Studded leather camera strap, skull & leopard print! iMo straps giveaway: hip DSLR photographer accessories.

iMo camera straps, studded leather & leopard print, designer customized cameras accessories

Ho ho ho, I’m in Santa mode! Announcing another cool giveaway — this time, for a designer camera strap by iMo.

I love to decorate everything, from iPhones to fingernails. But I never thought about replacing my flimsy, standard neck-strap — until iMo hooked me up with this rock star accessory.

Read on for a chance to win a designer DSLR strap of your choice!

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This black beauty is made from genuine leather and pierced all over with six types of studs. Despite the metal, the camera strap is lightweight and feels great around the neck.

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The strap works itself seamlessly into my personal style, and is easy to attach to any DSLR camera (like my Sony A-700). The length is adjustable.

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Wool gloves: gifted by Etre. This is the Fivepoint Victoria from their latest collection. Etre also has “touchy” gloves with a cut-off thumb and index, so you can still use touch-screens.
Fitted leather jacket: Danier Canada (similar to this hooded leather jacket)
King lion top: Izzue store, Hong Kong (similar to this lion shirt)

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iMo’s camera straps are handmade, and tested to hold over 55 kg. They have three varieties: leather, cotton tape, and neoprene with quick release buckles (making it easier to use a tripod).

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Here’s your chance to win 1 of 2 camera straps of your choice. All you have to do is:

1) Like iMo’s Facebook page
2) Browse their shop ( and comment in this post, letting me know which design is your favorite. You can also comment on my Facebook wall or email me.
– Bonus points if you Like La Carmina’s Facebook as well.

Contest is open worldwide and ends midnight Pacific Time on Dec 25, 2012. Winners picked at random. iMo is responsible for mailing the strap.

hong kong street lights, neon signs, hong kong china, hong kong street scene, hong kong buildings

Here are some of my city photos of Hong Kong, where iMo is based. The Central district juxtaposes rich and poor.

chinese city life, china nightlife, chinese street photography, hong kong street style, 香港

Neon signs advertise saunas, implying “special services”…

Kowloon apartment buildings, old kowloon flats, hong kong streets, hong kong flat

Old-school apartment building in Kowloon.

sogo hong kong, sogo causeway bay, sogo japanese department store, sogo hk, causeway bay shopping

Quite the contrast from Causeway Bay, home to trendy department stores like the Japanese Sogo.

hong kong street lights, neon signs, hong kong china

Cute characters are as popular here as in Japan.

Bruce Lee statue, Avenue of Stars in Tsim Tsa Shui, hong kong bruce lee monument

Bruce Lee statue on Avenue of Stars in Tsim Tsa Shui.

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre,  junk boat ride hong kong harbour, avenue of stars Tsim Tsa Shui

The traditional junk boat is now a ride for tourists.

leather camera straps, studded leather strap, skull print neck strap, cool camera accessories

Do you enjoy taking photos, as a hobby or professionally? What are your favorite subjects? Don’t I look like Kenny from South Park?

The giveaway only takes a minute to enter, so let’s do it! Tell me your favorite iMo camera strap and Like their Facebook to win 1 of 2 (leopard, skull, rainbow, leather — anything goes). Good luck and merry Christmas!

PS: you can also get a 20% discount off any camera strap with coupon code “lacarmina” – valid until Dec 31.


  • Flora

    I like the skull one!! thanks La carmina!

  • Niru

    RAINBOW FTW! I like these alot

  • <3 the skull one, but the spiked one would go with everything.

    My favorite will always be leopard:

  • Sierra Bishop

    *___* that studded strap is really nice!

  • MelissaRundle

    Love your outfits in this article! There are SO many camera straps I like from !MO but my favorites are American Star, Classic Damask Brown and Indian Mirror. Such unique and stylish designs!

  • Jerry

    Studded one is fav!

  • Leyla

    I am not interested in any giveaways that don’t involve me somehow owning Basil Yuen Farrow hahahah

  • s0nicfreak

    My fav is “crayon” but rainbow is a very close second!

  • Liz

    Sweet jacket!

  • ladycaos

    Wow, that’s so stylish! I never thought that also camera straps could be stylish XD I love the studded one you’re giving away, but also the checkered red one and the leopard print one.

  • Nice photos! :)

  • Juxica Baroque

    This article is great! Perfect since I’ll get my 1st slr camera for Xmas! (so excited! lol). I browsed the !MO site & I like the variety of straps! The Jacquard straps are really nice, but my gothic heart is set on the awesome leather spiked & studded strap! lol Thank you for sharing this LaCarmina!

  • Loving this camera strap, it suits you perfectly!

    Please enter me into the giveaway
    I would love to win a strap to match yours :D

  • Melanie

    Holy moly… you are so cute & that might just be the coolest camera strap EVER!!

    I absolutely love the studded strap, & the checked yellow one!

    Thanks SO much for the chance. xx

  • the iMo straps are very nice! love the uniqueness of the Jacquard series. though the studded leather strap definitely rocks the best!! please enter me into the giveaway and thanks for sharing La Camina!!

  • Zhian

    The Classic Damask Navy is just gorgeous! Love the studded leather strap you are rocking too.

  • The Japanese owl is beyond adorable!! :3 But I don’t have a jacket to match like you, you cutie! Shame! :p
    Thanks for Sharing! :3

  • Renée Gschaid

    I’m rather fond of the Magic Planet Studded & Spiked Leather Strap since none of the others really seem to be my style otherwise.

  • Letician


  • Bara


  • (゚Д゚)!!!!! Choose just one?! Oh but I love them all! I think the studded and spiked leather strap is probably the best, but American star is so great as well~! o(≧∇≦)o

  • I love the Cherry strap!

  • Yume

    LEATHER + STUDSSSS so badass

  • Melanie

    I would love the Japanese Owl strap.

  • robert

    The stud one is epic killer

  • Bill

    Sign me up! (leather studs) !!

  • Damien

    Awesome ^^ i would love the leather studs one

  • I’ll go with leather stud, you can’t go wrong with black especially with leather

  • jennifer

    i like the animal print (leopard one) the best and liked the fb page

  • wow, i never thought about any different strap fro my camera either… this is so awesome XDD totally liking your facebook!!!

    i love taking pictures, both as a hobby and professional! i am a graphic designer, but i like it more when i can work with my own pictures ^_^ plus, i just love taking random pics of everything!!

    the straps are all so awesome, i can’t decide XDDD but i guess i will go with the cute owls and sakura flowers!! because i’m totally into owls right now, and they look gorgeous <3

  • Mimo

    Cherry strap !!!

  • Kajsa

    I have never really given it a thought that you could buy another strap for your camera xD But now i have, and i think that it’s pretty cool ^^ I have done everything on the list, and i would like to have the leather strap with studs ^^

  • Caitlin McGhee

    The Magic Planet Studded & Spiked Leather Strap is my favorite. ^^

  • LOVE:

    hope i win xx


  • jessa

    That Japanese Owl strap is freakin’ sweet!

  • mankai

    The black leather stud strap is rocking awesome!!! I love it :3, and I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time!!! My old strap was decorated by me but it’s not pro of course so it’s nice to see that someone made it properly for us!!! :)


  • Black Feathers

    If hadn’t spent all my money this month, that camera strap would be on my list of stuff I want. I love taking photographs, but mostly of old buildings, graveyards, and also nature-y things. I just take photographs of things that look interesting. Your photographs are really interesting. I’d like to see more of them :)

  • Lucy

    Nice photos :)

  • pierrette w

    i looked at all of them and well the leather one with the studs is the best :-) (Magic Planet Studded & Spiked Leather Strap)

  • app1egb

    I like the Red Village strap.. skulls!!!

  • Billy

    Nice. Love Hong Kong.

  • Nira

    Merry Christmas ^v^ Owl strap please!

  • Well, I’m doing this for my sister that happens to be in photography. She does it for school and hobby. I’ve looked through, Classic Damask Navy looks good.

  • I like the Violet Diamond strap!

  • I Like La Carmina’s Facebook Page

  • I Like iMo’s Facebook page

  • I like the Magic Planet Studded & Spiked Leather Strap!

  • Elaine Heaney

    obviously all the straps are awesome, but the Magic Planet Studded & Spiked Leather Strap!!!!!

  • Jessica

    I liked the imo page and love the camera strap with the owl!

  • Josh McNamara

    I absolutely adore the Color Dot because it seems almost 8bit esque. Very gamer retro.

  • jr

    just curious… u prefer Hong Kong over Seoul?