Singapore Street Food & Temples! Old Airport Road authentic hawker center, Little India & Chinatown.

singapore buddhist temple

Singapore’s multiculturalism has always fascinated me. Unlike in other Asian metropolises, the population is a true mix, with the major groups being Chinese, Malay and Indian. It’s amazing that such diverse cultures and religions live together in tiny country, known as one of the safest in the world.

Perhaps part of the reason is that, as people joke, the “true religion” of Singaporeans is food. I knew this was a foodie mecca, but still, I was surprised by the huge number and range of dining options here.

Last summer, I was excited to taste-test Singapore’s famous hawker centers, and visit the colorful temples of Little India and Chinatown. 

new zealand sun and steam contiki

But first… I’m thrilled to announce my next destination: beautful New Zealand! 

Next month, I’m teaming up with Contiki — a well-known tour company for travelers aged 18-35 — and experiencing one of their NZ tours.

new zealand contiki youth tour

It’l be fun to meet other young travelers, and road-trip all over the North Island. My itinerary includes nightlife, Maori culture, and the famous glow-worm caves. There are also optional excursions like a visit to Hobbiton, where you can pose with Lord of the Rings movie sets.

dramatic new zealand scenery

Contiki takes care of all logistics such as the driving, guides, and hotel bookings — so I can just hang out with new friends, and enjoy the ride.

new zealand fur seal cute

The above New Zealand images are by Kristin Thorogood, a photographer based on the South Island (check out her Instsagram @kristinthorogood). I’ll only be in the North this time… but after seeing this cute furry seal, I’ll have to make a return journey!

Be sure to follow my Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat (all @lacarmina) and Facebook to see my upcoming New Zealand adventure with Contiki! There are drag queen adventures on my Snapchat right now, so check them out before they disappear.

buddha tooth relic temple singapore

Now, back to my Singapore story. I always try to visit local temples wherever I’m in Asia. I think they give a unique glimpse into the culture of the destination.

Photographer Ken Yuen and I stopped by the Buddha Tooth Relic temple. (Address: 288 S Bridge Rd, Singapore)

(Shop my outfit of the day below:)

singapore chinatown buildings

The architecture is based on the Chinese Tang dynasty style, although the building itself is new (the grand opening was in 2005). This temple houses the tooth relic of the Buddha, which was found in a Myanmar stupa in 1980.

chinese architecture singapore

A volunteer hands out sarongs and scarves for visitors to cover their limbs, before going in. This Buddhist temple is an inclusive one, with elements from the Mahayana, Theravada and Vajayana traditions.

incense offering buddhist temple

We watched people kneel and give incense offerings at the entrance.

buddhist monks singapore temple

The six-storey temple includes a Buddhist Culture Museum, Sacred Light Hall, and theater for cultural performances and talks.

buddha statues, many arms deity

The Universal Wisdom Hall is covered in thousands of statues of Bodhisattvas and “Zodiac Protectors,” which represent the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac.

I felt an uplifting atmosphere in this temple, and bought a mantra bracelet to remember it.

singapore tibetan buddhism temple

In the Jalan Besar neighborhood, we came across a Tibetan Buddhist temple, called Thekchen Choling. (Address: 2 Beatty Lane) The entrance had dangling rainbow fabrics and bells, which chimed when the wind blew.

rainbow tibetan decorations

Talk about “Electric Nirvana!” I saw an altar glowing with neon lights, and a huge gold prayer wheel.

The Tibetan temple gives back to the community with free medicine distribution, acupuncture, meals and other support, with an emphasis on helping the poor and elderly.

Sri Mariamman Temple singapore roof

Singapore’s Hindu temples are equally colorful: I wonder how many statues of gods and creatures live on the roof. This is the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, constructed in the South Indian Tamil style.

colorful hindu temple statues singapore

This place of worship is dedicated to the fierce Hindu goddess, Kali. On the right: you wouldn’t want to be the moustached man.

gold om sign, sanskrit

The gate is decorated with an Om, the symbol of the absolute.

little india temple, im pei singapore

I also visited the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore, Sri Mariamman (Address: 244 South Bride Rd).

On a single road, you might see a heritage Chinese building, an Indian temple, and an avantgarde skyscraper like IM Pei’s “The Gateway”. That’s Singapore for you!

hindu religious souvenirs ganesha

The “Lion City” could be called the “Rainbow City.” Outside the temples, I found these amulets of the elephant god Ganesha.

singapore little india colorful buildings

Walk around Little India, and you’ll see plenty of colorful architecture. I came across multiple buildings where the shutters were painted the shades of the rainbow.

colorful hindu architecture

Little India is accurately named. I encountered scents, markets and vendors that made me feel like I was in a mini version of New Delhi (or so I imagine, as I haven’t gotten to India yet.)

singapore colonial buildings, facades

The British ruling days left charming colonial facades all over the city. Singapore’s laws help to preserve heritage buildings like these.

singapore dessert cafe

We walked around the “hipster” area Jalan Besar, a former swampland that later housed a pig slaughterhouse… and now is home to quirky dessert shops.

jalan besar tiramisu hero

The Tiramisu Hero is full of interactive fun, from a raccoon mask to a riddle. Solve it, and you’ll get a free iced tea. (Address: 121 Tyrwhitt Road.)

hipster cafes singapore

How “cat-tastic” is the interior design? The mascot is Sir Antonio the Italian cat, who wears a black cape and is on a quest to find the perfect tiramisu.

tiramisu hero, dessert shop singapore

Two young friends, a financial planner and blogger, opened this shop together. The Tiramisu Hero serves savory food in addition to their signature dessert, which is made with various flavors. Our original tiramisu came in a cute superhero cat jar, and went down smooth.

clarke quay waterfront, boats

Since it was our first time in Singapore, we also stopped by Clarke Quay. This entertainment area is known for its river boat tours, restaurants and nightclubs. The Quay is touristy, but there was recently a Goth dance party held here — so I wouldn’t write it off!

singapore street art, tunnel mural

Yes, Singapore is as clean and organized as you hear. The street art in this underground walkway was officially authorized.

(I’m wearing this exact Chaser dress with cut out sides. They also have a new updated dress with open back.)

singapore most authentic hawker center

After a long walk, it was time to eat! Every traveller needs to experience the famous Singapore hawker stalls, where vendors serve up inexpensive, local dishes in small stations. Like everywhere else in the city, there are high standards of sanitation for the food preparation.

Our local friends told us to avoid the touristy Newtown Food Centret. Our friend Jacob had a car, so he drove us to the far more authentic Old Airport Road hawker center. (Address: 19 Old Airport Road)

singapore local street food, old airport road

Yes, those prices are real, and portions are generous! I recommend coming with friends and ordering a lot of unfamiliar dishes to share. It’s a great opportunity to try new local flavors, and even if you don’t enjoy them all,  you’ll only have spent a few dollars.

old airport road hawker stands, stalls

I enjoyed the satay, and the char way teow (flat fried noodles). However my favorite by far is laksa, or spicy curry soup with rice noodles. Laksa is one of the famous Peranakan dishes, which combine influences from Chinese and Malay cuisine.

best singapore prata roti

Not many tourists experience prata shops, which are inexpensive eateries popular among students. Most prata menus have hundreds of listings, but roti is the staple dish, dressed up in a myriad of sauces. Our friend ordered a Milo dinosaur, a Singaporean drink with a scoop of Milo (chocolate malt powder) mixed with ice, and another undissolved scoop on top.

Sungei Road Laksa, best singapore laksa

On another day, I satisfied my laksa addition at Sungei Road (Address: 27 Jalan Berseh). There’s always a long lineup to what is considered the top laksa shop in Singapore. The seafood curry soup base is cooked over a charcoal fire burner, infusing it with a unique smokey flavor.  I can vouch that this is the best laksa I’ve ever had — and it was only $2 a bowl! 

singapore modern buildings architecture

I leave you with a few more snaps of the vivid architecture in Singapore.

chinatown lanterns singapore streets

And here’s a last glimpse at Chinatown.

Did you know Singapore was such a “rainbow city,” in terms of diversity and architecture? And now, time to pack my bags for yet another fascinating destination… New Zealand!

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Visiting Cheung Chau Island by ferry! Hong Kong cute character stores, FoFo Spanish restaurant, Bindaas Indian.

nu goth fashion, disturbia shirt

Believe it or not… the above photo was taken in Hong Kong!

The city is known for its tall skyscrapers and hectic atmosphere. However, you can escape into nature — simply by taking the ferry to several nearby islands, including Cheung Chau and Lamma Island.

(My top is by Disturbia. More fashion by this Gothic brand below.)

cat ears headband

I’ll also show you some of the newest restaurants and kawaii pop culture in Hong Kong, such as this Sailor Moon makeup collection at SaSa. 

star ferry hong kong central

One of Hong Kong’s icons is the Star Ferry, this open-air boat that runs from Tsim Sha Tsui (on the Kowloon side) to Central Pier. From there, you can hop onto ferries that take you to the outer-lying islands.

hong kong skyscrapers skyline

The most popular islands are the beach-y Discovery Bay, and Cheung Chau (home to the annual bun festival, where brave or foolhardy participants climb up a giant tower made of Chinese buns). It takes about 40-60 minutes for the ferry to reach these islands.

As you sail, you’ll get to take in spectacular views of Hong Kong’ skyscrapers. However, be prepared for choppy waters that can rock you off your feet.

cat museum, lamma island

I recommend visiting the lesser-known Lamma Island, which has a relaxed hippie vibe. Lamma is home to a cat museum (or Mewseum), small seafood restaurants, and plenty of secluded natural spots for swimming and hiking.

cheung chau island boats

I also went to the larger Cheung Chau island for the first time. This is a popular day-trip destination for both locals and tourists, as it lets them escape the “Hong Kong hustle” for a fishing village atmosphere.

superman cat costume

When you step onto the boardwalk, you’ll see rows of little shops selling island specialties: dried squid, fish balls on a stick, and the famous stamped buns.

At this grocer, we spotted a cat in a Superman costume. “It’s a bird… it’s a plane… It’s Super-Maoo!”

bicycles cheung chau island

It’s possible to walk around Cheung Chau — but the winding paths around the island are made for cycling. There are plenty of stores that rent out bicycles and canopy-covered tricycles.

It’s a must do. I had so much fun zipping around and taking in the ocean views. With a bike, it’s easy to stop by landmarks such as the Cheung Po Tsai pirate cave.

miffy lamp, nijntje

I enjoyed my island getaways, as a way to slow down and relax in nature. However, there’s no place like Hong Kong to get your cute shopping on! 

little twin stars kiki lala statue

Causeway Bay remains the best neighborhood of Sanrio goods, and all things kawaii. (Here’s my comprehensive guide to shopping in Causeway Bay.)

exotic shorthair kittens in basket

Is there anything as cute as a basket of squishy-faced kittens? Whenever I’m in the Causeway Bay district, I stop by this cute cat store (more info and photos here.)

orange exotic shorthair cat sleeping

It’s the best concept ever. All of the cats inside this store… have flat faces!

grey scottish fold kitten

There’s always a Scottish Fold and Exotic Shorthair in there. You can say hi to them, and pick up cat toys or food.

laforet hong kong japanese mall

As you’ll recall from my Causeway Bay travel guide, this area is known for its Japanese malls.

Laforet always has changing themed displays. When I went, it was covered with pictures of Sanrio’s Little Twin Stars.

little twin stars sanrio statue

The pastel shades of the 1980s are back in style. Kiki and Lala haven’t aged a day.

my melody, sanrio clothing line

In Hong Kong, Sanrio characters are everywhere — and they’re not only for kids. You’ll find high quality purses, wallets, shoes and clothes with subtle designs featuring the characaters. ANS and KiLaRa are two Asian brands that often collaborate with Sanrio.

hong kong street signs

Kawaii is sometimes a bit twisted, in Hong Kong. Everywhere you go, there are cute-meets-weird signs and public displays.

cute faced mooncakes

You know I’m addicted to Miffy the bunny… Arome Bakery has dozens of location around the city, and this season, they carried Miffy moon cakes that came in tin boxes. 

dark chocolate miffy cake, arome hong hong

Arome has a new dark chocolate truffle Miffy cake with gold eyes and an X mouth. It’s scrumptious: layers of moist pudding and cake, spongy and not too sugary.

miffy stuffed toys

Isn’t it funny how Miffy, a character from the Netherlands, has taken over Hong Kong? In Japan and Korea, you won’t find nearly as many Miffy toys and products — and there are no such cakes.

Homeless design store hong kong

One of my favorite stores is Homeless, the interior design shop with locations in Central and Sha Tin. They sell lots of Miffy goods — I picked up “Nijntje” keychains (that is her Dutch name).

miffy 60th anniversary museum

In the Hung Hom mall next to Harbour Plaza Metropolis hotel, I stumbled upon a holiday display.

Since this is Miffy’s 60th anniversary, the bunny with the X-mouth is everywhere. (She currently has Miffy cafe and big displays at Hysan Place and other Causeway Bay locations.)

miffy backpack, lion

Every time I’m in Hong Kong, I stop by the Miffy TwoPercent fashion boutiques. I usually go to the Miffy shop in Causeway Bay’s WTC, but saw these backpacks in The One TST. (I’ll do a full report about this mall soon.)

miniso cute stuffed toys

Japanese kawaii designs are found in every part of Hong Kong — and usually for much lower prices. I couldn’t resist getting the fat mouse from the MiniSo store. Each toy is about $4 US.

minions theme cafe, lattes

Minions is currently the rage in Hong Kong, and I saw their smiling faces on lattes.

fortune cat statues, both paws raised

Cats remain popular as ever. You can find maneki nekos (fortune cats) everywhere for sale. These ones have both paws raised, for extra luck!

fofo by el willy chef

Another reason to love Hong Kong: the international dining. I had a magnificent dinner at the award-winning Spanish restaurant, FoFo by el Willy (address: 2-8 Wellington St). The smiling chef, Alex Fargas, skillfully designed the menu with influences from his native Barcelona and travels abroad.

I felt at home in the minimal space, decorated with rows of white penguins on the shelves and chandeliers. The server introduced me to a cute, round bull statue and explained that he is the mascot — since the word “fofo” means plump!

fofo spanish restaurant, paella

From the 20th floor window, we had a fantastic view of Central’s bright lights. Our server walked us up to the laid back rooftop, where people lounged and enjoyed cocktails. (I loved the rose sangria, with fresh cut strawberries and apples.)

The chef is a master at traditional Spanish dishes, which he delivers with a contemporary execution. We ate up every bite of the “bikini” sandwiches made with the finest cheese and Iberian ham, and juicy paella with seafood (above).

hong kong central spanish cuisine

El Willy gets especially inventive with its tapas, or bite-sized shareable plates. I popped a “Salmon Explosive Air Bag” in my mouth, and the pastry burst into a delight of truffle sour cream and smoked salmon. Also home runs: paella crackers with sea urchin, and scallop ceviche with avocado and crispy shallots.

fofo desserts, menu fine dining

The desserts hit the spot with a freshly baked apple tart, churros with dark chocolate dipping sauce, and a creative “mojito” made with mint, jelly and sorbet.

With a laid back atmosphere and exceptional cuisine, FoFo is now on my short-list of favorite restaurants in Hong Kong.

bindaas hong kong restaurant

My friends and I also went to the newly-opened Bindaas Bar + Kitchen, an Indian restaurant near the PMQ art center. (Address: LG/F, 33 Aberdeen Street, Central, HK).

The chefs recently came here from India, and brought their expertise to each dish. Nothing is heavy-handed: the ingredients are fresh, and the spices are a delight to the palate.

top indian food hong kong

At the same time, Bindaas is not afraid to get creative, and excels at fusion. Their naan pizza is a must eat: it comes with several varieties of toppings, and brilliantly merges two comfort foods into one.

Bindaas also serves wonderful original cocktails with Indian flavors, such as yogurt lassi. (Photos from this restaurant by Sniper Chau)

bindaas hong kong central pmq

The seafood curries and tandoori dishes are stand-outs, and the small plates are great for sharing with a group of friends.

Bindaas is brilliant at Indian fusion, and is a welcome entry to the Hong Kong food scene.

maneki neko largest cat collection

Do these food and cute cat photos make you want to visit Hong Kong? In the next post, I’ll announce my April destinations, so stay tuned…


El Dorado Maroma: Karisma’s Riviera Maya luxury beach resort. Le Lotus Rouge bar, Playa del Carmen.

El Dorado Maroma, karisma Beachfront Resort

Goths on the beach. Even in bright sunlight, Yukiro and I maintain our vampire attitude!

Karisma Hotels invited us to spend a day at El Dorado Maroma, their boutique oceanfront resort. It turned out to be our favorite property. We loved relaxing on this private beach so much that we delayed our leave by several hours!

(My pentacle top is this exact one by Rat Baby, a dark / alt clothing brand.)

tulum 5 star resort hotel

Located in the Riviera Maya, El Dorado Maroma is for adults only, and cultivates a laid-back feeling. The grounds are filled with tall palm trees, giving the impression that you’ve stumbled upon a beach paradise. 

goth pentacle witch swimsuit

I couldn’t wait to swim in the warm ocean. I wore a pentagram swimsuit by Pretty Attitude (here’s where you can get a Goth swimsuit with occult symbols printed on it).

My oversize reflective sunglasses are Linda Farrow x 3.1 Philip Lim. The designer has a cute cat-eared sunglasses version too.

adult only pool, karisma mexico

Yukiro and I had our own mega-suite, with sliding doors that opened into our private terrace, and a quiet swimming pool. 

Shop for Gothic swimwear and dresses below:

coco loco monkey cocktail

Things got a little crazy when the staff delivered two “Coco Locos” — a tropical cocktail of coconut, banana, rum and magic.

To top it off, they decorated the coconut shell like a monkey’s face!

tropical rum coconut drink

I’ve never had a better welcome drink than this one. At Karisma El Dorado resorts, all food and drink are inclusive — so you can order a dozen Coco Locos if you pleased.

el dorado maroma overwater bungalows

Strike a pose, vogue.

El Dorado Maroma is the only property with thatch-roofed overwater bungalows (similar to the 5-star huts found in the Maldives and Bora Bora).

luxurious beach mexico vacation

We had our very own palapa beach bed, so we didn’t have to worry about other guests taking our prime spot by the ocean.

A staff member came around and offered sunscreen and margaritas. Yes to both.

el dorado maroma overwater suites

We got to preview El Dorado Maroma’s new overwater bungalows — perfect for a romantic honeymoon.

gothic pentagram straps bikini

As you can see, the sand and waters were pristine. I was a happy girl, wading in the ocean.

(Closeup on the criss-cross straps of my Gothic swimsuit.  Shop more styles with a click):

chilaquiles mexican hangover food

Meal time! Karisma Hotels are known as “gourmet inclusives” because they put great care into their restaurants.

We hit it off with our cheerful server, who insisted that we try his grandmother’s special coffee (dark, with a brush of cinnamon). He then brought us green and red chilaquiles, a layered tortilla dish known as a hangover cure.

el dorado maroma restaurant

This kitty-cat was pleased with the authentic Mexican dish. It was one of our favorite meals of the entire trip.

tulum white sand beach

After, we walked down the long private beach. There’s nothing like listening to the sounds of the ocean, and looking out at the horizon…

mexico pelicans ocean

… and making friends with pelicans.

el dorado karisma romantic resort

El Dorado Maroma is a quiet and exclusive space. Perfect for those who want a true beach getaway.

tulum overwater bungalow suites

The resort will soon be home to 58 new “palafitos”, or over the water suites. If you’re dreaming of visiting Tulum, it’s good timing for a stay at El Dorado Maroma, a beachfront resort, by Karisma. 

weird theme bar cancun

Later that evening, we went out with our new friend Paulina of LocoGringo tours. (Remember she took us to visit the famous Mayan pyramids?)

Paulina said we would love Le Lotus Rouge bar — and once again, she was spot on. (Address: 35th Avenue & Calle 2, Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

art bar, red lotus mexico

The Red Lotus is run by a French lady, who decorated the rooms to reflect her love of the arts. From the moment we stepped in, we felt at home in this eccentric, fabulous and slightly creepy space.

karaoke bars, cancun playa del carmen

Le Lotus Rouge is infamous for its karaoke nights. Anyone can choose a song from the computer, and belt it out on microphones.

I have to say… Yukiro and I tore down the house, with our rendition of the 1980s Styx hit, Mr Roboto!

le lotus rouge, nightlife mexico

Glowing with lanterns and secret spaces, the Red Lotus one magical spot.

Playa del Carmen and Cancun tend have touristy nightlife — which is why we were pleasantly surprised to find this artistic bar, frequented by locals. The cocktails and food are also wonderful here.

bizarre nightlife mexico

There are multiple theme rooms, each decorated with whimsy. This one has a tribal theme.

gay alternative bars cancun

Disco dreams come true, when Yukiro is around.

red lotus bar, cancun

Boudoir furniture and skeletons are found all throughout Le Lotus Rouge.

playa del carmen nightclubs

I hope these photos show you an unexpected side of Playa del Carmen, which is typically associated with tourists and spring breakers.

tulum outfit post fashion blog

Gracias to Loco Gringo for the insider tour of Tulum. More photos to come, including a visit to a cemetery and Day of the Dead art gallery.

Until then, you can check out all my Mexico travel guides here. Have you been to Riviera Maya before?

Hosting a Travel Channel TV series in Tokyo! Using Happn app to meet new people through everyday coincidences.

tokyo travel tips blog

Tokyo remains one of my favorite cities on the planet. There’s always something new (and usually cute!) to discover here.

I recently filmed in Japan with a new Travel Channel TV series, and am delighted to finally share behind-the-scenes from the shoot.

As we whiz through Tokyo’s coolest districts, I’ll also introduce you to a fabulous French app called Happn, which seizes everyday coincidences and lets you meet the people you cross paths with!

Last month, I revealed I’m the host of a new Travel Channel TV series (Japan episode) called “Could I Live There?” Above is a teaser clip; you can also see it on YouTube.

(“Tokyo’s Cute Culture” airs again on March 29th at 8:30am. Soon, the show will be available for download on Amazon.)

tokyo street crossing

The Travel Channel team and I filmed all over Tokyo. Can you imagine how many people I must have walked past, during this TV shoot alone?

I snapped this photo in busy Akihabara, and it made me think. People are always on their phones, and yet, it can be hard to start up a real-life conversation.

shibuya beauty makeup

I was excited to learn Happn was launching in Japan, as it’s a brilliant way to bridge these gaps.

This free app lets you give a second chance at a first encounter. It first launched in Paris in 2014, and is now is in over 35 cities worldwide.

happn french app

Happn is all about facilitating real-life connections. Every time you cross paths with another user, their profile appears on your app: a starting point for getting to know someone new.

travel channel woman tv host show

On a busy day like my Travel Channel TV shoot, I’m sure I walked by or near tons of interesting people. (The app connects you with users within a 250m radius.)

However when we’re caught up in work, or in a hurry to reach the next location, there’s no time to interact.

hachiko statue shibuya station

We filmed an intro at Hachiko dog statue, near the busy Shibuya crossing. As many as 2500 pedestrians cross this street every time the light changes!

tokyo busiest street crossing shibuya

So many people gather here in Shibuya — but are often too shy to strike up a conversation.

Happn lets them see the number of times they’ve crossed paths with someone, as well as the time and approximate location of the last encounter.

shibuya station meeting point

Wouldn’t it be fun if the fellow behind me was checking his phone, and finding me on Happn?

namie amuro face makeup

If there’s a user who you want to get to know better, you can Heart their profile (the person doesn’t get a notification, so it’s private). If that person Hearts you too, you can then start up a conversation.

You never know… one of the people you cross paths with could be a special guy or girl destined for you!

travel channel tv cameraman crew

I love how Happn lets me meet new friends with common interests. As you know, I’m an animal lover… and was in my element when we filmed at Deco’s Dog Cafe.

japanese poodle cute

Owners bring their puppies here to dine on gourmet food, and see other dogs.

deco dog cafe tokyo

In Japan, locals can be reticent about conversing with people they don’t know. An app like Happn breaks the ice.

“Hi, I was at Deco cafe too! Where did your poodle get her cute dress from?”

dog food recipes cookbook

“Perhaps we can exchange cooking tips for organic dog food!”

Akihabara buildings streets

I have a feeling Happn will be especially popular in Akihabara, the high-tech otaku district. 

maid cafe akiba tokyo

Maid cafes are big here, since they let customers talk to the staff about manga, anime and other “nerdy” interests. 

anime shops tokyo

No need to be shy when you can first chat about shared hobbies on the app.

odaiba onsen Oedo Monogatari

As you can see, I went to all types of neighborhoods for my Travel Channel shoot. We filmed a segment at the Odaiba hot springs, Oedo-Onsen-Monogatari. 

tokyo shinto temple gates

The final “decision scene” took place at a verdant Shinto temple.

japan buddha statue

In the end, did my “relocation” clients decide to move to Japan? You’ll have to tune in to find out. (“Could I Live There”? airs regularly on Travel Channel.)

asakasa modern architecture

I think anyone new to Japan would have fun using the French app Happn. It’s a charming way to meet people, from real life encounters.

japan travel instagram

Who knows — you could bond over your passion for kawaii mascots, creepy accessories, or a heaping plate of pasta!

happn app japan logo

Perhaps you’ll even cross paths with me! (If you’re intrigued, here’s where you can find out more about Happn.)

Hearts for all of you — I wouldn’t have these opportunities in Japan without your support. More Tokyo coverage to come, and I hope you enjoy the Travel Channel show that I hosted.