We are...

Tokyo Japan TV & Film Fixers + On-Camera Hosts + Japan Translators & Travel Guides
Production Coordinators + Trendhunters + Consultants + Promoters + Social Media Experts

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We specialize in...

Japan + Cosplay + Alternative + Goth + Food + Japanese Bagel-Heads
Pop Culture + Youth Subcultures + Trends, Art, Fashion, Music, Nightlife

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We arranged 4 TV shows about Japanese bagelheads (bagel head forehead body modification), including for Fuel and National Geographic Taboo. Click for more about Japan bagelhead inflation and to work with us.

Why you should hire us

La Carmina & the Pirates are prominent, active participants in alternative youth subcultures -- especially in Japan. In addition to Tokyo, we specialize in Vancouver, Portland, Hong Kong and other major cities.

We've got the insight. Connections. Professional experience. We're experts in Japanese trends, language and business formalities.

We've fixed/hosted TV shows for: Travel Channel “Bizarre Foods,” Discovery TV “Oddities”, National Geographic “Taboo”, Food Network "World's Weirdest Restaurants," CBS “The Doctors,” NBC “Today Show,” CNN, NHK "Kawaii TV", Canal Plus, Pro Sieben, Norway TV and more. See our video clips

What we can do

- Japan is notoriously difficult to access and film. As local production coordinators (fixers), we’ll take care of shooting permits, language, logistics, local casting and negotiations.

- La Carmina is a colorful TV host, author of 3 books, and popular blogger. As an on-camera guide, she can conduct interviews and speak knowledgably about Japan, fashion, travel & trends.

- We’ll reach out to famous designers, artists, bands and fashionistas to be in your project.

- We provide insight into underground cultures and trends. As insiders, we have rare access into subcultures. Translating, connecting, coolhunting -- we do it all.

- We will promote your company to our large social network and blog audience worldwide. Details here.

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TOQUE DE TOKYO, ANTOINE DE CAUNES JAPON DOCUMENTAIRE: CANAL PLUS. FRENCH TRAVEL TV SHOW, CO-HOSTED BY LA CARMINA. CANAL + DOCUMENTARY WITH Eurotrash host, peter stuart, tv programmes, tour à Tokyo, rapido television, japanese fashion style, pop culture, weird japan, tv show, documentaire, tv host, CUTE, SEXY JAPANESE GIRLS lolita dress. travel show host

LA CARMINA - TV hosting reel
includes CNN, Discovery Oddities, Bizarre Foods on Travel Channel, NHK, NBC Today Show.

tokyo tv host, japan pop culture expert, subcultures harajuku

Who we are...

- Captain: La Carmina (a recognized pop culture/alt/Japan author, blogger, TV host & consultant)
- First Mate: Naomi Rubin (an experienced translator/arranger, fluent in Japanese)
- The Crew: We work with reliable team of "pirates" that provides expert, insider insight and access.

All aboard? Let's discuss!