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Art Nouveau Disco Goth! Rebelicious Magazine cover: Angelica Brigade hair flowers, Vaute Couture dresses.

rebelicious magazine, goth cover model

While I was in Portland, I did something special… I shot a cover and spread for Rebelicious Magazine! It’s an honor to be the face of their winter issue, which came out today.

There’s more happy news: my Budapest travel video and slideshow are published here on Business Insider, and the reaction is huge — 150,000 views and counting! I hope you’ll take a minute to watch, and that you’ll enjoy the photos below.

la carmina modeling

My team and I took these images in Portland, Oregon, mainly around Steel Bridge. I love shooting outdoors in different cities, as I feel these types of photos best convey the feeling of a place.

alternative model, goth girl

All of the magazine photography is by Melissa Rundle and Eric Bergemann, who are also my travel filmmakers. So far, we’ve filmed in Budapest, Maldives, Mexico, Hawaii, Belgrade and more! (You can see all videos on my YouTube channel.)

First Mate Naomi Rubin took behind-the-scenes and additional photos, which I’ll share in an upcoming post.

blue hair, turquoise hair color

Aren’t these velvet dresses adorable? They were lent to me by Vaute Couture, an eco-conscious and vegan fashion label. The latest collection is inspired by Sailor Moon — the Jpop colors and cute cuts were a perfect fit for me.

You can purchase this Kristina dress, a Constellation dress and more from Vaute Couture’s website.

hair flower accessories

My silk flower hair accessories were created by hand, by Angelica Brigade.

goth makeup, lipstick

The accessories can be pinned or clipped on, and arranged in any way — including stacking them to make a flower crown. Angelica Brigade customized the colors to match my new hair!

flower crown, japanese fashion

Speaking of — my mermaid hair color is the work of Stephanie Hoy of Avant Garde Hair in Vancouver. The ombre effect is a combination of turquoise, blue and dark purple.

harajuku hair, goth model

My coat is a disco-pimp dream, isn’t it? It’s vintage Alan Cherry (Toronto designer brand), from Portland store Hattie’s. Once I saw the long white leather panels and faux-fur trim, I had to have it.

The cut-out black boots are Yosuke, from Marui One Shinjuku

la carmina fashion blogger

My makeup is 100% Annabelle Cosmetics, a Canadian company. I’ve been wearing them the entire time in Portland.

alternative gothic magazine cover

As you might know, I’m a big fan of Art Nouveau, and wanted to do a shoot inspired by this aesthetic.

faux fur purple scarf

My take on the dreamy, floral world of the Mucha ladies. (Remember when I saw his Art Nouveau exhibit in Tokyo?)

portland steel bridge photoshoot

It’s an honor to shoot for Rebelicious Magazine, a publication “for girly girls in a brutal world.” They celebrate alternative style, underground culture and individuality — all things I stand for.

famous goths, celebrity goth

The winter issue features an interview with me, so you’ll have to pick up Rebelicious Magazine here for the full scoop!

white faux fur coat

Which of the two outfits do you prefer? It’s fun to switch up my wardrobe, in order to match my ever-changing hair color.

blue green hair, ombre dyed hairstyle

No animals were harmed to make this faux fur scarf. I got it at Holt Renfrew.

pimp coat, white collar leather coat

Here is the shot that ended up being the magazine cover.

flower clips hair accessories

The back of my Vaute Couture dress has a cut-out star.

vaute couture, designer dresses

Portland’s autumn colors were too gorgeous not to shoot.

twee cute fashion blogger

Lens flare is always welcome, especially when it reflects teal like my dress.

vaute couture fashion, dress

Thanks to Rebelicious Mag and my team for this wonderful project.

japanese street style snap

For behind-the-scenes shots, jump over to Rebelicious’ Facebook page. Don’t forget to read my interview and order a copy of this issue.

PS: My Budapest travel video is released! Watch as I visit hipster bars, rock out at a surreal music festival, and taste Hungarian food. I hope the Mission Impossible running scene makes you smile.

See my shenanigans above and on Business Insider. Thanks to all of you, for making my creative pursuits possible.

Jpop Fruits fashion: street style magazine modeling in Tokyo. Nakano Broadway neighborhood.

bunny ear hoodie, liz lisa dress, alice in wonderland outfit

Guess what — I’ll be in Asia again soon! Can you guess which city? It may not be where you expect… but I promise, there will be lots of cute, poppy street style reports.

I’m already getting into the spirit, as you can tell from the bunny ears. Here are more photos from my Adone Magazine cover shoot in Tokyo a few months ago.

pastel pink hair, pastel hairstyle

I had a great time posing in game centers and anime shops. This geeky neighborhood is Nakano Broadway (do you remember the monster-dancing video Yukiro and I made about it?)

liz lisa my melody dress, gyaru dress, 中野ブロードウェイ

Huge hugs for my Tokyo-based team: photographer Said Karlsson and Hair by Kukukachoo.

They were wonderful to work with; full of creative ideas and energy. The shoot went by fast because we were laughing the entire time! If you’re looking for a professional photographer and hairstylist in Tokyo, I hope you’ll give them a ring (they speak English and Japanese). Take a look at Said’s site to see more of his images and contact info.

shinto gates, torii, mandarake nakano

Are these Shinto torii gates? Nope, this is the entrance to Mandarake, the famous Nakano manga and toy store.

rabbit mural, rainbow graffiti japan

Near the subway tracks, there’s a long mural filled with cute colorful art, such as this bunny. Since I look a bit like Alice in Wonderland, I thought it would be appropriate to chase him.

pink hair extensions, pastel goth hairstyle

I love the pop-rainbow Fruits Magazine feeling of this district. Kukuachoo made these hair extension flowers entirely by hand!

japanese ramen shop, peace now shoes

My pirate creeper shoes and bunny-eared hoodie are by Peace Now, the Japanese alt-Goth brand that is sadly no more.

long white shearling coat, last tango in paris coat

We found a mysterious door, leading to a secret garden.

anime makeup, japanese doll eyes

What lies inside? I’ll never tell…

nakano streets, tokyo street signs

I can’t resist jumping shots. The street filled with signs made the perfect backdrop. When the sun begins to set, the “golden hour” for photography begins.

tokyo model, fruits fashion magazine

My outfit details:
White lace sleeveless dress: Liz Lisa, the gyaru brand
Black booties: Michael Kors
White long coat: Camden Market London.

glowing lanterns, japanese night photography

Me and my lantern. Nothing beats night-time photography in Japan.

bokeh, tokyo night photography

This long, white fuzzy coat is among my favorite wardrobe items. It reminds me of the iconic one worn in the film, Last Tango in Paris.

asian street signs, tokyo fashion snaps

My hair color and personal style are constantly changing… but there’s always some kawaii, underground and J-pop influence in there. You can see my evolution over the years in these photos.

japanese pop star fashion, makeup, hair color

More images from this photoshoot are posted here. What do you think of my pink hair? I only had it like this for a short while because the color washed out quickly..

And where in Asia do you think I will be next? Leave a comment with your best guess!

Ladies of Steampunk magazine cover! Modeling in Japan: two horns hairstyle, leather octopus corset.

ladies of steampunk magazine, steam girl model, japanese model

I’ve adored Steampunk for years, and have exciting news to share. Today, the latest issue of Ladies of Steampunk Magazine is out, with devil-haired Carmina on the cover!

steampunk tokyo japan, steampunk fashion designer

The magazine does a wonderful job of capturing this unique subculture and its fashion. In a six-page feature, they interviewed me about the colorful Japan Steampunk scene, including the groundbreaking party Steam Garden. You can get a digital or print copy here, and see more on their Facebook.

dracula clothing, octopus corset

Can you tell I had fun shooting these photos in Nakano? I worked with the same team that did my Adone Magazine shots: photograher Said Karlsson and hairstylist Kukukachoo.

steampunk skirt, brass clockwork necklace, modeling

Octopus corset: gifted by Dracula Clothing (remember when I visited their steampunk-Victorian showroom in Prague?)
Skull and crossbones necklace: gifted by Ghostlove
Long lace skirt: gifted by Corset Chick

rainbow hair extensions, steam-punk hair style

We enjoyed putting a Japan-anime twist on traditional Steampunk style. Do you like my two-horned hair?

dracula clothing, japanese steampunk, tokyo model

My blue and purple hair extensions are the masterwork of Lulu Kukukachoo, Tokyo-based stylist. She used an ingenious method to create the cone shapes, then twisted and pinned these acrylic hues into place. She’s available for everything from avantgarde styling to basic haircuts, via Hair by Kukukachoo.

steampunk designer, model, lacarmina

It was fun to look for Victorian-esque backdrops around Nakano. This curving gate was a great find.

victorian long skirt, lace black asymmetrical skirt

As was the wooden front of a Japanese restaurant.

steampunk dress, leather corset top

Brown, beige and black graffiti. I like how my hair flips up at the ends.

japanese woodcut, nakano japan

Photographer Said is wonderful to work with; he’s easygoing and has a great feel for shots and lighting. He also runs Tokyo Faces, a street fashion photo-blog with daily photos.

rainbow hair extensions, pink blue hair, steam-punk hair

In my Q&A, I talk about the emerging scene in Japan, led by my friends Kenny Creation and Luke Chaos, who organized the party Steam Garden. Soon, I’ll post photos from their most recent event, which shows the spectrum of steam-punk fashion in Japan (including Lolita versions).

steampunk victorian, clothing, couture

Want to see and learn more? Pick up a copy of the magazine. Thanks to Ladies of Steampunk for the grand honor.

steampunk couture, fashion, clothes, steam-punk

Do you like how I added inspiration from Harajuku style tribes into this outfit? How do you like Steampunk culture and clothing?

Cover of Adone Magazine: Japanese street style issue! Girly gyaru Liz Lisa dress, Peace Now shoes.

adone magazine, street style magazines, japanese fashion snaps

I’m honored to show you my latest photo editorial, which made the cover of Adone Magazine, released today!

Huge hugs for my Tokyo-based team: photos by Said Karlsson and Hair by Kukukachoo.

alternative model, japanese magazines, gyaru fashion, adone

“ADONE presents our newest issue: Street. We explore this theme with content that is original and not mass-produced, with a feature on the Punk style in this year’s Met Gala and an interview with subculture queen, La Carmina.” The issue is available digitally; you can read it via Adone’s website.

nakano, japanese lanterns, tokyo at night

We shot these images in the streets of Nakano, an anime-culture neighborhood that’s a five minute subway ride from Shinjuku. Said’s photography comes to life as the sun is setting, and lanterns are glowing.

White lace dress: Liz Lisa, Japanese gyaru-romantic brand
Black heels: Michael Kors
White long coat: from ages ago, in Camden Market London

alternative hairstylist, colorful hair extensions, tokyo hair stylist

I loved working with Lulu Kukukachoo, a freelance professional hair stylist specializing in avantgarde, extensions and cuts. She made these hair flowers herself, out of colorful acrylic strands! Lulu’s skilled at everything from basic cuts to editorial works of art. If you need a Tokyo hairstylist, I hope you’ll reach out to Hair by Kukukachoo.

(Capturing a natural moment: I’m talking to Seby in these shots above.)

rainbow phone case, kawaii iphone cover

In front of Nakano subway station, north exit, with my ultra-cute Luxy Loli phone case.

japanese game center, crane game machines, nakano broadway

Such fun to shoot in Nakano; there’s anime, manga and video game culture everywhere. I peered into a crane game machine.

nakano anime, manga, game centers, retro video games

We darted into a Broadway retro video game center for this shot. My baby-blue lace dress is Liz Lisa x My Melody, bought in Shinjuku Studio Alta.

tokyo street style photographer, japanese fashion snaps

Lulu took a few behind-the-scenes shots. Said also runs Tokyo Faces, a Japanese street style photo-blog updated daily.

rainbow mural, nakano tokyo wall, tokyo graffiti

The rainbow mural, dotted with animals, made a nice backdrop for this outfit (notice my bunny-eared hoodie, by Peace Now).

peace now japan, rainbow goth, pastel goths

Lacing up my Peace Now pirate creeper shoes. I’m still sad that this Japanese brand closed down.

japanese maneki neko, pachinko parlor, liz lisa dress, my melody, lace girly dress

I leave you with a casual snap with an inflatable maneki neko, outside a Nakano pachinko parlor. Enjoy my full Adone Magazine photos and interview — kudos to my hair and photo team for the beautiful work!

harajuku girls, tokyo crazy clothes, style tribes

PS: arigato to
- Heather On Her Travels, for interviewing me in a travel podcast. I shared my favorite food, activities and tips for visiting Tokyo.
- My Destination for the Big Blogger Interview. We talk about cats, costumes and keeping things cool on the road.
- Style In View, an addictive fashion search engine, for inviting me to curate a vintage alternative collection.

What do you think of my colorful-girly-pop look these days? Did you enjoy these street style images? I’ll post more from this series soon, and unveil yet another magazine cover!