv show host star

We’re thrilled to the bones to share our first SS+T episode with you…. starring Evan Michelson, who you may know from the Discovery / Science Channel TV program, “Oddities!” 

For a sneak peek, see our Satanic Show + Tell intro teaser here. (Music by GPK Gothique Prince Ken.) Episode 1 comes out August 1, 2021.

cute kawaii satan puppet satanic temple toy plush

John, William and I have been having a hell of a time filming “Satanic Show + Tell” remotely over the past months, via Zoom. (I even created a kawaii Satan hand-puppet for Evan’s episode!)

We though the format of the program was particularly apt for these times, as it lets us connect with likeminded friends worldwide, and get an inside peek at their darkest collections.

evan michelson oddities satan puppet antique vintage devil

Here’s a screencap from our premiere episode with Evan Michelson (@evanobscura Instagram).

She gives us a tour of her home’s cabinet of curiosities, and tells the fascinating tales behind her Satanic collectibles — such as this scowling antique puppet. We also hear about her new oddities store, Obscura West in Lambertsville, NJ, which I can’t wait to visit.

the satanic temple tv station tst television episodes

Please take a moment to see the trailer of Satanic Show + Tell (on The Satanic Temple TV), and mark your calendars for the August 1 drop! 

So far, we’ve shot 6 episodes and our show guests include:

Keroppy Maeda, Japanese body modifications expert (bagelheads)
Family of Kirk Hammett of Metallica – Trevor White gives a tour of his classic horror/sci fi collections
Evan Michelson and Ryan Matthew Cohn of Oddities, TV show on Discovery Channel
Alex Streeter, pentagram Angel Heart ring designer
– Rhys Dawney, designer of Long Clothing / Boy London

neon pink mongolian lamb fur coat

The secret is out… “Get ready to pour yourself a libation of choice and settle down with some truly interesting individuals and their insights into all things dark and Satanic. Our first episode with Evan Michelson of Oddities airs on The Satanic Temple TV on Lughnasadh (August 1)!”

Click above and here to see the trailer for Satanic Show + Tell — the new television series on The Satanic Temple TV, created and hosted by La Carmina and Dr John Skutlin, and produced by William Morrison.

Description: “Show us, I pray thee, thy gory possessions!” Join award-winning Goth journalist / TV host La Carmina (@lacarmina) and cultural anthropologist Dr. John Skutlin (@drjohnskutlin) as they interview notable guests about their unusual Satanic possessions. In each entertaining episode, the prominent guest “shows” rare devilish objects – from Art Nouveau vampire statues to Japanese demon masks – and “tells” the fascinating, morbid stories behind them.

WATCH our new show on The Satanic Temple TV!

the satanic temple girl woman bipoc asian satanists color

Hail to everyone who made Satanic Show + Tell possible, and for your kind support in getting the word out! 

To celebrate the big news, I thought I’d release some bonus photos taken during my Millie Magazine shoot.

vancouver chinatown modeling asian canadian actress fashion model

We had fun shooting in Chinatown Vancouver. I’m wearing a pink Mongolian wool coat by Skandinavik Fur (the sheep are only sheared and not harmed), and pumpkin-faced stockings by UK Tights.

canadian asian model influencer instagrammer vancouver bc fashion blogger

Ready to be admitted to the Chinese Seniors Center… I’m wearing these exact black platform boots: Jeffrey Campbell Mexique shoes, click link for details.

e-girl makeup egirl eyeshadow hair eyelashes

My makeup for the shoot was by my longtime collaborator, Artist Jennifer Little — we’ve worked together on several magazine covers! Much of my makeup, including the mascara, brow pomade and liquid lipstick, is by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

My Harajuku-Goth hair is by Chad Mitchell Evans of BlameChad, who is brilliant with color and alternative styling.

vancouver chinatown lion statues british columbia lions

If I can’t be in Asia anytime soon, I can at least hang out with the lion guardians of Vancouver, BC’s Chinatown. These two white stone lion statues flank either side of the Millennium Gate.

vancouver instagram murals backdrops chinatown cute colorful wall art

There’s a large Asian population in Vancouver, so you’ll find plenty of kawaii pop culture around the city, including this colorful wall art.

lion statues vancouver bc chinatown gate

Wearing a vintage coat, Jeremy Scott leather mini skirt, and Forest Ink cutaway top.

pink purple hair gothic japanese kawaii hairstyle

I got this shearling coat in London years ago. It reminds me of the Almost Famous jacket.

pink mongolian lamb fur coat shaggy colorful jacket

Pink furry coat by Skandinavik, Halloween stockings by UK Tights, boots are Jeffrey Campbell Mexique (click to get).

miffy bunny face bag kawaii designer character bags purses

One day, I will turn into my final form: Miffy the bunny.

chinatown vancouver bc historic locations buildings

Founded in the 1880s, Vancouver’s Chinatown is now the largest in Canada, and one of the biggest in the world. Stroll around to see vibrant storefronts, architecture, food shops and more.

vancouver makeup artist jennifer little artistry blanche macdonald

Had to capture this makeup by Artist Jennifer Little, and hair by BlameChad.

vancouver quirky weird bizarre offbeat places travel

If I could teleport anywhere, I’d go to Japan and Hong Kong…

miffy bunny rabbit purse sanrio designer luxury bags

Hail Miffy, the original kawaii character.

pumpkin face halloween tights legwear goth spooky

Close-up on my black leather ankle boots: they’re Jeffrey Campbell Mexique, found here.

vancouver influencers celebrities popular instagram celebs bc

May the stone lion protectors keep us safe in this unstable world…

la carmina face closeup portrait stephen einhorn pearl earrings hoops

Closeup on my pearl hoop earrings by Stephen Einhorn; Aphrodite skull and Sailor Moon rings by Sapphire Studios.

vancouver portrait photography model outfit fashion shoots

I hope you enjoyed this fashion series! I was just in NYC, and shot many new outfits there… I’ll share the images with you soon, and you can see previews on @lacarmina Instagram.

satanic show and tell tv show evan michelson oddities host star

And please mark down August 1 — we’ll be releasing Ep 1 of our Satanic Show + Tell TV series, with guest Evan Michelson! (For now, check out the trailer on TST TV.)

day dead skulls colorful rainbow mexican sugar skull

In each episode, we interview guests from a variety of expert backgrounds (fashion, music, history) about their dark and devilish possessions. John and I also show and tell a belonging of our own, such as a sugar skull that I picked up in Mexico City.

mexican devil demon mask horns mexico satan

Honored to have Evan Michelson be our very first guest! You may remember that I appeared on an Oddities episode with her, and we were in Mexico together on a Day of the Dead trip — where I found these Mexican demon and skull masks above.

time magazine world's greatest places cover 2021 travel issue article osaka japan

In journalism news: I’m delighted to share that I have a byline in Time Magazine… I wrote a travel article about Osaka, Japan, highlighting the new Universal Studios Nintendo World!

You can read my Time Mag article here, and get it in print on newsstands now. (It is the TIME World’s Greatest Places 2021 issue.)

la carmina age twitter lacarmina instagram facebook depop goth fashion blog travel hair

♥ If you’re keen to see our new TV show, please support by sharing this article and Satanic Show + Tell trailer.— we really appreciate it! It debuts August 1st on The Satanic Temple TV. Thank you!