To Africa and Asia! Traveling to Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Cape Town in South Africa.

jpop weird japan, shibuya colorful fashion

There’s no other way to put it: the next month will be cray-cray. Here’s the huge travel news… I’m off to five countries in two continents, including Africa for the first time!

My filmmakers and I are thrilled to be shooting a travel episode in Cape Town, South Africa. And as the ambassador of a trip-planning startup, Odigo, I’ll be going all over Asia: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei and Seoul.

Want to know more, and meet me in Japan on June 25? Read on for the exciting details. (Above image by Jesse Winter Heading for our Vanity Magazine cover shoot.)

baby liger, lion cub

As you know, my filmmakers and I travel around the world, making shows for my series published in Business Insider. (Previous episodes are on my YouTube.) We’ve shot in the Maldives, Dubai, Budapest, Jordan and more.

This time, we’ve teamed up with Cape Town Tourism. They’re bringing us to South Africa to explore the local design, fashion, nightlife, restaurants…

south africa safari lions

… and animal safari, my very first one! Can’t wait to hang out with Basil Farrow’s lion cousins, in their natural environment. If you have any requests for Cape Town coverage, please let us know in the comments. (Pic by Meraj Chhaya)

tokyo pecha kucha, super deluxe pechakucha

But first, I’ll be in Tokyo, as the ambassador of Odigo! This new site introduces travelers to little-known local hotspots in Tokyo and other cities. In a nutshell, you can plan a Japan trip tailored to your interests (such as Goth culture, otaku, or temples), and Odigo will link everything up in the best possible schedule.

Exciting news: I’ll be speaking at Pecha Kucha Tokyo on the evening of Weds, June 25! I’m making a 7 min presentation (20 slides, for 20 seconds each) about my passion for Tokyo underground travel: how I got started, adventures in TV hosting, and funny stories involving mistresses and whips. It’s an honor and challenge to present at this worldwide speakers’ event. I hope you’ll stop by to watch me, it’s free.

WHAT: PechaKucha 20×20 Tokyo (La Carmina is speaking)
WHERE: SuperDeluxe 西麻布3-1-25 2F, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 106-0031
WHEN: Wednesday June 25, 8:20 to 11pm
RSVP: Facebook e-vite

jpop weird japan, strange fashion

And on Sun, June 22nd, I’ll be partying with the Harajuku kids at Heavy Pop. Join the party for visual fashion, alternative music, cake, and a drag queen performance by Yukiro’s dark persona, Die Schwarze Frau.

WHAT: Heavy Pop, Tokyo club night
WHERE: Hell’s Bar, 2-12-1 Dime Tower 2F, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
WHEN: Sunday June 22, 5pm to 10:30pm
RSVP: on their Facebook page

tokyo blue hair girl, street snaps

The event is run by Ray Ochiai, who took street-style photos of me during my last visit to Tokyo. (Here are more of our Tokyo street snaps). We hope to see you there!

kpop singers, seoul cute girls

Then, I’ll be traveling around Asia with my photographers, capturing local spots and meeting with influencers. We’ll be in Seoul, Korea — I haven’t been here for over 10 years! Can’t wait to experience K-pop madness in the flesh.

hello kitty lattes, cafe taipei

And I’m excited to be in Taipei, Taiwan — home to some of the most bizarre theme restaurants, including cafes dedicated to Hello Kitty, Barbie and more. (Above two images via Wikicommons.)

hong kong street fashion, hair

I’ll also be hitting Hong Kong with Yukiro and John Skeleton. There are photoshoots in the works… and a lot of shopping and eating during our down-time!

(Image by Ken Yuen and Jacqueline Kwok, for Dark Beauty Magazine cover and spread).

japanese girl tokyo fashion snaps

I’m passionate about my Odigo partnership, and believe in their mission to encourage meaningful travel in Asia. I hope you’ll enjoy my upcoming adventures — to stay in the loop, you can sign up for updates on their site.

(Above and below pics by Said Karlsson from our Adone Magazine cover and shoot.)

tokyo video arcade game center

La Carmina is at your service! Do you have suggestions for places to visit in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Africa? Any must-see locations or topics to cover? Please leave a comment on my blog or Facebook letting me know, and I’ll do my best to fulfill your wishes.

I’ll do my best to update this blog during this crazy time, but for the most current coverage — including outfits and travel previews — please add my social networks below. Hugs and kisses!

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  • Lily

    Awesome! ^o^/

  • Christiaan

    Oooh Cape Town – make sure you hit up the Mount Nelson hotel. I might have someone that can you show you around if need be.

  • Jonelle

    Sooo looking forward to seeing what you discover in all these exotic locales! Wish I was going to be in Tokyo in June – I’d even brave PechaKucha to see YOU. What will you talk about?

  • Christiaan

    Make sure to go to Clifton Beach and eat some Snoek.

  • Tara

    Nice!!! I wish I could travel to different places lol
    see you soon!!

  • Drew


  • Vaya


  • Eve

    when will you be in Tokyo?

  • mark


  • Key

    Have fun dears!

  • Haru


  • Michelle

    Cape Town is lovely,try do Robben Island & Table Mountain. For vineyard tours I’d suggest Blaauwklippen & Groot Constantia

  • Ara


  • Francesca

    Watch out for those lions! Cute as they may be, they hardly seem as laid back as Basil….. :-)

    • Haha it’s true. I wanna take one back with me

  • Esther

    SO Jealous! Safe Travels!!! If you have time in Korea try to go the Haesingdae Park aka Penis Park on the East coast

    • Will only be in Seoul – any tips? Xo

  • John

    Can’t wait to see you both!

  • Cecilia

    hong university, (hip place), nam dae moon, dong da moon for funky shopping, and In Sa Dong is fun place to get to know Korea, also Yi Tae Won is a place for foreigners

    • Thanks for the suggestions, these are great.

  • R. T.

    Woo hoo!

  • 夢人

    Im from South Africa! Yay!

    • Awesomeness, let me know if you have suggestions

  • Jackaline

    yay excited to see u

  • Priss

    What’s PechaKucha?

    • It’s a worldwide event that started in Tokyo. People give a presentation consisting of 20 slides for 20 seconds each. Very excited to talk about travel.

  • Organs Grinder

    Any clue when you will be HK?? Or are you planning a meet up? Or no time ;)

    • I’m afraid I don’t think there is time for a meet up… But I will try to keep you posted if that changes :-)

      • Organs Grinder

        oh well :) Enjoy HK!

  • Jane

    You’ll kill the PechaKucha crowd! Wish I could be there.

  • Farz

    we can make a plan to meet up in the future?

  • Nino

    Cutie. You have such big anime eyes. I’m jealous!

  • I haven’t been to that many cool places in Taipei (the downside to not having relatives close to my age), but the 101 building is a must-see and Ximending is like their Harajuku. My friend went to a bathroom-themed restaurant that would be right up your alley of quirky places to dine at.

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