Ladies of Steampunk magazine cover! Modeling in Japan: two horns hairstyle, leather octopus corset.

ladies of steampunk magazine, steam girl model, japanese model

I’ve adored Steampunk for years, and have exciting news to share. Today, the latest issue of Ladies of Steampunk Magazine is out, with devil-haired Carmina on the cover!

steampunk tokyo japan, steampunk fashion designer

The magazine does a wonderful job of capturing this unique subculture and its fashion. In a six-page feature, they interviewed me about the colorful Japan Steampunk scene, including the groundbreaking party Steam Garden. You can get a digital or print copy here, and see more on their Facebook.

dracula clothing, octopus corset

Can you tell I had fun shooting these photos in Nakano? I worked with the same team that did my Adone Magazine shots: photograher Said Karlsson and hairstylist Kukukachoo.

steampunk skirt, brass clockwork necklace, modeling

Octopus corset: gifted by Dracula Clothing (remember when I visited their steampunk-Victorian showroom in Prague?)
Skull and crossbones necklace: gifted by Ghostlove
Long lace skirt: gifted by Corset Chick

rainbow hair extensions, steam-punk hair style

We enjoyed putting a Japan-anime twist on traditional Steampunk style. Do you like my two-horned hair?

dracula clothing, japanese steampunk, tokyo model

My blue and purple hair extensions are the masterwork of Lulu Kukukachoo, Tokyo-based stylist. She used an ingenious method to create the cone shapes, then twisted and pinned these acrylic hues into place. She’s available for everything from avantgarde styling to basic haircuts, via Hair by Kukukachoo.

steampunk designer, model, lacarmina

It was fun to look for Victorian-esque backdrops around Nakano. This curving gate was a great find.

victorian long skirt, lace black asymmetrical skirt

As was the wooden front of a Japanese restaurant.

steampunk dress, leather corset top

Brown, beige and black graffiti. I like how my hair flips up at the ends.

japanese woodcut, nakano japan

Photographer Said is wonderful to work with; he’s easygoing and has a great feel for shots and lighting. He also runs Tokyo Faces, a street fashion photo-blog with daily photos.

rainbow hair extensions, pink blue hair, steam-punk hair

In my Q&A, I talk about the emerging scene in Japan, led by my friends Kenny Creation and Luke Chaos, who organized the party Steam Garden. Soon, I’ll post photos from their most recent event, which shows the spectrum of steam-punk fashion in Japan (including Lolita versions).

steampunk victorian, clothing, couture

Want to see and learn more? Pick up a copy of the magazine. Thanks to Ladies of Steampunk for the grand honor.

steampunk couture, fashion, clothes, steam-punk

Do you like how I added inspiration from Harajuku style tribes into this outfit? How do you like Steampunk culture and clothing?

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