LA Weekly article on Dienzo gothic art exhibit at Hyaena Gallery Burbank, La Carmina vampire painting or portrait, Gothic Lolita fashion muse.

“Hot off the press!” has become an anachronism, hasn’t it? Now that the Net is our primary news source, we should be yelling: “Top of the RSS!”

Today, in LA Weekly: Liz Ohanesian interviews artist Dienzo about his new exhibit. “Several of the pieces in this new collection are collaborations between the artist and fashion designer La Carmina, whose self-titled blog has become required reading for followers of gothic-influenced Japanese street fashion and club culture.”

Quoth Dienzo: “I think MySpace has been a great source of reference and inspiration for me because there is such a diverse offering of people and the people that respond to my work. I’ve actually painted components, if not literally, the people that are my friends on MySpace […] More obviously, La Carmina, who I have been tracking and following for some time now, I had a great collaboration with her. She’s been looking at a lot of the same things, trends from that whole Japanese weird sensibility and gothic Lolita, how it’s been moving. There’s a great book by Masayuki Yoshinaga, who does all the photography of people out on the streets in Japan, that’s been out for a couple of years and is another motherload of reference for me in terms of apparel and art. La Carmina had a lot of that on her page. The fact that she’s not only finding the trends but designs fashions herself, I thought that this was great. I reached out to her some time ago and recently the timing was kismet in that she said, let’s work on something together. I painted some of her fashions. I have a piece called “Angeline Presenting” that is a black winged, almost dark angel type of vampire and it’s considered one of her punk fashions, it’s a black outfit with chains on it and things. Then there is one of her in an almost Victorian-esque blouse.”

Moderncat article about cat meditation cushions, designer cat furniture and home decoration. Cute Scottish Fold Basil Farrow fat cat sitting on pillows.

ModernCat, a nifty blog about designer furniture for cats, has a writeup about my baby! Basil’s grandma always insists that he’s a Buddhist, and now we have proof.

Buy modern designer furniture for pets, cat chair and meditation cushion, Mia Farrow Scottish Fold famous cat, animal home decor photos.

From the article: “This handsome man is Basil Farrow, formerly owned by actress Mia Farrow, and now living with his fashion designer mom Carmina of La Carmina fame. Basil is lounging on a Mogu meditation cushion, which seems to make a perfect napping spot for a feline seeking enlightenment. I’ve never though of using meditation cushions for the cats, but it makes perfect sense, if they’re comfortable for humans to sit on for hours, then why wouldn’t a cat love one, too […] You can see daily photos of Basil Farrow on his blog, plus he will be a character in his mom’s upcoming cookbook, Cute Yummy Time to be released in November 2009!”

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