Asia fashion magazine Kirameki: cover model! Japanese kabuki makeup.

la carmina makeup, kirameki asiatique magazine cover

I don’t often do editorial photoshoots, with avantgarde hair and makeup… but when the opportunity arises, I go all out. Kirameki Magazine asked me to be the cover model for their 10th anniversary issue, and I brought in my talented Vancouver team to create these images.

We’re happy to announce that the Asiatique issue of Kirameki Magazine is out now — featuring me on the cover, and in a spread and interview!

moi meme moitie dress print

I’m so happy with how the images turned out. All the credit goes to my team:

Photographer: Shimona Henry
Makeup artist: Jennifer Little of A Little Artistry
Hair stylist: Stephanie Hoy at Avant Garde Hair Studio, Vancouver
Assistant: Katherine Dockrill

ophelia makeup, hair flowers

Kirameki is a fashion magazine with a theme for each issue. We interpreted “Asiatique” with makeup and styles from a variety of Asian influences.

japanese goth hairstyle, victory rolls

This look is inspired by kawaii Harajuku anime-eyes, and Japanese street fashion. The two hair rolls almost look like cat ears — the look is very “me,” don’t you think?

asia gothic model, japanese fashion modeling

I’m wearing a Moi-meme-Moitie graveyard dress (the print is called Sleeping Garden), bought in Tokyo. This brand was created by Mana, guitarist/leader of Malice Mizer and Moi dix Mois, if you aren’t familiar with it. I also wore this EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) dress to the LA Oscars party.

japan goth girl, egl dress lolita

Ankle boots: hair stylist’s own
Tights: Jonathan Aston

japanese hair color, la carmina

We collected fresh flowers and placed them all around the bed. Downtown Vancouver’s Georgian Court Hotel generously let us shoot these images in one of their suites. (I previously reviewed this luxury boutique hotel; it’s one of my hometown favorites.)

swimming pool modeling photos

The Georgian Court even let us shoot in their whirlpool, resulting in these dramatic underwater images!

skeleton swimsuit dress swimming

Black lace dress: c/o Salsit (I wore it in my cherry blossoms outfit post)
Skeleton bathing suit: c/o Little Wicked’s Emporium (I wore it in Bangkok)

japanese kabuki makeup mask face

Forever grateful to makeup artist Jennifer Little, who went into the water to help me float — or else I wouldn’t have managed these poses!

waterproof makeup

Stunning, the kabuki-like mask that she painted on my face.

modeling in swimming pool

Jennifer also did my makeup for Alt Noir Gothic magazine and more. Check out more of her works, including award winning bodypainting, on A Little Artistry and her Facebook.

silk japanese kimono, wet hair

Kimono robe: makeup artist’s own, a vintage silk number.

chinese sequin cheongsam dress

For the third look, I’m wearing a traditional sequined Chinese dress called a cheoungsam. I got it in an Asian fashion boutique.

traditional chinese dress, makeup hair

My hair got some poof thanks to a 1980s crimper. The blue color, cut and styling are by Stephanie Hoy — ask for her at Avant Garde Hair in Yaletown, Vancouver!

chinese cheongsam flowers

Love the mood captured by Shimona Henry, who runs Pin Up Perfection in Vancouver. As the name indicates, she’s a pro at pin up and alternative portraits. She’s fast and fun to shoot with, and I’m excited to do more with her soon.

modeling behind scenes

A behind-the-scenes peek at Jennifer, me, and Stephanie. Wish we could have had a slumber party at the Georgian Court.

Hugs for my team — I love how the photos and concept came together, and couldn’t have done this without you!

la carmina hairstyle, goth model

And thank you to Kirameki Magazine for honoring me with the cover. I hope you’ll order a copy of the magazine — both digital and print copies are available. You don’t want to miss the full spread and extensive interview with me, along with other inspiring Asia fashion features.

Which of these three styles do you like best? What do you think of these more dramatic looks on me?

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    These photos are gorgeous! Very hauntingly beautiful! I especially LOVE the one of just your face coming out of the water – SO now / present / gorgeous / fierce!

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    You are always so beautiful but you just keep getting moreso. I absolutely love all three looks! Thanx for helping the goth scene provide a more positive image to those that don’t understand. Xoxox.

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    I love the makeup used in the water pictures. It reminds me of the movie Bladerunner and the interesting makeup the women wore in it.

    • ooh love that movie! Thanks so much :) hope you are well!

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        I’m glad you enjoyed it there! Next time definitely make time to get out of Seoul to check out the Penis park! It is so surreal and there is a beautiful Shrine dedicated to the virgin Maiden that died, who they make the effigies for.

        • I am soooo keen to go back now!!!

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