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Busy, busy!
I’ve confirmed that I’m hosting a TV show in Tokyo, with arranging by my Pirate Mate Naomi. Details to come.
A big feature about yours truly will be published tomorrow…
♥ Here’s a preview of the Blablahospital modeling shoot that Seba and I did in LA. Photos soon.

I’m also churning out work for Huffington Post. Here is my latest Huff Post article about maintaining good skin while travelling. Please support by reading it here or below. (Likes, Shares and Tweets are always appreciated!)

HUFFINGTON POST TRAVEL: BEST SKIN CARE TIPS & PRODUCTS WHEN FLYING ON A PLANE. blogging for huffington post, huff post paid writers bloggers, journalist, tv host, noh8 tattoo, noh8 logo, no h8, campaign for gay marriage rights

Airplane Skincare Tips: A Travel TV Host’s Guide to Saving Your Skin
Nothing ravages a complexion faster than a long-haul flight. I’d know. My work puts me on ten-hour plane rides, several times a year. Too often, I’ve left America with a smooth face — and arrived in Asia looking like sandpaper.

Unfortunately, when you’re a travel TV host, having nice skin is essentially a job requirement.

So I’ve done my research, and tested out various skincare routines while on the road. Here’s the sum of my knowledge. May it save your skin.

What to Put in Your Suitcase

Stress makes a mess of skin, so I try to pack well in advance.

What are the safest and most effective products? Take a peek at Beautypedia, a database of science-based cosmetic reviews. It’s search-able by brand, price, and rating — and free until February 28th.

Remember to bring…
♥ Daily skincare items: cleanser, toner, moisturizer (ideally with sun protection).
♥ An exfoliant, to remove the dead layers of skin. Choose an AHA or BHA formula (this is the difference) over harsh facial scrubs.
♥ Don’t forget: makeup remover, cotton swabs, sunscreen, body lotion, speciality products (such as for wrinkles or blemishes).
♥ Omega 3 supplements and low doses of zinc can help improve the skin’s appearance.
♥ I wrap the bottles well, ideally standing up in a waterproof pouch like this one.

Carry-On Baggage Essentials
What’s allowed in the overhead compartment? As of this writing, liquids in 3-ounce containers: as many as can fit in a 1-quart clear, zip-top bag.

My must-haves…
♥ Lip balm. The re-circulated air dries out my lips.
♥ Hand cream. My hands get scruffed from taking out my passport and boarding pass – again and again — before boarding.
♥ On long flights, I pack a 3-ounce bottle of toner and moisturizer to keep refreshed.
♥ For sunny destinations, I bring sunscreen and a hat. For cold climates, a scarf and gloves.

HUFFINGTON POST TRAVEL: BEST SKIN CARE TIPS & PRODUCTS WHEN FLYING ON A PLANE. blogging for huffington post, huff post paid writers bloggers, journalist, tv host, noh8 tattoo, noh8 logo, no h8, campaign for gay marriage rights

The Day of the Flight
I set aside enough time for my basic routine of cleansing, toning, moisturizing. Instead of wearing makeup, I throw on a pair of big sunglasses.

UV rays are stronger at high altitudes and pass through airplane windows. So I apply loads of sunscreen, or SPF moisturizer.

At the airport, I wash my hands frequently. It’s a general skincare rule – “don’t touch your face” — but especially important in dirty waiting areas.

What to Eat (and Not Eat)
Airport food is not very skin-friendly. (And majorly overpriced. 80 cents for a bruised banana? Please.) I tuck away a nutrient-dense meal before a flight. Lean protein and vegetables type of thing.

Lately, I’ve been skipping the latte in the waiting lounge. Recent research has linked milk and sugar consumption to acne.

I avoid eating on short flights. For long hauls, I order healthy meals in advance (JAL’s vegan meals are surprisingly palatable). I also bring a small bag of organic, unsalted nuts to snack on.


Keeping Hydrated
As soon I sit down, I close the air vent above the seat. When the flight attendant hands out wet towels, I wipe the arm rests and food tray.

I order water, soda water, tomato juice or green tea from the drink cart. Yes, I’m annoying: I’ll ask for the whole can, and push the button for more. Whatever keeps me hydrated.

On longer flights, I’ll tone and moisturize during a bathroom break. I avoid wetting my face with water, since the low-humidity environment sucks moisture out of damp skin.

Upon Arrival
If there’s a climate change, I bundle up or whip out the sun protection.

I try to head straight to my hotel and put my legs up. Fill up on water and search for a healthy meal. Apply a face mask or exfoliant.

And sleep — a lot. The next day, I’m refreshed and ready for the cameras.

How do you salvage your skin when you’re travelling? What are your favorite tips?

Big hugs if you Like, Share or Comment on my Huffington Post article about travel skincare. If you read it carefully, you can also figure out my new TV job…

Japanese Word of the Day: Koutsuhi = Travel expense
Song of the Day: Subtonix – Black Nails In My Coffin

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  • congrats!!! I just found the article very interesting I never though before about how much my skin would suffer while traveling. Thanks for the amazing info :***

  • Congratulations! And thanks a bunch for these really helpful tips on airplane skincare! I will definitely make good use of these on my next trip to Tokyo!! Who knows, perhaps I’ll see you there this summer~~~ Take care ♥

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    I love this!! Thanks for the tips

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    fabulous article girl!!

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    i need to try these. my hands get dry like snakeskin all the time on flights :[

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  • Sylvia

    Love those eyes.. ❥

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    Spooky & gorgeous as always. Nice eyelashes btw :3

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    i think big eye makeup looks good on you :) somehow it doesnt look freakish? it just looks right XD

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    Awesome eyes, looks fantastic!

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    I love the eye make-up! These are all good tips especially staying hydrated and of course, getting enough sleep before helps too.

    • Sleep does WONDERS. I’m a big supporter of ZZZZ ;)

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    definitely love! never tried it but i’m seriously thinking abt it! although i have only a pair of lashes for the upper lid :/ and i don’t know what u use…i’ll do my version xDDD as i did with your fangs lip make up xD i did a real version :P

    • I wore the fang lipstick look again recently hehe

  • I’ve found there are many things that people can do to improve skin… Paula’s Choice articles are a great start!

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    I read the article off of the Huffington Post before your blog. The pictures in the blog added some interesting visuals to the article. ;)
    Thank you for sharing those tips!!~ ♥

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  • Wowww this is a very useful post!!! I’ll share it with my friends!!!!
    I think eat health and fresh is the best way to have best skin no matter you’re where:D
    And can’t wait for your new hosting job

  • Wowww this is a very useful post!!! I’ll share it with my friends!!!!
    I think eat health and fresh is the best way to have best skin no matter you’re where:D
    And can’t wait for your new hosting job

  • Clare

    i Carmina! First of all I’d like to congratulate you for all the great job opportunities you are being offered!! :D you must be pretty busy!!! Secondly, I really like your article about how to keep healthy skin during flights… Being a beauty therapist, I admit to agree on everything you said :3 And thirdly, I love your doll make-up, you’re simply gorgeoussss! xD keep it up dear!!! Mwah, mwaaah! <3

    • Thank you Clare!! You’re awesome ♥

  • I love this post! <3 I have to come back to it in July before my trip. Which brings me to my question- Do you have any tips for readjusting to the new timezone? Last time I was out there it took weeks to adjust!

    • <3 <3
      Hmm, I just try to stay up until it's a decent hour to go to bed (9-10pm)… I try to match my wake/sleep hours and eating times to the destination as much as I can. Some people take melatonin to help, but I haven't tried. Usually it takes a few days… weeks is crazy! haha.

  • Yay! These tips are so usefull! Sometimes if i dont have the chance to use the bathroom in flights ill use a facial wipe thats 3 in 1 (cleanse, tone, moisterise) and moisterising cream. And i drink plenty of water.

  • Magnales

    Hahaha, that list sounds so funny. I can only think of sarcasm reading that!

    Really, There are not much more UV-rays at high altitude. It is true though, but to apply sunblock? I’d be much more scared of cosmic rays. They are much more dangerous. They pierce through the plane (not just through the window) and cause DNA-mutations in the body. If you take a Geiger-Müller counter with you on a plane, you’ll be scared to death. The highest cancer rates are among pilots and air hostesses.

    Bruised bananas are bad? Why? They’re actually ripe when they have a few brown spots and therefore have much more taste and sweetness. They’re only bad when the inside gets brown. But that could take weeks. When you order a tasty banana milkshake/smoothie, it’s actually made of these ripe bananas. The ‘nice’ and spotless bananas are just lying on the counter. Waiting to ripen and be used.

    Personally, I have enough with lip balm and hand cream. And I really do not care about microbes on the seat: it gets cleaned before the flight.

    • Magnales

      About the banana: it takes a week, not ‘weekS’.

    • Magnales

      Oh, and not to forget! The best way to get over a jetleg is actually to get out first. Especially if it’s day outside but your body thinks it’s night. Getting outside in the sun helps to get in the new day/night rhythm. Otherway around, when you arrive at night: dim all the lights in your hotelroom. The darkness causes your body to secrete melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy.

  • Thanks for these tips.Youe eyes are so beautiful.Personally i like big eyes.

  • Eriko

    I use an astringent during summer and sometimes I switch to moisturizing lotion during winter (for obvious reasons) after I wash my face. But I don’t think I should mix the two. xD

  • Kettyflora

    we would not have to struggle with beauty products. But, unfortunately
    many factors take away the skin you were blessed with. Some factors are
    aging, pollution, ad health, improper diet and use of improper skin damaging products.  

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    The tips explained in the post sounds really good and impressive. I will
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