San Francisco: Party with us at Wicked Grounds BDSM cafe! Die Schwarze Frau, Japanese drag queen show.

japanese drag queen, sakura blossoms

Here’s the fabulous travel news… I’m off to San Francisco with some of my best friends! Including the sakura-queen Yukiro (above), First Mate Naomi, travel film team extraordinaire Melissa and Eric… And we want you to join our adventure.

wicked grounds bdsm cafe, san francisco

Come to our event, “Pussycat Night: Chained but not Tamed,” at the San Fran BDSM cafe Wicked Grounds! Hang out with us and watch us perform, on Fri May 23rd from 7-9pm.

I’m hosting the festivities, and Naomi will draw a “thing”… you’ll have to show up to see what it is. (The above flyer is her fabulous handiwork; more art is on her Naomiyaki site.)

gothic drag queen

But the star of the show is Yukiro’s Gothic drag queen persona, Die Schwarze Frau. The bloody lady just performed to a crowd of 20,000 at Tokyo Pride, and this will be her international debut. For a preview of the evil, check out the DSF Ameblo.

Die Schwarze Frau, tokyo drag queen

WHEN: Friday May 23, 2014
WHERE: Wicked Grounds (BDSM cafe), 289 8th St, San Francisco, CA 94103
TIME: 7-9pm
All ages! No cover, just order a drink or snacks.

lgbt photography, tokyo japan

I’ve visited San Francisco at least four times, but haven’t been here in recent years. Can’t wait to re-discover the alternative scene, including Goth-fetish club nights, Trannyshack, Japantown, vintage fashion, and more. If you have travel tips for us, please let us know in the comments.

Naoko Tachibana, cross dress japan

Fortunately, Die Schwarze Frau will only be causing mischief at the show. The rest of the time, I’ll be with Yukiro, who you’ll remember from my Wave Gotik Treffen, Berlin, Japan, LA and NY Fashion Week travels.

You can keep up with Yukiro’s photoshoots, events and more on his WordPress blog and Yurara modeling site (focusing on the fem side, with a graceful high fashion feeling).

cross dresser model

These photos of Yukiro are by Japanese photographer Naoko Tachibana, who runs the site Cross Dress Japan.

japanese cross dressing, transsexual model

She was a cosplay model for many years, and became close to people in the Tokyo LGBT scene. Naoko specializes in cross-dressing images like these; her works have been published in two books, and she had a solo exhibition in Taipei, along with features in galleries internationally.

japan lgbt drag performers

I’m in awe at the mood and light that she captures. If you want to work with Naoko in Tokyo, or simply see more of her images, contact her photo studio.

scottish fold fat cat

I leave you with some snaps of another top model: my Scottish Fold, Basil Farrow.

cat with missing ears, no eared cat

For many more round-faced images, peek at his cat blog.

sakura spring flowers modeling

Can’t wait to explore the subcultures of San Fran! Do you have any suggestions for places to visit? Let me know in the comments, or Tweet me @lacarmina.

And please let your SF friends know about our Pussycat Night at Wicked Grounds (May 23, 7-9pm, full details above). Hope to see you there!


  • yukiro

    Whoever is on these fabulous photos must be a SUPERMODELOFTHEWORLD! ^-^
    Can´t wait to do a show in San Fran and to meet my favourite person in the world = You

    • You and Basil Farrow – models extravaganza!
      See you SOON!!

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  • Jarlene

    looooved that!

  • Christiaan

    Go to Angel Island and stay there for a night.

    • Christiaan

      Also the Academy of science nightlife.

      • yukiro

        sounds inturiging, send us a link! :D

    • Thanks for these tips!

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  • Allam

    so cool

  • William

    <3 Adore you two!

  • Lyn Bilodeau

    Looking forward to having you! We started a Facebook event here:

    Cheers –

    • Thanks dear, we’re honored to do this with you!

    • yukiro

      Gonna be so much fun! :D

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  • Frieda

    I can’t wait I can’t wait

  • Audrey

    Well I lived in San Francisco for years and didn’t know there was a BDSM Café.

    • you learn something new every day :)

  • Simone

    Crown and crumpet for tea!

  • Al

    Are you in SF?

    • yukiro

      soon! join the freakshow at the BDSM café on the 23rd (link above)

  • Yoru

    Aaaaaa dears! This is so good job and im glad for your activity! !
    I wish you luck in your work)) And really like u bouth! Ah yes! Thanks for your group! Love you and waiting news!

  • Grok

    Love it!!!

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  • Jo

    When you come to SF, and need to go books-shopping, I recommend stopping by @Booksmith in Haight! :D

  • brandi

    :D psyched!

  • Kelly

    WOW those photos!

  • Jin

    Be sure to visit BABY and Harajuku Hearts! And if you’re there Monday night there’s Death Guild at DNA Lounge!

    • yukiro

      Sounds fab! send us a link? *pretty pls

      • We’ll visit the shop in Jtown. The party sadly we aren’t in town for.

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  • kailyn

    go to loved to death

    • WE did! love it so much, pics soon!

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    *cries* you’re in California ? LA soooon please ! I want expand my list of places to check out that are close by me. T^T T^T

  • Hey! I’m heading to San Fran for the first time in July! I must keep an eye on the tips people give you on alt places to see/go. Hoping to stay in the Lower Haight which is supposed to be the punk/alternative neighbourhood there :)

    • That’s where we stayed! <3 Will you rent an airbnb apartment or something? We got SO many great tips for you… will start posting them shortly. Let's chat soon!! xo