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DJ Sisen from Tokyo, Japan. cyber rave fashion, Takuya Angel Japanese designer. Crazy biohazard goggles, faux fur seeing eye backpack.

And after a long absence… the two-member Committee is back! La Carmina is, of course, the girl who brings you Tokyo alternative fashion on this blog. Ronan has a few accomplishments but is best known for being Basil Farrow’s father. In this edition, we deconstruct DJ Sisen of Tokyo Decadance, Dark Castle, and other Gothic nocturnal haunts. It’s all in good fun, so put on your humor hats and read on!

RONAN: Carmina, I thought I told you to take off your goggles in the house. Also, there is something on this person’s back. Swat it off for her.
CARMINA: That’s…. a boy. You and your inability to differentiate!
RONAN: Oh no. Palm to face. Again.
CARMINA: AGAIN! Seriously, you thought DJ Sisen was a girl?
RONAN: It’s a problem! I have a problem!
CARMINA: Stick a pacifier in your mouth and suck. It’ll make you feel better.

Tokyo shopping. DJ Sisen from Japan of Tokyo Decadance nightlife and nightclub. Wild cyber rave fashion, Takuya Angel Japanese designer brand  clothing from Harajuku store. Crazy biohazard goggles, faux fur seeing eye backpack.

RONAN: So is the second photo the same person from the waist down?
CARMINA: It sure is.
RONAN: I…am now even more disturbed about your gender claims.
CARMINA: Those hipbones…
RONAN: DJ whatsit waxes? You know what, let’s not discuss.
CARMINA: He’s wearing a well-known Japanese cyber brand, Takuya Angel.
RONAN: Moving swiftly along, as dude skirts go, this one is… cheerful. I dig the Hello Kitty ripoff sidekick.
CARMINA: You’d wear it?
RONAN: Hells yeah, I’ll wear a stuffed animal on my skirt. The bag looks recently deceased, but at least it matches the other recently deceased thing on his back.
CARMINA: At least it’s obviously faux fur. No Basils died in the making of this outfit
RONAN: Yes. We are pro faux here. You know, say what you want, but this outfit requires commitment. Homegirl takes his dead-animal-wearing-anime-clown-skirt seriously. And I can get behind that.
CARMINA: He does this on a nightly basis at Tokyo clubs.
RONAN: Bless him.
CARMINA: He often wears a neon green penis barrette in his cyber dreads.
RONAN: Ah, the classic cyber-dread-penis-barrette look. I hear it goes great with a suit.
CARMINA: I’ll make you a pink one to wear to your next shindig.
RONAN: I’ll take it. Now do I get my cat back?
CARMINA: We’ll let him decide whether he wants to live with mommy or daddy. (slips Basil a vial of catnip)
RONAN: I can see where this is going. Ruh roh. Just promise not to wear him out to clubs, okay? DJ Sisen might skin him.

Cute cat scarf, cute fake fur animal accessory from Japan. Wild Harajuku girls style and fashion.

CARMINA: Too late.
RONAN: There’s something to be said for a woman who knows how to wear a fake dead cat with conviction. Hats off, Carmina.
CARMINA: Pants off, Basil’s father!

Curtains and a round of tomatoes! For more witty repartee, check out The Committee category. The credits roll to one of my favorite Italodance tracks…

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