Moi-meme-Moitie graveyard dress! Eco Oscars Lounge gifting suite, Austin Young makeover gallery.

moi meme moitie, lolita skirt print

The Academy Awards were the perfect occasion to debut my Moi-meme-Moitie graveyard dress! I wore it to the Eco Oscars gifting suite, at the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel.

I’ve had my eye on this Gothic Lolita dress (by Mana’s EGL label) since it was first released. This is my favorite from the collection: a JSK with corset lacing down the front, with a dark romantic cemetery print around the bell-skirt. When I was in Tokyo last December, I had a Closet Child discount and saw it on display. Done and done.

moi-meme-moitie sleeping garden, cemetery dress

I coordinated the Moitie dress with a long-sleeved demi-jacket by Marble; it matches the fabric and lacing. My “Minnie Mouse” hair is by Stephanie Hoy in Vancouver; here are more photos of my cheeky gyaru hairstyle. Do you like this unconventional styling?

eco oscars gifting suite

I was invited to the Eco Oscars 2014 gifting lounge, where socially-conscious brands give products to celebrities and influencers. It’s a great way to get the word out, discover new goodies, and (of course) honor the Academy Awards nominees.

celebrities oscars gift lounge 2014

Inside the Beverly Hilton, invitees helped themselves to tequila cocktails and snacks. We browsed the various stations, which gave out jewelry, gowns, hotel stays and more.

skylan brooks actor, academy awards party

I enjoyed meeting creative industry people, like young actor Skylan Brooks, who starred in “Mister and Pete” with Jennifer Hudson.

graveyard print lolita dress, oscars beverly hilton

That day, I picked up light-up lipgloss, argan oil, makeup and more. (Above four photos by Katya Williams.)

ronan farrow's cat watching msnbc

The kind folks at Canine Caviar gave my celebrity cat some holistic, grain-free food to try! Basil Farrow gives it two sideways-paws up. (He watches his dad Ronan Farrow’s TV show with close attention.)

eco friendly sculpture lamp

Love the eco-friendly focus of the gifting suite, such as these funky lamps by David Trubridge. Thanks to the 2014 Eco Oscars Lounge for inviting me to experience this very special event.

austin young gallery opening

Later, I went to a very different party: the opening of photographer Austin Young’s “Glamour Shots” Makeovers, at the recently-opened Good Luck Gallery in Chinatown.

good luck gallery chinatown la

Austin Young invited guests to take part in an interactive photo shoot. Makeup artists helped you get glammed up, and then you could play dress-up from a rack of feather boas, vintage hats and other decadent garments.

austin young photographer makeovers

Such a fun atmosphere. The space was packed with underground types; I spotted drag queens, burlesque makeup and sequined corsets.

lenora claire, bright red hair

Always a pleasure to see Lenora Claire, red-haired mistress of ceremonies.

austin young tranimal photos

The walls of Good Luck Gallery displayed some images from Austin Young’s “Tranimal” series. This aesthetic fuses drag fashion and makeup with surrealism, often with exaggeration of gender.

lgbt portraits, los angeles gay photographer

Provocative, startling, colorful and joyous: I’m a big fan of his work. More on Austin Young’s site.

scary mask, dreadlocks wig

Only in Los Angeles can you attend a Beverly Hills gift lounge and underground art happening on the same day! What’s your impression of these two events?

I’ve been blogging about LA clubs, shops and more for years; check out more of my Los Angeles travel and fashion posts, and leave me a comment if you have questions about the city.


  • Beautiful dress! And Tranimal looks really interesting!

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