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Well! I had a productive weekend. Creative wheels are in motion, my darklings! To reiterate my first Reader Question post: absolutely nothing will happen unless you strap on your 4-inch boots and stomp out into the world. Be active on social networks, showcase your work on a website or blog, have a bold opinion and wear whatever you please. You’ll run into some “malcontents,” but you’ll also connect with inspiring, like-minded travelers – resulting in opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. (I’ll answer more Reader Questions this week; keep the emails coming. I’m glad you like the new feature!)

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My friend Kat is a great example of someone who reaches out. I came across her Rock n’ Roll Bride blog – which showcases Gothic/alternative ceremonies – when I was doing a post on Gothic Lolita weddings. One glance at her site, and I knew she was a “like-minded traveler.” Fast forward to today: we exchange emails, Tweets, and Facebook messages on a near-daily basis! None of this would have happened if she and I hadn’t started our blogs.

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Kat sent me a link to her recent post about these gorgeous Sweet Lolita dresses (what a lovely idea for bridesmaid outfits!). The photography is by Chai, a girl from the Philippines; you can view more Lolita photos on her site.

Darkings, this is your last chance to win an adorable Astroboy money bank from me! Just share the news about my new Scottish Fold blog (by emailing your friends, Twittering, blogging, or posting on a forum/social network) – and leave a comment telling us how you spread the word. On Monday, we’ll announce a winner.

Plus, you can win a Lucky Cat bento box, or one of three Maineki Neko solar powered toys from J-List! Surf over to J-List or J-Box and search for a photo of my Scottish Fold cat (he’s hidden somewhere on the site). Hint: it has to do with Tokyo fashion… When you’ve found my baby, send an email to with a screenshot or the title/link of the product featuring the cat photo. Hurry – the contest closes Sunday at midnight!

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