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Health Goth: Farfetch Autumn Winter fashion! My diet & fitness routine, Gothic workout clothes.

round linda farrow philip lim sunglasses

Winter is coming… and autumn has most certainly arrived!

My friends and I love this time of year because we can finally take out our leather jackets, and vamp up our wardrobes with cold-weather accessories such as gloves.

I was excited when Farfetch invited me to create an Autumn / Winter look from their latest collections. This online fashion portal carries an immense selection, including a lot of independent and Japanese designers — and you know I’m all about that.

farfetch autumn winter fashion blogger

I love taking walks outside any time of the year, but there’s a particular joy in crunching through autumn leaves, and breathing in the crisp air. So I thought I’d show you what I wear on one of my outdoor excursions.

In the Farfetch workout essentials section, I found this cut-out Michi top that doubles as a sports bra. It’s perfect for wearing under a leather jacket, and if you start to feel cold, you can simply zip up your coat.

I love these black leggings with white line details — they’re Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto. I usually have a hard time finding activewear that I love, but this Japanese edgy label is right up my alley.

blue studded biker leather jacket

I paired my Gothic activewear with a studded, dark blue leather jacket from Hong Kong. It’s by the brand Bauhaus, which is only found in Asia.

magenta hair color, round hippie linda farrow sunglasses

In the wintertime, it’s still important to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses. The glare from the snow can be blinding, and the harsh weather can dry out and irritate your eyes.

Happily, Farfetch has a treasure-trove selection of sunglasses. I picked out Linda Farrow x Phillip Lim sunglasses: I adore retro accessories, and couldn’t resist these round glam-hippie frames. I also thought the blue color was a nice fit for winter.

moshino leopard print heart gloves

Finally, my hands get cold easily, so I’m always in need of gloves. Many people think of winter accessories as “utility garments,” but why not get something with style?

When I saw these Moschino gloves on Farfetch, I couldn’t resist. The style is 100% “me,” with a red heart, leopard print, and black leather! 

rocker women's biker leather jacket

I hope my outfit post got you inspired to revamp your autumn / winter wardrobe. There’s no need to stick to black colors and boring accessories… have fun with this season!

leather leopard print designer gloves

If you liked these looks, you can get everything I’m wearing (plus much more) on Farfetch. They invite you to share your finds on social media with hashtags #farfetch #myfarfetch.

y-3 adidas leggings, workout pants

During the winter months, you’ll inevitably be spending more time inside.

Instead of seeing this as a negative, I make this an opportunity to re-boot my workouts. Keeping fit also helps me feel energized, even if I’m staying indoors.

michi cut out sports bra

Have you heard of the term Health Goth? The media has been talking about the trend of people wearing black, Gothic-looking activewear. But in fact, this has nothing to do with the subculture, and the sportsgear is still by mainstream brands.

health goth fashion, clothing

Nevertheless, I like the general idea of “health Gothic” — in the sense that you can work out hard, and still dress and feel like yourself. I don’t think any of you could picture me in a pink yoga outfit, right?

I’m wearing black workout leggings with a stripy twist: Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto. They’re functional for all types of fitness activities, and well made so that they won’t thin out or stretch out of shape (two of my pet peeves about leggings).

gothic activewear, workout clothes

This Michi sports cropped top fits my aesthetic perfectly. I’m a big fan of cut-out designs, and the bra has built in support.

I hope these outfit photos give you some ideas for how you too can be Goth at the gym. 

health goth workouts, diet

What type of workout routine do I have? 

When I’m home for an extended period of time, I enjoy taking fitness classes. This month, I did a mix of pilates, yoga, and TRX (a Navy Seal suspension training method that’s brilliant for core).

I also work out on my own. I do bodyweight exercises, videos (such as Tracy Anderson), and high-intensity interval training. I choose cardio that is gentle on the knees, such as sprinting on an elliptical or rebounding on a trampoline. And, as mentioned before, I go on long walks.

designer goth workout fashion, fitness sports bra

Overall, I mix up my workouts and try to maximize efficiency (no moderate chronic cardio for this girl). I focus on exercises that build up my core, flexibility, and balance. This all works toward my goal of “functional” strength and endurance, which helps me on my sometimes grueling travels.

japanese salmon salad

Now, let’s talk about food and diet! When I’m home, I try to eat “clean” about 80% of the time. It’s not complicated: I focus on high quality whole foods (especially organic / grass fed / free range / seasonal / local). Everything is prepared simply (baked, steamed, poached, stir-fried) with simple flavors.

I eat a lot of vegetables, healthy protein and fats, and low-glycemic fruits. I love my raw cheeses and organic plain yogurt / kefir.  I avoid “junk foods” (with chemicals and unrecognizable ingredients), added sugars (including fake sweeteners), and empty carbs / gluten (I stick to brown rice, sweet potatoes etc). The above sashimi salad from Hong Kong’s Sushi To is a great example.

coco ichiban curry restaurant tokyo

However, it’s important to stay flexible, and thoroughly enjoy the other 20%! (Coco Ichiban curry gets a thumb’s up and bow, during our Norway travel TV shoot in Tokyo.)

Now, when I travel, I don’t stick to the 80/20 equation. I consider food to be a huge part of the traveling experience, and eat my fill of local dishes while I’m there. (It’s actually good to mix things up, to avoid having the body adapt and stagnate. You can Google “leptin reset” for more on this phenomenon.)

pompompurin cafe harajuku, cute dog shape pancakes

Eating freely while you’re overseas lets you learn so much about the local culture. I often didn’t realize certain ingredients or dishes existed — or that the Japanese were this creative at cute food design!

Did you enjoy reading about my diet and workout? What do you think of my fall / winter “health Gothic” outfit? 


Morocco art & culture tours with Plan-It Fez: Drum-making workshop in the Medina! Palais Faraj hotel.

fashion blogger morocco door

Those majestic doors can be found nowhere else… We made it to Morocco!

I have to admit: I felt a bit of trepidation before arriving in Fez. I’d heard quite a few stories from travelers who felt uncomfortable in the markets, especially if they were women traveling solo.

It turned out that my experience was the exact opposite. I felt relaxed walking through the souks: nobody bothered my filmmakers and me, or called out comments harsher than “Nice hair!”

I now realize how lucky we were to have Plan-It Fez Tours with us. Thanks to our Arabic-speaking guide, we were able to meet artisans and discover the rich culture of the medina — without ever feeling lost, or at the mercy of touts.

fez morocco archway door

In this photo diary, I’ll expand more on what we did and saw in the Fes medina. And I’ll take you inside Palais Faraj, the most palatial hotel in the city.

old medina rooftops view

This view of the Old City gives you a sense of what it’s like to be in this labyrinthine market: it’s an Aladdin or 1001 Nights fantasy come to life.

Fez (or Fes) was the medieval capital of Morocco, and feels preserved in time. Spice markets, twisting narrow alleys surrounded by high walls, hidden prayer halls, and ornamental doorways add to the mysterious atmosphere.

fez medina blue gate, Bab Boujloud

It’s easy to get lost in the sprawling pathways, so use the Blue Gate (Bab Boujloud) as a landmark. The blue color on one side symbolizes Fez, and the green represents Islam. This area is surrounded by street food stalls and restaurants.

moroccan carpets, market vendors

From the Blue Gate, you can explore the many winding side streets — and maybe take a magic carpet for a ride. 

street art morocco, murals

Let’s go back to the safety question for a moment. I’ve spoken to travellers who had unpleasant experiences in Morocco: scammers would aggressively approach them, try to lead them to dead ends, and even yell or spit at them. My friends Cohica Travel wrote about the difficulties they encountered on their trip (which took place one month after ours).

fez fruit sellers, morocco

I was surprised to hear this, since we felt entirely at ease in Fez’s medina. We were able to browse shops at leisure, and not a single tout came up to us or pressured us into following him.

(If someone comes up to you and offers something, or wants to take you somewhere, just say no immediately and be firm.)

fez headscarves, scarves

Upon reflection, I realize what a difference it made to travel with Plan-It Fez ToursThe business is run by two women, and they specialize in private, custom trips that immerse you into Moroccan food, art and culture. 

Since we had our local guide with us, we never drifted into sketchy areas and the “unsavory characters” left us alone.

old city walls morocco fes

Plan-It Fez took away the stress of watching our backs at all times, meaning we could relax and learn about the rich heritage of the Medina. Their tours are customized for every client, so we got to explore at our own pace, and focus on the topics that interested us the most.

Having a driver and car also meant we didn’t need to worry about Moroccan public transportation, which travelers can find challenging (I’ve heard unpleasant tales of bus and train rides).

long black goth dress, egyptian eye

A note on dress code: Morocco is a Muslim country, and the local women generally wear headscarves and cover their arms and legs. Out of respect, I’d suggest wearing something that at least covers your limbs (I brought a light scarf for my shoulders). At the same time, don’t stress too much about wardrobe, since tourists in revealing outfits are a common sight here.

The weather is almost alway hot, so I recommend wearing a long maxi dress made of lightweight cotton fabric. My outfit is from Pretty Attitude, who also sent me the pentagram swimsuit that I wore in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon!

● Shop my favorite”Rock the Casbah” dresses below:


fez ceramics, painted bowls

Some people assume that a tour takes away from a local experience. That’s not at all the case, with Plan-It Fez. Through their private workshops, we got to meet Moroccan artists, bakers, beauty experts and more — and communicate with them, through our bilingual guide.

plan it fez tours, guides

If we had explored the Medina on our own, we would have never wandered into this workshop — let alone sit down, speak to the artisans, and join in their work!

fez drum making painting workshop

Our guide took us to try a unique activity: a drum-making workshop. We learned how to make traditional Moroccan drums from start to finish, beginning with painting the ceramic jugs in the Berber style…

morocco tannery, animal hides

… then scraping the hides and adding the leather “skin” on top, which is bound in place with needle and thread.

guided cultural tours morocco

Filmmaker Melissa and I are not the most “handy” people when it comes to tasks like these…. We had a lot of laughs while we attempted to paint the drum! 

fez medina tour guide

What an incredible feeling, to be crafting a musical instrument in the traditional method, right in this UNESCO heritage site.

painting art vases, morocco market

We learned how to draw blue decorative lines around the jar, using a manual pottery wheel and brush. 

plan it fez morocco tour group

Then, I used a brush to draw X shapes, circles, and other Berber designs. Don’t laugh! It’s harder than it looks to create an even thickness.

(My gold temporary tattoo is from Tattoo You. More designs found below, including a pack of 15 tattoos.)

moroccan children

A child peeked around the corner and watched me work. (Photos by Borderless Media.)

fez medina apartments

I looked up, and saw more children waving at me. They live in apartments that overlook the Medina.

moroccan blue white painted ceramics

My drum is a little shaky, but finished! Our guide suggested that we paint half of it in the traditional way, and half in our own style — so I added a certain Scottish Fold cat.

fez camel hide drum

Filmmaker Melissa completed the other drum, and the two were bound together with camel skin and leather ties. You also have the option of putting goat or fish skin over the drum, which creates different sounds. And of course, you get to take the instrument home with you.

morocco guitars, string instruments

We ended this happy day by playing drums with the musicians. One of them was a percussion marvel — we’ll soon release a video that shows off his skills!

So happy that we were able to experience music and life in the Medina, thanks to our guides Plan-It Fez. I now realize how easy they made it for us to meet artisans and explore the marketplace.

Palais Faraj, Fez 5 star hotel

Time to take a break from the hot weather, and relax back at our glorious Palais Faraj hotel.

I adore Moroccan art and architecture, and staying here felt like being in an enchanted Arabian palace. The front entrance alone is a work of art, with royal horseshoe arches and thousands of colored tiles. 

lavender ombre hair, light purple haircolor

My Egyptian eye and pyramid dress, from Pretty Attitude Clothing, adds to the magic and mystery.

You can shop for more spooky long dresses by clicking below:

luxury fez hotel, palais faraj suites

Palais Faraj is designed by Jean-Baptiste Barian, a famous architect and interior designer known for his Andalusian Arabic style.

moroccan henna on hands

The orange henna on my hands matches the giant double doors. I got henna for the first time in a beauty workshop organized by Plan-It Fez (I’ll show you the entire process, in an upcoming story).

palais faraj suite bedroom, interior

Every room at Palais Faraj is decadent, but nothing beats the Suite Royale, where the Rockefellers stayed. High ceilings, stucco lace, heavy drapes, and even a private terrace that overlooks the Medina.

zellige, moroccan tile pattern floor

The floors and walls are brilliant examples of Moroccan zellige, or terra cotta tiles that are painstakingly set in plaster to form mosaic patterns. 

top morocco luxury hotels

Everything in the hotel reflects the culture and history of Fez. At the same time, the amenities are ultra-modern and WiFi is free.

L'Amandier Palais Faraj, Fes restaurant

Every evening, we looked forward to dinner at L’Amandier Restaurant. As the sun set over the hilltops, we watched the old city light up while we dined on Fassi cuisine (the local flavors of Fez).

moroccan salads, appetizer

My new favorite appetizer: Moroccan salads. The waiter brought out this rainbow spread of vegetarian dishes, including eggplant and carrots in the highest quality honey. We loved this assortment so much that we immediately ordered it the next day.

L’Amandier is one of the top-rated restaurants in the city, and for good reason. The menu included Moroccan favorites such as couscous, tagines and pigeon pastillas, paired with local wines. Even if you aren’t staying at the hotel, it’s well worth coming here for dinner with a view.

landscape, old medina fes

Palais Faraj treated us to traditional massages and hammans (a steam and scrub, similar to a Turkish bath), which left me smiling.

fez rooftop bar, panorama view

One of my favorite moments: reflecting on life’s possibilities while relaxing at the Sky Bar. There are no words to describe drinking a cocktail made from fresh peaches, while taking in this 360 view of old Fez, and listening to Berber music… Perhaps the St Augustine quote puts it best. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

ancient moroccan market, architecture

Thank you to Palais Faraj Hotel and Plan-It Fez tours for opening up a new chapter in our lives!

fes morocco plates, artwork

Have you been to Morocco, or heard stories from travellers? How did your experiences compare with ours? 

goth fall fashion collage moodboard

PS: I couldn’t resist letting you know about Shopbop’s crazy annual sale. From now to Friday, you get 25% off everything with the code INTHEFAM25! Mosey over to Shopbop’s site to start shopping.

I picked out some of my favorite Gothic fall fashion for you. I’m all about dark lace dresses for holiday parties, and chunky black shoes.  Remember, it’s all on sale!

1) Off the shoulder lace dress with scalloped edges
2) Cameo Gothic dress with embroidered lace and transparent panels
3) For Love and Lemons dress with zig zag mesh panel
4) Rock star buckle boots
5) Black buckle creeper shoes


My 10-Step Makeup Routine & favorite products! Japanese Goth doll eyes tutorial.

art nouveau alphonse mucha headdress

Let’s talk about makeup! I recently got some emails, asking about my cosmetics routine. It’s changed over the years, but I currently have about 10 steps to get photoshoot-ready, using a minimum of products and brushes (since I’m often traveling, and can’t over-pack). I’ll also share some bonus, behind-the-scenes modeling photos from Portland.

make up forever hd foundation, powder

My overall makeup tips: invest in quality products, especially your “base” (foundation, powder). Start with a light SPF moisturizer, and let it dry before applying layers gradually. Obviously, for day-to-day wear, I don’t do all these stages, but for special occasions these are my 10 steps of prep…

1) Apply Make Up For Ever HD foundation with a stipple brush. This foundation is a little pricy, but by far the best I’ve used. With a stipple brush, you’ll get a natural-looking effect. It stays on all day without feeling heavy, and looks great on camera. I use shade “Marble” #117.

(If you need concealer, try Make Up For Ever’s full coverage one. I skip this, and simply dab foundation onto uneven areas.)

2) Make Up For Ever’s HD powder is also a winner. I brush it on lightly after I finish my full face, but it’s worth mentioning here.

ysl touche eclat, highlighting pen

3) Next, I define my eyebrows with a brown pencil. I trace the line below and above the brow, and slightly extend the ends.
4) For a more natural fill, I use an angled brush to apply eyebrow powder, working from a dark to light shade. I also highlight right below the eyebrow.
5) Don’t forget to define your face, or else you’ll wind up looking a bit flat. I adore YSL Touche Eclat, a highlighter pen. It brightens up the area below your eyes, and whisks away shadows.

asian blush, lipstick

6) Then, apply contour and blush to bring out angles (around the cheeks, nose, jaw) and add a bit of rosiness. I like having both in a single compact, saving time and space in my luggage.

(I should mention that a travel brush set is a wise investment. They last forever, and fit snugly in a single case.)

7) I like to experiment with different lip colors, sometimes using a lip brush or pencil to create an ombre fade-out. However, my default is a caramel rose lipstick, such as NARS Pago Pago. They have a superb matte application, and there are many shades to fit your skin tone. Wearing a subdued color keeps the focus on your eyes.

goth eyeshadows, japanese eye liner

8) I recommend carrying an eyeshadow palette like NARS Narcissist, so that you have a variety of light-to-dark tones to play with. If you want to minimize even further, pick something like this set of 4 blue eyeshadows, which you can use to define and highlight your eyes. I tend to extend the colors out, with dark shades at the outer edges, and white for the inner corners.
9) Then, use a black eyeliner pen for a cat-eye effect. I prefer pens to pots and brushes because they are quick and precise.

dolly wink eyelashes, gyaru eyes

10) Finish with false eyelashes. These Japanese Dolly Wink lashes are popular among gyaru. I use an eyelash glue with a brush for better application.

I hope you find this 10-step guide with recommended products helpful! Let me know if you have questions or tips about makeup. It’s fun to discuss in the comments.

blue velvet dress

The above images are by Melissa Rundle and Eric Bergemann. They photographed me for the cover and spread of Rebelicious Magazine. During the shoot, First Mate Naomi Rubin took behind-the-scenes photos of the action.

white coat, faux fur collra

Here are some of Naomi’s shots. My handmade silk flower clips are works of art by Angelica Brigade — check out her site for gorgeous accessories.

outdoors portraits, modeling

My blue-to-green ombre hair is by Stephanie Hoy at Avant Garde Hair in Vancouver.

innocent world tights, alphonse mucha print

And these are my Alphonse Mucha x Innocent World stockings! I bought these special edition tights at the Tokyo Mucha exhibit.

The cut-out knee boots are Yosuke, from Marui One Shinjuku

behind scenes magazine photoshoot

We were in Portland to shoot a travel episode (watch it here), and decided to do the magazine photos at Steel Bridge. I like to incorporate my destinations into my shoots.

portland steel bridge

It takes a village… Eric holds up a reflector, to get the lighting just right.

photographer reflector, taking pictures

The autumn leaves created a beautiful backdrop. I like shooting outdoors, for the light and atmosphere. Fortunately, it didn’t start raining until we were wrapping up the job!

fashion blogger with balloon

Sometimes an idea doesn’t work out. We had some Goth balloons, but they didn’t look right in the images.

portland oregon bridges

The blues, whites and greys of the bridge and water match my outfit’s color scheme.

teal dress, light blue hair

This white disco-era coat is from Hattie’s Vintage (see more of Portland’s secondhand shops in this post).

portland park, fall leaves

Both of my velvet dresses were lent by Vaute Couture — the collection is inspired by Sailor Moon. My faux fur scarf is from Holt Renfrew.

autumn foliage, trees

What are your favorite makeup products and techniques? I’d love to hear your tips in the comments, or on my Facebook!

cute harajuku girl style

I also did a blog post about how to pack stylishly — take a look, for tips on how to create cute outfits on the road.


How to be a travel blogger & what to pack: best suitcases and bags. Off to Bangkok, Thailand with Seby!

thailand press trip, bangkok travel blog

Time to pack and fly to Asia again. This time, my destination is… Bangkok, Thailand with Seby! (I like the sentiment of his t-shirt: “Naughty” and “Endless Summer.”)

Everyone’s familiar with Jpop and Kpop — but did you know Thailand also has exciting youth culture and street style? Thai Tourism is sending Seby and me to report on these trends, including a futuristic hotel, apothecary bar, and Gothic Lolita fashion boutique.

We’ll work hard to bring you unique coverage of Bangkok, going far beyond the usual tourist attractions. If you have suggestions for places to visit, let us know. (I visited the city about 10 years ago, but so much has changed and I can’t wait to rediscover it.)

scottish fold cat sitting on suitcase

Many of you have asked: how do I pack so many outfits for my trips? Believe it or not, I take only one suitcase with me. The trick is to plan ahead and bring travel-size products.

In this post, I’ll break down the essential items needed for travel bloggers with a fashionable bent. These are items that I’ve personally used and road-tested, so you can trust these recommendations. To purchase the products, simply click the blue links below.

travel blogger packing list, designer suitcases

SUITCASE. From my experience, it’s best to take a large, lightweight suitcase. Bringing only one case saves space in your hotel room, and make it easier to you get around. I prefer soft, expandable luggage (in case you go shopping and need the extra room!). Wheels and a pull-out handle are a must. If possible, try to get something colorful so that it’s easier to find in baggage claim.

1. Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 25″ (Spinner Expandable) is exact suitcase I have. It cost $550 but has lasted me for years — better to splurge once on a quality case, than on a $200 one that quickly breaks.
2. Tumi Alpha Lightweight suitcase is also stylish and lightweight. Tumi is one of my favorite travel brands, and the cute bear logo is a plus.
3. Michael Kors rolling suitcase has sturdy wheels and a waterproof PVC fabric.
4. Tumi Voyageur is a smaller case, and ideal for short trips. The bright Art Deco flowers are chic and easy to spot.

travel blogger packing list, designer suitcases

PURSES AND BAGS. I usually only take one purse on each trip. Get one with zippers and pockets, and make sure it’s big enough to hold your camera (and even laptop). For my favorite backpacks, keep scrolling down.

5. Sumo Laptop Purse is padded to protect your computer. With a pink trim, it’s a lot more stylish than the typical laptop bag, and can be worn when you’re out exploring.
6. Kipling Aleron messenger bag has lots of pockets and secure clasps. A fun, solid color like this one can contrast nicely with neutral outfits.
7. Forzieri red apple messenger bag merges cuteness with functionaltiy. It can match kawaii or Lolita outfits.
8. Alexander McQueen Heroine tote is sturdy, and the black color goes with almost anything. Make sure your purse has a solid strap or handle like this one.

travel dresses, how to pack for vacation

DRESSES, BIG TOPS, LEGGINGS. Do these coordinates look familiar? These are my staples for travel outfits. The clothes below can be dressed up or down. Look for lightweight fabrics that don’t require ironing, so that you can roll your clothing to save space.

9. L’ecole des Femmes “In the Mood Dress” is a fitted, wool black dress that is perfect for colder weather. With different accessorizing, this single item can work for a casual outfit, a formal event, or a club night.
10. Freak Of Nature Hi Lo Dress in Desert Rose Print is equally versatile. You can go sightseeing in it, then Goth up your makeup for a bar or party.
11. Miss Karmaloop The Scenario Dress is easy to layer; you can wear tights and a jacket if the weather gets colder. The black color also masks stains.
12. ASOS Swing Dress With Woven Drape Pocket has handy pockets and a relaxed fit, in case you ate too much pasta.
13. Freak Of Nature Let It Rock Lace Up Leggings. When I’m on the plane or train, I like to wear big t-shirts with leggings. That way, you’re comfortable without looking like a sweat-pants mess.

goth punk shoes, leopard creepers

SHOES. My travel filmmakers and I need to cover a lot of ground during our shoots. I always bring good walking shoes, but there’s no need to sacrifice style and height.

14. Camper wedge sandals are great for warm climates. Camper is one of favorite brands (I wore them in this Dubai post). The neutral color and sturdy heel goes with many coordinates.
15. Underground x Long Clothing Comanndo Double Sole Ankle Boots. Even if you’re not planning on hiking, it’s important to have a good non-slip sole. These black ankle boots would match all the outfits featured above. (They have a shoe version too.)
16. Bess NYC Leopard Creepers are light and give some height. Leopard print adds punk flair, and can match a number of colors.
17. Dr. Martens Stud 8-Eye Boot in Metallic Silver. Docs are the tried and true footwear for Goths. A solid metallic color, such as silver, can match more items than a multi-colored pattern print.

goth backpacks, studded black leather backpack

BACKPACK. In addition to my large suitcase (see above), I bring a backpack as my “carry-on item” for the plane. Trust me, it’s much easier to travel with a backpack than an additional small, wheeled case. Go for a quality one, or you’ll end up with sore muscles.

18. Crumpler Dry Red #5 is the exact backpack that I carry. (Naturally, I decorated it with a few cute charms.) This pack has a compartment to cushion your laptop, and designed to protect your back. Again, a worthy investment that lasts.
19. Cargon 2.5 – Black Backpack Carry On Trolley has pull-out handle so you can roll your bag behind you. There’s a zippered compartment at the bottom, with a padded laptop pocket.
20. UNIF Shredder Pack can double as your bag for going out. It’s edgy, but also has lots of zippered pockets to protect valuables.
21. UNIF Black Pack Backpack is equally cool, and can be worn anywhere.

skull goth sweater, one teaspoon leather jacket

COATS, SWEATERS, JACKETS. Since outerwear tends to be bulky, I usually only bring one large jacket and use layering to stay warm. Avoid rigid, voluminous and structured coats; they’re a pain to pack.

22. Fringed Leopard-Print Scarf. A scarf is a smart thing to carry around in your bag, in case the weather changes or you need to cover up (I’ve been denied entry to churches for dressing too scandalously!)
23. One Teaspoon Storm Rider Leather Jacket. Can’t go wrong with a sleek leather jacket. Beware of heavily decorated and studded ones, as they can be heavy.
24. Halfman Romantics Miss Fur Cardigan. I like to layer with a sweater or cardigan. This one is easy to keep in your purse, and can match many outfits.
25. White faux fur coat. This will keep you warm, without complicating your packing. This store carries a Lolita coat too.

travel kit makeup, portable cosmetic brushes

MAKEUP AND BRUSHES. For convenience, I bring compact brush kits and palettes. (Loose minerals and powders get messy, and it’s difficult to find products when they are jumbled up in a bag.) Stick to the highest-quality cosmetics and neutral colors, but don’t forget red lipstick. Invest once in a good set of makeup brushes, and you’re set for a decade or more.

26. Travel Brush Set – Chantecaille has all the basics for your eyes and face. The shorter handle helps save space.
27. NARS eyeshadow set contains 6 shades, a travel-size Eye Shader Brush, and a medium base. Perfect for building smoky eyes.
28. Laura Mercier ‘Signature Color Essentials’ Travel Set. I’m a big fan of Laura Mercier, and this kit has flattering colors for your cheeks, eyes (including mascara) and lips.
29. Bobbi Brown Caviar and Oyster Collection is a fab 7-piece brush set. I used travel-size products in day to day life as well, so you only have to purchase one good set.
30. NYX ‘Beauty To Go’ Kit contains 47 eyeshadows from matte to glitter, glosses, concealers etc. in a fold-out package.
31. GloMinerals – Deluxe Holiday Kit is an excellent option for sensitive skin.

big cat eye sunglasses, travel glasses

HAT AND SUNGLASSES. On lazy days, you can still look fashionable by covering up your bad hair and tired eyes. Big sunglasses are always in season. I usually take only one hat, since they can be hard to pack.

32. Eric Javits Maribel Cutout Sun Hat has a lovely cut-out brim, and is similar to the one I wore at Art Deco Weekend Miami.
33. Swinger Large Brim Sun Hat has a nice contrast, and accessorizes well with black or white garments.
34. Tom Ford Malin Cat-Eye Sunglasses, Havana Big. A large, cat eye shape is flattering for most faces.
35. Karl Lagerfeld round glasses. Such a fun shape, and it’s worth splurging on designer brands.
36. Kenzo big round acetate sunglasses. These black frames add flair, and match most skin tones.

leather jacket sunglasses, gladnews skirt

I hope you found these fashionable packing tips helpful! Above is an example of my tricks in action: big cat-sunglasses, leather jacket, black clothing that can be dressed up or down, red lipstick, and ankle boots that are good for walking.

Do you have any packing strategies? Leave a comment to share them with me! You can also learn more about the items I recommended by viewing the links above.

goth city, glowing art

See you in Bangkok, Thailand! Lots of travel blogs to come (above is an outtake from Montreal). You can see previews on my Twitter and Instagram. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.