Gothic fashion blogger editorials: cover of Cut Out + Keep Snippets magazine, Wantering blog.

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Now that the exclusivity period’s over, I can share more images from my Hong Kong Gothic Lolita shoot, published in several magazines.

Photographer: Ken Yuen
Assistant Photographer: Jacqueline Kwok (noircorner)
Photo manipulations: Kanae Hamatsuka
Hair: Emma Woodall of Toni & Guy Hong Kong
Wardrobe: Spider by Natalie Lam, Hong Kong

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I’m honored to be on the cover of Cut Out + Keep’s Snippets Magazine. They did a thoughtful interview with me about coolhunting, extreme body modifications, and my dream travel TV show. In the “superhero” interview, I also reveal how I find time to blog between all the madness.

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In addition, Wantering blog named me their latest Trendsetter. “Find out more about her alternative style, Japanese fashion and her cat, Basil Farrow” in the article.

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Fuksja, a Polish vintage fashion magazine, interviewed me and gave me the full back cover. Coming up: features in Elle, and South China Morning Post.

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Such fun to model with John Skeleton (he’ll soon contribute a London Goth guide to this blog). We’re wearing local Gothic Lolita brand Spider.

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Kanae’s photo manipulations put me in a sci-fi world (more on her Tumblr).

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Striking a pose on “Women Street”. Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities in the world. Find out why in my blog series and on Discover HK’s Facebook.

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I leave you with two photos, taken with a film camera by Jacqueline Kwok (noircorner) and assisted by Ken Yuen.

GOTHIC LOLITA brands hong kong, china gothic, goth punk fashion hong kong, spider gothic lolita dress, goth magazine model

Nothing beats old-school film, don’t you think?

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This series originally appeared in the January 2013 issue of Dark Beauty, with La Carmina on the cover. You can still pick up a copy and see more photos.

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Do you like it when I dress like “Goth Princess Peach”? Got ideas for my next photoshoot? Let me know in the comments!

  • Wantering

    Thank you! You look stunning in the new photos!! Looking forward to doing more with you soon! xo

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    Fabulous set of photos! I love your crimped hair, and Kanae Hamatsuka give the pictures a wonderfully hallucinatory feel . . . Is the Elle magazine the same edition that appears in the UK?

    • I will let you know when it’s out~

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    i love these!!!!!

    more please more!

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    I think is my favorite photo shoot of you yet! So dreamy, truly works of art!

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    greetings from Poland btw :)

    • That’s awesome! Thanks for supporting, I hope to visit Poland.

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    I actually really LOVEE these photos!:D.

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    Old-school film cameras, wicked photo-manipulations and some pretty Goth-Loli dresses. Like what’s there not to love really?

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    Cool – I’m happy for you!!

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    Thank you very much like our design ^ ^ Next time back to Hong Kong , visit me ^^

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