My favorite Hong Kong designer fashion & streetwear boutiques: I.T Izzue, Minnie Mouse, Miffy, Hyoma.

miffy twopercent, miffy clothing store

I’ve been traveling so much (on a travel video shoot in Eastern Europe) that I forgot it was my birthday (Aug 17). Woke up to a bunch of well-wishes — thank you! I read and appreciate all your messages.

In June, I did some pre-birthday shopping in Hong Kong, especially at two of my favorite stores: Miffy TwoPercent, and I.T / Izzue. What makes these shops so special?

Nijntje statue, tshirts, clothing

Let’s start with Miffy, who is one of my favorite cute characters. I like her no-frills design: all white, two dots for eyes, and an X mouth.

Miffy purses, hong kong world trade center

Likewise, the fashion collection is sleek and of-the-moment. The bunny face doesn’t overpower the design.

miffy bunny shirt, chinese girls fashion

You can compare these Miffy store photos to the ones I took last year.

hyoma shirt, izzue clothes, pastel goth purses

My other must-see brand is Hyoma, found in the bigger Izzue stores like this one in Causeway Bay. (I.T / Izzue is a chain, but not all carry Hyoma.)

skeleton leggings, tie dye crop top

The picture above says it all. Those cute-face skeleton leggings are now in my possession.

watermelon skirt, fruit top, street style harajuku

The “Harajuku Fruits” style is taken at face value… with this watermelon skirt and top.

minnie mouse fashion, disney clothing line hong kong

Izzue carries a variety of young women’s and men’s brands. Right now, Minnie Mouse has a line with b+ab (last year, they did one with Hello Kitty).

i.t store, it stores, causeway bay hong kong

I.T is the “wishful thinking” section of the store. In other words: gorgeous designer clothes that you likely can’t afford.

chalayan fashion, Hussein Chalayan dresses

Case in point: Hussein Chalayan avantgarde dresses.

goth designer clothing, high fashion

You can find Alexander McQueen and other haute-Gothic favorites.

bros products, a bros, lion purse

On the opposite spectrum, I leave you with these colorful accessories from Bros Products. (Remember when Seby and I visited their design studio?)

What’s your opinion on Chinese streetwear? Do you prefer Miffy, Minnie or Hyoma? Off to celebrate my birthday with friends… at karaoke!