Watch Oddities TV show, Season 4: La Carmina guest star! Obscura Antiques, Discovery Science Channel video.

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I know you’ve been waiting for this… La Carmina on Oddities! My TV show appearance premieres June 8, 9pm ET/PT on Science Channel, and then airs on repeat.

My episode is called “The Mummy Returns” (Season 4, Episode 11). Below is a short clip — watch me purchase a large, fuzzy reminder of home!

Do you like what I wore on-camera? Keep reading for outfit details, and a zillion Obscura shop photos.

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Owners Mike Zohn and Evan Michelson are lovely in person. I frequented their store years ago, before the TV show came along.

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They loved my custom, skeleton corset. Quite appropriately, the sign above me reads “Torture.”

Skeleton corset: loaned by Wilde Hunt Corsetry — her designs are spooky-gorgeous!
Victorian dress and lace shrug: gifted by Heavy Red
Bone and devil hair clips: gifted by Kreepsville 666

oddities, goth tv host, Mike Zohn, Evan Michelson, Ryan Matthew, oddities antiques

For those who don’t know, the hit TV show “Oddities” is about Obscura, this little East Village shop of horrors. In each episode, the owners meet kooky customers and help them pick out items. For example, they helped the Speakeasy Dollhouse creator find a gurney for her immersive play.

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The store is not for the faint of heart. Organs, skulls and animal heads abound.

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Ryan, Evan and Mike are often here, manning the counter and signing autographs for fans.

la carmina oddities, goth hair style, two buns goth hairstyle, skeleton hair clips

It’s hard to believe that we filmed this episode last August, in New York City! My hair color by Isolde Semple; the styling is by Brandon Pope of TIGI NYC

oddities store, stuffed skunk, obscura, nyc antique store, east village antiques

I could have browsed for hours in Obscura Antiques.

oddities, goth store, skeletons, bizarre store, weird antiques

In real life, I bought my friend a jar of chocolate-covered poison from their medicine cabinet. Somehow, I managed to take it through customs.

elk head, goth girl hair, gothic makeup, goth tv host

For the sake of the show, however, I “purchased” this gargantuan, stuffed elk head to remind me of home (Canada, not Japan as some might assume!)

Evan Michelson, Ryan Matthew, oddities videos

The owners are passionate about their collections, and wonderfully knowledgeable. In the clip, I learn about the elk’s horns and history.

oddities, obscura antiques, season 4 episodes

Also for sale: a box of potions…

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… a bear in a hat, a laughing pig,

skulls for sale, skeletons

… and real life skulls.

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Since it was summertime in NYC, I was boiling under my Victorian skirts. The crew interviewed me in the nearby East Village street, about my work in dark coolhunting and travel journalism.

oddities guest star, new york, nyc antiques

Here’s the pirate hat I tried on. Arr.

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“Is that a straightjacket?” Nope, but this two-headed creature is also featured in the show’s intro.

wilde hunt corsets, goth girl hair, gothic makeup, goth tv show

So many creepy and bizarre items in here. I fit right in.

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If you’re in New York, drop by Obscura Antiques and Oddities and say hi for me. The shop address: 207 Avenue A New York, NY 10009. Phone: (212) 505-9251

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I hope you’ll tune in for my appearance on Oddities! “The Mummy Returns” (Season 4 Episode 11) first airs Saturday, June 8th at 9:00 PM ET/PT.

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Don’t worry if you miss it: the show will repeat multiple times on Science Channel / Discovery TV; check the schedule for dates.

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Click to watch my Oddities clip. To view more corsets like the one I’m wearing, visit Wilde Hunt Corsetry.

Are you a fan of this TV show? What would you purchase to remind you of home?


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