Cover model for Dark Beauty Magazine! Hong Kong Gothic Lolita photoshoot: Spider fashion line, Mongkok modeling.

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Dark Beauty Magazine strikes again… Get to know La Carmina as she adorns our first issue of 2013!”

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What can I say? It’s an incredible honor to be on the cover of this much-loved, dark fashion magazine. I can’t thank the Dark Beauty enough, and my team for creating these glorious images.

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You’ll have to get a copy of Dark Beauty Magazine to see the full photoshoot, but here are two alternate images to whet your appetite.

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John Skeleton modeled with me, in the streets of Hong Kong.

dark beauty street style, goth model, gothic fashion photography, GOTHIC LOLITA brands

Gigantic thank yous to…
Photographer: Ken Yuen
Assistant Photographer: Jacqueline Kwok (noircorner)
Photo manipulations: Kanae Hamatsuka
Hair: Emma Woodall of Toni & Guy Hong Kong
Wardrobe: Spider by Natalie Lam, Hong Kong (pictured below)

dark beauty magazine, goth model, gothic modeling, alternative model, la carmina goth, lolita dress

Let’s take a behind-the-scenes peek at how the shoot took place.

toni and guy hong kong, toni guy hair, asia street style, hong kong shopping guide

We started the day in Soho, at the Toni & Guy Hong Kong hair salon. A magazine photoshoot is the perfect excuse to wear dramatic, crimped hair.

toni and guy hong kong, toni guy hair, deathrock hairstyle, goth hair

Emma Woodall did this masterful hair styling. She also created my spray-painted locks for Hong Kong Social Media week (fashion bloggers panel).

goth punk fashion hong kong, SPIDER gothic lolita, shopping MONGKOK, asia street fashion, dress

Onwards to Mongkok. I wanted to shoot in the streets, under the famous neon signs, to capture the energy and color of Hong Kong.

dark beauty magazine, hong kong photographer, GOTHIC LOLITA clothing hong kong, china goth

We reunited with Natalie Lam of Spider, a Hong Kong Gothic Lolita designer. (Remember when Seby and I visited her store last year?) I adore her designs: elegant frills, corset lacing, Victorian accessories.

dark beauty magazine, goth model, egl, elegant gothic lolita

John and I wore her clothing for the shoot. We thought it’d be a nice departure from the usual Japanese Gothic & Lolita brands that you see in magazines.

la carmina egl, goth fashion, studded black dress, pirate tshirt

I did some shopping at the same time… bought this Pirate Rum shirt, and studded dress (I ended up wearing it on TV: CBS The Doctors).

spider hong kong, where to buy goth clothes hong kong, cosplay goth lolita

If you visit Spider, you absolutely must stop by Spider (say hi for me). The shop is in Mongkok; address, maps and directions here.

dark beauty magazine, goth magazine, gothic lolita photoshoot

What do you think of our photos? To see all the images and read my interview, grab a copy of Dark Beauty Magazine: Jan 2013 street-style issue, with La Carmina on the cover (it comes in digital, print, and both). Thank you everyone — what a dream!

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